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tion of machinery, they were thrown out sification of the different offenders. From of employ.

the evidence, on the whole, it appeared, HOUSĖ OF LORDS, June 27.

that there was an amelioration in the ge. On the motion of the Earl of Egremont, neral state of manners and morals of the the Coroners' Bill was, on the second read- lower orders of late years, though there ing, thrown out by 6 to 4, there being only were now 20,000 persons in the extremest 10 members present.

state of want.

On Mr. Holmes moving that the Lords' House of COMMONS, July 1. Amendment to the Gas Light Bill should Mr. Bennet brought up the report of the be takeu into consideration, Mr. Cart. Committee on the Police of the Metropo- wright said he disliked the Bill, and mov. Jis, which he trusted would occupy the ed that it be considered that day three attention of the House next Session. One months. -The House divided, but there of the branches of the Police which was not being 40 Members present, an ad. deserving of particular attention, was the journment took place. manner in which the licences were granted to publie-houses ; for though the magis

July 2. trates in general were men remarkable for Mr. Cawthorne and Lori Cochrane both aprightness, yet in the district of White spoke against the Gas Light Bill; and the chapel it appeared that there was an im latter moved that it be read that day three proper connexion between some of the months, but,the motion pot being seconded, magistrates and the brewers. As to the in. the Amendments were agreed to. crease of crimes in the metropolis, it cer On the motion of Lord Castlereagh a tainly appeared that the numbers of com Committee was appointed to wait on the mitments in 1813 to the different prisons Duke of Wellington, to congratulate his was 9000; and in 1815 they were 10,500. Grace on the results of the battle of Wa. It was worthy of remark, that 800

persons terloo, and on bis ieturo to England. were committed to Clerkenwell prison in [The Speaker and several Members then one year for assaults.

In the prisons, it went up th the blouse of Lords; when the was to be regretted that there was no clas. Parliament was prorogued: see p. 69.]


the Place de Greve. Plegnier resisted The Duke of Wellington, after a short much when they took off his coat; but the sisit to England, arrived in Paris on the two others were calm and resigned. Their bih isist.

right hands were first cut off, and they A very long letter, or memoir, from were then gui lotined. Their remains were Fouche, Duke of Otranto, to the Duke buried in the church yard of Vaugirard. of Wellington, has just been published ia Several conspirators have also suffered Germany. In this he states, that there death at Carcassonne, in the Province of were four parties in France at the time of Aude; and the minor Journals state, that the restoration of the Bourbons. One in General Mouton Duvernet, condemned to favour of the legitimate Sovereign; a se death by the Coancil of War at Lyons, cond in favour of a foreign Prince; a third was shot on the 27th. for a Regency, governing in the name of Some disturbances broke out lately at young Buonaparte and his mother; and Strasburgh and Nancy. An Strasburgh an a fourth for the Duke of Orleans. Fouche altercation arose between some of the Na. seems to think that the conduct of the tional Guards and the regular troops ; the existing Government is not well calcu former were joined by the populace, and the lated to subdue the spirit of these several cry ofVive l'Empereur !" was proffered. parties, and reconcile them to the reign The drum beat to arms, a skirmish ensued, of the successful competitor for the throne. and 130 persons were killed or wounded On the restoration of Louis XVIII. he re on the side of the rebels; on the other commended a system of moderation and part, a number of French hussars and forbearance, in which, he says, the Duke other troops, under the orders of General of Wellington acquiesced; but he com Briton. Numerous arrests have since plains that it has not been adhered to, taken place, and the town is said to be in and that his voice was drowned by that of a state of tranquillity. At cy, an the passions.

officer of Genie, formerly one of the Chiefs The French Journals have brought of the Military College at Metz, and since the particulars. of the execution of the employed in the War Department, orthree malefaclors, Plegnier, Carbon- gavized a most serious conspiracy to take neau, and Tolleron, convicted as the possession of the town, and secure the Chiefs in the alleged conspiracy to over persons of the Royal Authorities.

A conturn the Government. They were siderable number of officers on balf pay, ducted on the 27th ult. to the scaffuld in and disaffected individuals, co-operated Gent. Mag. August, 1816.



in this plan.

