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November 1, 1863—2 p. m. HOWARD, iding Eleventh Corps: I am directed by the major-general commanding to at he learns that General Schurz command is not yet nted out to him yesterday, and that nothing has been lacing it in a state of defense. The general requests iscertain and report whether or not this report is true. neral, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

H. W. PERKINS, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


November 1, 1863. HOWARD, ommanding Corps : I have the honor to report the following about the

went with General Butterfield along the line and m to say that I was to occupy a position on certain on the left of General Geary, and that General Geary my two brigades which had been sent to his support I found General Geary in person, and we agreed

place one of my brigades on the left of a regiment ition. Later in the evening I saw General Hooker, ne to place one of my brigades in reserve where I then e valley between the two rows of hills be not entirely eneral Tyndale was moved into position yesterday, our order. g I learned that General Geary had withdrawn the h yesterday formed his left, and had assigned to Cole position of the same. My second brigade having n reserve by order of General Hooker, this arrangeGeneral Geary without my knowledge caused one of unoccupied. ker meanwhile had commenced cutting trees where he 1 as I heard of this circumstance I went to General evailed upon him to reoccupy his old position, which Colonel Hecker to extend his lines to Hill No. 5. This ce as soon as the agreement between General Geary s made. This afternoon I ordered General Tyndale position I showed you, and he is now fortifying himself he work progressing rapidly. The strongest of Colwski's regiment is on his right, connecting in the gorge ith Colonel Hecker. Three of Colonel Krzyzanow, amounting to a little over one-half of his brigade, are , and I believe they ought to remain so.

The troops rowing up earth-works as soon as placed in position,

marched into position as soon as the positions were spectfully, yours,




NOVEMBER 1, 1863. (Received 3 p. m.) Major-General THOMAS :

I have waited for six hours at the pontoon bridge, and am now crossing. By this delay I cannot reach Shellmound until to-morrow evening.



NOVEMBER 1, 1863–3 p. m. Major-General THOMAS :

The firing is from a rebel battery on the west side of Lookout, about a mile from the point. Respectfully submitted.

JESSE MERRILL, Captain and Chief Signal Officer.


North Chickamauga, November 1, 1863. Major-General REYNOLDS,

Chief of Staff : I have the honor to report an unusual activity among the rebel railroad trains, beginning at 3 a. m. this morning and continuing all day. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

DANL. MCCOOK, Colonel, Commanding Brigade.

NOVEMBER 1, 1863. Major-General REYNOLDS,

Chief of Staff : GENERAL : The officer at Fort Dunlap (in front of our left) reports that just before dark an unarmed working party with axes marched to our right of the Bald Knob opposite the fort, and were scattered about in the woods at dark. One gun and four limbers can be seen in the earth-works southeast of the fort in which the heavy gun was formerly. Respectfully submitted.

JESSE MERRILL, Captain and Chief Signal Officer.


Lookout Valley, Tenn., November 1, 1863—6.20 p. m. Major-General REYNOLDS,

Chief of Staff, Chattanooga. I have just received report from Brigadier-General Geary that Lieutenant-Colonel Crane, who has been out since noon with a party scouts, reports seeing a large number of troops passing around

point of Lookout Mountain into the valley. Also stating his pression of an intention to attack the position of the Eleventh rps to-night. Could these troops move around as stated above without being own to you from your lookouts in Chattanooga and on the north nk of the river? Will you please advise me if you have any such orts from any of your signal stations or points of observation: Very respectfully,

JOSEPH HOOKER, Major-General, Commanding.


Lookout Valley, Tenn., November 1, 1863—8.10 p. m. igadier-General GEARY : Che major-general commanding directs that you hold one brigade your command in readiness to spring with alacrity to the assistce and support of the Eleventh Corps in case of an attack on their ition to the left of your line and near the railroad and Chattanooga d crossing e directs also that you instruct General Whitaker or Colonel tchell not to move his command from its present position near ur camp, but to hold the brigade now there in readiness to move mptly at daylight (as ordered above for your brigade), in case of attack, to the support of General Howard's corps. Please acknowledge receipt of this and of its being communicated Colonel Mitchell or General Whitaker's command, Very respectfully, &c.,


Major-General, Chief of Staff.


November 1, 1863-10.25 p. m. meral REYNOLDS : lave

any unusual movements of the enemy been seen to-day from attanooga ? Any troops moving around Lookout into valley ?




