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The Law of the Lord is perfect,

Converting the Soul: The Telti-
mony of the Lordis Sure,making
Wife the Simple.
T HIS Psalm is a noble Poem, com-

pos’d by Holy David, in Contem

plation of the two different Ways, by which God had been pleas'd to dil play Himself to Mankind." The First, of which he treats in the six first Verses, is that general Manifestation of Himself; which shines out in so bright and glorious a manner, in the Beauty and Order and Constancy of the Heavenly Bodies, the most noble and conspicuous Part of the Visible


Creation. The Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the Firmament seweth his Handywork (v. I.) the Firmament, spread forth as · a fair Volume, in which is written the infinite Wisdom and Power of its great Creator, in Characters legible to all Mankind, such as He, that can but look up, can't choose but read, and in a Language known and understood by all the different Nations upon the Face of the whole Earth. There is neither Speech nor Language, but their Voices are beará among them. Their Sound is gone out into all Lands, and their Words into the ends of the World (v.4.) Insomuch, that St. Paul justly réckons even the Heathen World inexcusable, if, in this great Book of Nature, they could not read the Divinity of its Author. For the invisible things of Him from the Creation of the world are clearly feen, by the things that are made, even His Eternal Power and Godhead; So that they are without Excuse, Rom. 1. 20. ws The Second, which He begins to handle from the Verse of my Text, is that more particular Manifestation of Himself to his chosen People the Jews; to whom, in a more peculiar Manner, He reveald Himself, not only by his Works, common to all, but by his Word appropriated to them, giving them a Law written with his own Hand. Ă Law, which, with so much Divine Eloquence, the Royal Prophet, thro’this latter part of the


Psalm so highly and fo justly, extols, noć without a further Prospect to that more clear Revelation, which in Fulness of time was to be made to the whole world, when He should come, who was to be a Light to lighten the Gentiles, as well as the Glory of his people Ifrael. For that Law of the Lord, which, both here' and in many other places, particularly quite chro' that whole long, but most artificial and excellent Plalm, the rigth, Holy David with so much Devotion and Rapture, so much Zealand Love, magnifies and adores under the several Synonymous Expressions of God's Word, Fudgments, Commandments, Statutes, Testimonies; and the like is not of that confind and narrow Signi. fication, as ro mean only the Law of Moses, or whatever other Divine Writings were in David's time extant, but is to be understood of the whole Reveal'd Word of God; the whole Body of Scriptures, taking in what should in after Ages be deliver'd to the Church, as well as what was already penn'd. And all those divine Elogics and Praises, which occur fo often thro’the Book of Psalms, as they were Historically and Experimentally true of that part of Scripture, which the Faithful then enjoy'd; so were they also Prophetically lofallibly true of all the rest of it, which in God's fir Time was to be writ by the Inspiration of the fame Spirit, by which those before David, and David himself wrote. Taking therefore, as we ought, the words Law and Teftimony in this their juft Latitude and full Sense; we may, from thesc Words of my Text, observe two very remarkable and distinguishing Excellencies of the Holy Scripiure; namely, their Perfection, and PerfpiGuity; Their Sufficiency to Salvation, and Plainness to be understood. Both which the Church of Rome, in order to erect a Spiritual Tyranny of her own over Men's Consciences, would Sacrilegiously Rob them of; and to make it seem necessary, that she should have rightly that Power, which she most fallly usurps, of adding to them What The pleases, and interpreting what is in them how The pleases, as boldly as unjustly charges the Word of God of being both Imperfect and Obscure. But what says the Pfalmift, who we may safely presume understood this Holy Word? He concludes the quite contrary in my Text ; The Law of the Lord is perfect, Converting the Soul : The Teftimony of the Lord is sure, making Wife the Simple. In which two Members are most evidently contain'd these two Propositions ;

fame needs

ift, That Holy Scripture, in all things necessary to Salvation, is so compleat that it

needs no Addition, for The Law of the Lord is Perfect ; and,

adly, Is so Evident, that it needs no Infallible Judge for its Interpretation, for å makes Wife the Simple. i .

Both which I shall endeavour to make out, both from Scripture and Reason; and · that briefly and didactically ; entring as little into Controversy as I well can. ..

3dly, I shall then shew, how he ought to be qualify'd, that would read the Scripture with Profit; imply'd in this Word of the Text, the Simple.

1/, Then, We affirm, That the Holy Scria prures contain in them all things neceffary to be Believ'd or Praxis’d, in order to the obtaining of Everlasting Salvation.

I. This Proposition might be undeniably prov'd by Induction, that is, by a bare recital and enumeration of all the Articles of Christian Faith, and all the Rules of Christian Obedience; and by shewing where each, and every of them is particularly and expressly taught and commanded in several places of Holy Writ; but this would amount to no less than a whole Body of Divinity,

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