Twenty minutes before its stitious rites. A procession of eighty explosion, it was denuunced to General young ladies paraded the streets of Paris, Villatte, who instantly had eleven of with lighted tapers in their hands, a few them seized, and the next morning twenty- days ago, to implore the Patron Saint of six of their accomplices. Out of this list Paris for finer weather! It is well known, nineteen are ex-officers.

that the Parisiaus are, above all others, At Montpellier several were lately exe lax in their notions of religion, and that cuted by forch-light, having been con these processions excite their most poigvicted before the Prevotal Court, of out want ridicule. rages on the return of Buonaparte. The We have received information from Pafirst who suffered cried “ Vive la Repub- ris respecting the demands of the British lique !on ascending the scaffold.

on the French funds which were created According in letters from Lisle, the during the revolution; and have the saFrench government is resorting to every tisfaction to find, that, at least, insuperpracticable expedient to restore its mili able difficulties are not interposed to the tary establishment; and a project is stated; realization of the property so invested. by which the army is to be increased to It is true, that embarrassment arises when 200,000 men. Several of the principal claims are brought forward which have Generals who served under Buonaparte been in abeyance for twenty years; but are to be employed.

nothing more is required, than the proThe Moniteur of the 3d inst. contains a per testimony to authenticate the debt. Royal Order, requiring all citizens, ex Several claims have already been entered cept those who form part of the National in the great book; and we hope and beGuards, the forest and Field Guards, to lieve that our countrymen will ultimately deliver up their arms.

acquire the payment to which they are so Arrests and prosecutions of persons justly entitled, and which has so fitly been charged with offences against the State assigned to them by the stipulations bestill continue in some of the provinces ; tween the two governments. five hare been executed at Montpellier,

SWITZERLAND. charged with committing atrocities at the The Diet of Switzerland has been inperiod of the battle of Waterloo ; and a vited by the Emperor Alexander to acCount de Lex, who was one of Buona- cede to the Holy Alliance. parte's pages, accused of having left the The Cantons of St. Gall and the Grison island of Elba some months before him, have received infinite injury from the and trying to seduce the troops of the overflowing of the Rhine. The Road from King, is shortly to be brought before a Mayenfeld to Coire has been rendered imCouncil of War at Paris.

passable. The Lake of Bienne has also General Drouet (Count d'Erlon) bas overflowed, and inundated a vast tract of been tried in his absence by the first country. In Burgundy the vines are in Council of War, and condemned to death such a state, that the vintage is expected as a traitor.

to be wholly unproductive. Fresh prayers The trial of General Lallemand the have been put up in the different churches elder has taken place, for having quitted of Paris, to implore more genial weather. the Department of the Aisne, where he

SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. commanded, to join Lefebvre Desnou Ferdinand the VIlth is stated, in letters ettes' expedition against La Fere. He from Spain, to have lately deprived the has been found guilty, and condemned to kingdom of Navarre of the right of being death. The junior Lallemand is to be governed by its own peculiar laws and tried next. Both have escaped to Ame constitution. This was the only partial rica. These sentences bar their return to remnant of that political liberty which France.

distinguished the early annals of Spanish In the Correctional Tribunal at Paris, bistory. two causes of considerable interest were The Government of the “ beloved” Fer. opened on the 10th of August; the first dinand has given a new instance, to the against the Abbé Vinson; and the second miserable people of Spain, of its relent. against M. Fleuri, a priest also, for cer less and vindictive policy. On the 19th tain writings described as alarming and of July, Arguelles, and the other Memdangerous'; their object beiog the recla. bers of the late Cortes, confined in the mation of the possessions of the clergy, prison at Ceuta, were torn from their beds in violation of the Concordat of 1801, and in the dead of the night; and in the same of the Constitutional Charter of 1814. state in which they were thus surprised, These trials, which are no doubt insti. were carried on board a xebec, with an tuted for the purpose of quieting the extraordinary escort of soldiers and arms. minds of the purchasers of property of There they were immediately loaded with the above description, are to be carried irons, and the vessel sel sail; but whither on with closed doors.

was unknown. It is painful to see with what industry The Madrid Gazette announces the arthe Bourbons are reviving the old super rival of 'official dispatches from General


Morillo, commanding in South America, disputes between the Representatives and down to the 6th April, at which date the the Sovereign of that kingdom. head-quarters of the King's army were at

