The Life of Thomas Lord Lyttelton

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Tinsley Brothers, 1876 - Great Britain - 367 pages

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Page 285 - I rejoice that the grave has not closed upon me; that I am still alive to lift up my voice against the dismemberment of this ancient and most noble monarchy!
Page 184 - Man's feeble race what ills await ! . Labour, and Penury, the racks of Pain, Disease, and Sorrow's weeping train, And Death, sad refuge from the storms of fate ! The fond complaint, my song, disprove, And justify the laws of Jove.
Page 4 - He spake ; and, to confirm his words, out flew Millions of flaming swords, drawn from the thighs Of mighty cherubim ; the sudden blaze Far round illumined Hell. Highly they raged Against the Highest, and fierce with grasped arms Clashed on their sounding shields the din of war, Hurling defiance toward the vault of Heaven.
Page 285 - My lords, his Majesty succeeded to an empire as great in extent as its reputation was unsullied. Shall we tarnish the lustre of this nation by an ignominious surrender of its rights and fairest possessions...
Page 241 - And strictly meditate the thankless muse? Were it not better done as others use, To sport with Amaryllis in the shade, Or with the tangles of Nesera's hair?
Page 285 - In God's name, if it is absolutely necessary to declare either for peace or war, and the former cannot be preserved with honour, why is not the latter commenced without hesitation ? I am not, I confess, well informed of the resources of this kingdom ; but I trust it has still sufficient to maintain its just rights, though I know them not. — But, my Lords, any state is better than despair. Let us at least make one effort; and if we must fall, let us fall like men...
Page 258 - Darner sitting in his chair, dead, with a pistol by him, and another in his pocket ! The ball had not gone through his head, nor made any report. On the table lay a scrap of paper with these words, " The people of the house are not to blame for what has happened, which was my own act.
Page 348 - I have lived two days, and, God willing, I will live out the third.' " On the morning of Saturday he told the same ladies that he was very well, and believed he should bilk the ghost.
Page 143 - I dared not venture to trust him. The testamentary arrangement which appointed him to the honourable labours of an editor, took its rise from three motives : — 1.
Page 347 - Flood, wife of Frederick Flood, Esq., of the kingdom of Ireland, and to the three Miss Amphletts, who were lodged in his house in Hill Street, London (where he then also was), that he had had an extraordinary dream the night before. He said he thought he was in a room which a bird flew into, which appearance was suddenly changed into that of a woman dressed in white, who bade him prepare to die ; to which he answered, I hope not soon — not in two months. She replied, Yes, in three days.

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