November 1, 1863—11 p. m. neral HOOKER: No unusual movement to-day. Nothing at all around Lookout -untain into valley.



MAYSVILLE, November 1, 1963, Major-General REYNOLDS :*

The order for cavalry for General Hooker was received on the night of the 25th October, and I started the cavalry next morning, 26th October. If they are not there at this time, have been detained by high water. I heard, however, of their arrival there two or three days ago, as they took prisoners from here--Gurley among the rest.



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Whiteside's, November 1, 1863. General J. J. REYNOLDS,

Chief of Staff: GENERAL: Upon yesterday a dispatch was sent advising you of my arrival at this point with the Third Brigade (Colonel Post, commanding). The First Brigade (Colonel Sedgewick) was left in position at Shellmound with Simonson's battery. Your dispatch of yesterday is received this morning by courier-line.

As soon as General Whitaker reports with his command, the division will be placed in position as indicated in your last communication, to wit: First Brigade, Colonel Sedgewick, at Bridgeport; Second Brigade, General Whitaker, at Shellmound, and the Third Brigade, Colonel Post, at Whiteside’s. Division headquarters will be at Shellmound to-morrow.

The position of the two brigades that have been with me was communicated to Major-General Hooker, and his orders received last evening corresponding with yours, and making various suggestions as to fortifying the points occupied, and sending information that an engineer will soon report to lay out the works for the perfect defense of this point, to be constructed by the force here. All the brigades of the division are without intrenching tools. General Hooker has authorized a requisition for a small number upon the quartermaster at Bridgeport for the use of the brigade at this point. I have authorized Colonel Sedgewick to make a like requisition for his command. The work will be pressed vigorously as soon as the troops can be got into position as ordered. There must be a large amount of work done immediately at certain localities along the road, and I have a detail already repairing some of the worst places between Whiteside's and Shellmound.

Reconnaissances that have been made develop considerable forage both at Whiteside's and Shellmound. Measures will be taken immediately to secure it. A small force of cavalry should be on duty with the division, for the time being, for the purpose of reconnaissance and communication, if the general state of the service will permit it. General Palmer having taken with him his escort, there are but three mounted orderlies at these headquarters. The quartermaster and inspector of the division also left with General Palmer, and the staff should be supplied with these officers at once. The two brigades here were regularly mustered for pay yesterday. lar monthly reports have been ordered and will be furan early day. The transportation of the division is largely in general supply train, and as soon as the public convenience ant, I trust it will be ordered back to its proper command. .nt-Colonel Neff, with six companies of the Thirty-first Ins been absent nearly four weeks guarding supply trains Stevenson and Chattanooga, and requests to be relieved and - command. e aware that the entire tentage of the division and the aggage, with a large portion of the ammunition, were left nooga. It is desirable that all these be sent to the comthe earliest moment. The men and officers suffered much exposure during the march across the mountains and are ant of their personal baggage. es Hand M. Fourth U. S. Artillery, assigned to this divist Chattanooga. One of these I think should be sent to this eutenant Sahm's battery having been ordered to the front al Hooker and sent forward. m, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

* For dispatch to which this is an answer, see Part I, p. 795. See Part I, p. 795.

CHARLES CRUFT, Brigadier-General , Commanding.


Near Dallas, Tenn., November 1, 1863. 1. C. GODDARD, sistant Adjutant-General, Dept. of the Cumberland : L: I have the honor to report that the enemy have increased ets below here, substituting infantry for cavalry: They aplargely increased force between Ralston's and Puckett's. retofore there had been but light cavalry pickets. ave been running trains all day on the Cleveland railroad. port that they can hear them whistle at Tyner's Station, , and at another point near Missionary Ridge, probably at 1, and that largely increased activity is observable to-day. n woman who has been in the habit of signaling to us from side of the river below, to-day signaled that she could not cate on account of the enemy's pickets.

quiet at last report from Smith's and Igou's Ferry. m, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

R. F. SMITH, Colonel, Commanding Brigade.


Near Dallas, Tenn., November 1, 1863—9 p. m. 1. C. GODDARD, sistant Adjutant-General, Dept. of the Cumberland: EL : I have the honor to state that Colonel Tillson, Tenth nfantry, stationed at Igou's Ferry, reports that his pickets at about ? p. m. to-day a large force (they say a brigade) of ny's cavalry passed up the river, turning off from the bank

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