ASIA. Ocana. They state, that the insurgents We feel much pleasure in being enabled were completely defeated on the 25th of to announce the termination of the war February, on the heights of Cachiri, and in India and the final ratification of the pursued as far as the city of Matonzas. Treaty of Peace with Nepaul on the 4th A body of 3000 men was completely de of March. This important intelligence is stroyed, not more than 30 soldiers having communicated in the Calcutta Gazette saved themselves. Colonel Warletta had Extraordinary of the 151h March, brought penetrated to Caucan, in the province of by Adiniral Cockburne, who has arrived Antiocha, after cutting to pieces several from St. Helena. The campaign which predetachments. It is admitted, however, ceded this happy result, although of not that the insurgents fight furiously, with inore than a fortnight's duration, produced pe.fect contempt of death. Their priests several smart actions ; in one particular. march with them, and incite them to bat ly, which took place on the 2d or 3d of tle; and in the excess of their military March, the Enemy resisted with great ardour, they burn the towns wbich they bravery, about 500 of them fell in baitle, are unable to defend.

and our loss was comparatively small; ITALY.

the Company's troops were in the first An English vessel, which conveyed the

instance taken by surprise, but soon reworks of art from the Louvre to Rome,

covered themselves, repulsed the assail. takes, it is stated, some valuable presents

ants, and obtained the victory which led from the Pope to the Prince Regent.

to the important diplomatic transaction The Order of Malta is to expire gra

above described. By the terms of the dually; and thus all the reports of Lyssa, Treaty, the Rajah of Nepaul cedes ceror some other territory, being about to be

tain portions of territory to the Company; ceded to them, prove to have been un

who, in return, are to settle pensions to founded.

the amount of two lacks of rupees on such GERMANY.

of the Nepaul Chiefs, whose interests will The Austrian army is ordered to be re

suffer by the alienation of the lands in duced to 50,000 men; a circumstance question. from which the foreign journalis:s presage

Intelligence has reached town from Cala lasting peace.

cutta as late as the 18th of March. Peace The Hamburgh Journals state, that the

with the Goorkahs had caused great reduchy of Lauenbourg has been formally joicing there; the more so, as much unsurrendered by Prussia to Denmark,, as

certainty at one time prevailed as to the

result of the war. part of the indemnity for Pomerania.

Great credit is due to Hanover, it is asserted, is about to re

the prompt measures and persevering gal. ceive the British Constitution, with some

lantry of General Ochterlony. A few days' modification.—The people are represented longer delay, and it would have been inas dissatisfied with the extent of the Milis possible to have done anything decisive. tary Peace Establishment of 30,000 men.

Already had the army begun to be very A Hamburgh paper says, that Kosciusko sickly; and so necessary was it deemed has sent froin Soleure, in Switzerland, the

10 withdraw the troops after the Peace, sum of 1000 fr. to contribute to the erec

that it had been already effected with the tion of a triumphal arch at Warsaw, in rapidity of a flight. The Goorkah power, honour of the Emperor Alexander,

as a nation, is completely destroyed, Jerome Buonaparte, Ex-King of West- chiefly by having been driven from its phalia, has been created Duke of Mont.

valuable acquisitions to the Westward, fort by his father-in-law, the King of Wir

• All accounts concur in the fact, that they temberg. He is to reside with his wife at

bave proved themselves the most respecta' Brunn io Moravia.

able of all our Indian enemies.

Intelligence has been receired that all the RUSSIA.

persons belonging to an insant Setilement, The state of the weather presents a established at ibe end of the last year, in striking contrast on the Continent of Eu the North-west part of the Island of Madarope. While Germany is devastated by in- gascar, had been murdered by the Natives. undations, and the churches of Paris are The Priucess of Wales, after having filled with suppliants praying the Almighty stopped at Pera (Constantinople) ten for dry weather, the city of St. Peters- days, embarked on the 17th June. Her burg has, for a month past, suffered by Royal Highness received from the Grand drought, and prayers for rain have been Seignior presents, estimated at 45,000 offered up at Riga and Dantzic.

piastres. The Princess then set sail før The Emperor of Russia has, it is be- Brussa, the ancient capitol of the OitoJieved, been remonstrating on the present man Empire in Asia ; and from thence unsettled state of Wurtemberg, and the proceeds to Jerusalem and Egypt.


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rence, which afford facilities for curing It is reported in the Paris papers, on fish. the faith of a Sardinian Captain, that the The late gale in the Gulph of Florida English ship Kent has been captured, has done considerable damage to the Spaafter an obstinate conflict, in the Medi. nish, as well as to the British and American terranean, by two Algerine corsairs. trade. A storm was experienced at Tri

It appears, that of the five vessels some nidad from the 3d to the 6th of June, time since seized on by the Tunisian mu during which time fourteen sail of Spatineers, who sailed in them on a sort of in. nish and English vessels were driven ou dependent piratical expedition, three have shore. been captured by a Turkish squadron, and Advices have reached town from Rio a fourth by an Euglish frigate. Only a Janeiro to the 8th of June. Almost the brig, therefore, remained to the pirates. whole attention of the Cabinet of Rio Ja.

Extract of a letter from the agent to neiro has been directed to fitting out the Lloyd's at Genoa, dated Aug. 10.--" The armament for the South, and it was preSardinian tartan St. Vincent's is arrived paring to sail on the very day of the date here from Algiers, whence she sailed the of our information. It consisted of seve29th ult. The Master states, that he left ral ships of war and transports, with 4000 Algiers in consequence of a hint given to troops on board; and 2000 more were to him; and adds, that the Dey will not al. be embarked from the i:land of Santa Calow the British Consul to quit Algiers. tharina. With this united body, the They were prepared to make a great de- squadron was to proceed to Maldonado fence, but did not expect an immediate and Monte Video, where detachments of attack."

the troops were to be landed, and of which AMERICA, &c.

possession was to be taken in the name of An intended insurrection of the Negroes tbe King of Spaió. It was apprehended, has been discovered in South Carolina,

that before the arrival of the Portuguese, and several of the ringleaders have been the Patriots would take the precaution of executed.

destroying the fortifications of the place; Some misunderstanding appears to have and that that of Monte-Video, which had taken place between our counirymen and on a former occasion received considerable the citizens of the United States on the damage, would be converted into a heap of Lakes. The deposi ions of five command ruins. Although the two fortresses al. ers of American trading schooners are ready stated were to be occupied at first given; stating, that they had been fired in the name of the Spanish Court, in orat, detained, and searched, by British der not to shock the free sentiments of the cruizers; and that the pretext was look. Insurgent party by those alienations of ing out for deserters from the Royal stock and soil with which we have lately Navy. Trade is dull, and distress great, been so familiar in Europe, it was perin all parts of the United States.

fectly known at the capital of the Brazils, The wife and family of Joseph Buona that the whole of the left bank of the Wesparte bave arrived at New York from tern course of the Rio de la Plata had Havre.--Lavalette is also stated to bave been reluctantly surrendered by the arrived in America.

Court of Madrid to the ambition of the Virginia papers and letters to the 20.5 House of Braganza, on the condition of ult. give lamentable accounts of the dis the assistance now afforded ; and on which tress and disappointment generally expe was calculated, as the quotient, the enrienced by Euglish manufacturers, and tire reduction of the remainder of the Viceothers, who have been induced to emi- royalty of Buenos Ayres under the segrate from their native land in great num cure dominion of the Spanish Crown. bers, under the hope of bettering their The last accounts from St. Helena are condition in America. They fin, that dated the 30th of June; at that time Buo. the distresses and difficulties in America naparte continued to confine himself to exceed those left behind them in Eng- bis habitation, and the bounds for exerJand; and that all they have gained by cise ; which did not subject him to the the change is a new, not a betier country. personal aitendance of any but his own

A considerable share of acrimony pre- companions : he appeared to have a vails in the United States against the stronger aversion to the visits of the PoSpaniards; as well on the subject of West reign Commissioners than to those of any Florida, as the haughty and supercilious British Officer, to whose inspection only tone which the Spanish Ambassador had he had before been subjected. assumed there ; and it is evident, the Letters from New South Wales state, North Americaus wish much for a war that nearly the whole of the natives of the with Spain.

island of Einnco, near Otaheite, have reThe French took possession of St. Pierre nounced idolatry, and embraced the Cbris. and Miquelon on the 22d of June. These tian faith. Six hundred and sixey allerd are two islands in the Gulf of St. Law the school.


It is sup


of glass were broken in the hot-houses of July 17. The town of Spilsby was vi Sir James Grahain, bart. ; and 60 squares sited by an awful thunder storm.

The in the house were driven in with great vio. rain, with hail, poured down iu torrents lence by the hail-stones. A particularly for nearly two hours. At Aswardby, near large tree at Kirkandrews-upon-Esk, and Spilsby, Mrs. Ailsby, wife of Mr. Bark more in the neighbourhood, were comwith A ilsby, was instantly killed, as she, pletely torn up by the roots. The country was taking bread from the oven; the elec about Scaleby and Kirklinton also expetric fuid descended down the chimney, rienced the severity of the storm to a viosplit the same below the roof of the house, lent degree, The good folks near Fold. broke tbe windows, and melted the lead. town began to pray in earnest, thinking At East Keal, the peas and beans in the the Italian astronomer's predictions were garden of Mr. Parker, brickmaker, were about to be fulfilled. literally torn up by the roots.

The same day the town and neighposed that the hail-stones lay more than bourhood of Stafford were visited by one 18 inches deep. On the same day, during of the heaviest hail-storms, with vivid a violent thunder-storm, the inhabitants lightning and loud peals of thunder, in the of Wath, Yorkshire, were alarmed by the recollection of the oldest inhabitants. fall of an immense body of water (sup Great quantities of hay were carried off posed from the breaking of a cloud) in the by the torrent, and much more has been School Field, near that place ; which entirely spoiled. A labourer of Afr. Lyniaking its way into the village with great cets of Shallowford, lost his life in endeavelocity, carried every thing before it. vouring to save some hay. This storm Several acres of turnips, and many tons of has done even greater damage in the town earth, were, completely, swept from the of Stone and the neighbourhood. The neighbouring fields. A strong wall be streets were in many parts four feet deep hind Mr. Turner's premises was forced in water; and a sinall house was washed down, and many of the houses were in away by the food. The vinery of H. undated to the depth of six feet.

Booth, esq. of Clayton, sustained consiJuly 21. A tremendous storm of thun. derable damage. In one garden on the der and lightning, with heavy rain, was Marsh every thing was crushed as if the experienced in Lancashire, and tbe ad. roller had been passed over it. At Hatjoining counties. The electric fluid struck field, J. Routledge was struck by the a public-house near Tockholes, which it lightning, but is likely to recover: his greatly damaged, and killed the landlord. horse was killed. The rain poured down in -About three o'clock in the afternoon, torrents for the space of nearly two hours, at Longpark, after a considerable deal On the 230 and 24th an immense fall of thunder and lightning, a dense whitish of rain was experienced at Brown-hills, cloud was observable, apparently about Norton, and Longdon, near Litchfield. In Barrock, which advanced with great ra the former place, the heath on the waste pidity, and, on its nearer approach, pre- lands and clevations was forced up by the sented the appearance of the waves of roots. The thunder was heavy, aocomthe sea tumultuously rolling over each panied by gusts of wind, and partial spouts @iher, This phænomenon was doubtlessly of rain, as though poured from solid occasioned by the bail composing the masses of water. At Norton, the thunder body of the cloud, and whirled along was the heaviest and most alarming ever by the hurricane which enveloped it. On kaown. At Longdon, the deluge had all reaching Longpark, a scene of desolation the appearance of a water-spout; and commenced: within ten minutes a most the ipost frightful vestiges of its effects uemeudous volley of pieces of ice, some are traced through the whole neighbourof them an inch in diameter, shattered the hood. A servant of John Atkinson, esq. windows of the houses, tore up the turf, of Maple Hays, near Litchfield, was killed beat down the vegetable products of the by the lightning on Thursday evening, the earth, and did great and extensive da 25th, at Lemonsley. The thunder was mage. Mr. James bad the whole of his tremendously heavy. crop of barley, oats, &c. completely cut

As some labourers were digdown as with a scyihe; more than balf the giag in a gravel-pit on what is commonly produce of the inhabitants of the village is called Huckeridge Hill, near Sawston, in lost. The like destruction occurred in the the county of Cambridge, they discovered neighbourhood, and a few houses were un. the remains of a human skeleton, about roofed. At Whaldub about 14 acres of three feet below the surface of the ground. barley were entirely destroyed, besides At the feet of the skeleton stood two vesother injuries. At Parkbroom, Walby, &c. sels of brass ornainented on the rim; and the garden vegetables were nearly all de on the left side were found fragments of siroyed. The same afternoon the hurri pottery and a sword. On the 5th inst. cane visited Longtown and the neighbour they met with two spear-heads, &c. in the hood. At Netherby upwards of 700 panes oame pit. These relicks, though much


Aug. 3.

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