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ABSTINENCE, Instance of Long, 38 Cologne, City of, in Germany, 170 Funeral Banquets in the Highlands, Landon's Sermons, extract from, 235
Accabah, Fortress of, 218
Columbo, 101


Laws necessary for the safety of So. Acland, Lady Harriet, hor sufferings, Columns, Grecian, Roman, Hindoo,

Sermon, extract from, 14

ciety, 118 175

and Egyptian, 95
Fungi. Poisonous, 236-7

Leaning Tower of Saragossa, 3 Actions, human, remarks on, 184 Constantinople, Public Library at, 138 Future State, necessity of preparation L. E. L., lines by, 59 right mode of julging, 115 Convent in the Isle of Murano, in for, 204

Leap for Life, 190
Addison, selectious from, 21, 227
Venice, 146

Lemming, description of the, 68
African Lion, description of, 7
Conversation, remarks on, by Hannah Galileo, anecdote of, 240

Lewis, Isle of, state of Education in, 250 Agriculture, various operations of, 204 More, 140

Gardening and Agriculture, skill of Trade, fisheries and agricul. Alfred the Great, his inducement for Cordova, the City of, in Spain, 234

the Japanese in, 174

ture, 250
learning to read, 290
Corn, Indian, 241
George III., anecdote of, 38

Liberty, Spirit of, 70
Alison, selections from, 54, 67
Courtship, German and Dutch mode Gifts not to be abused, 54

Library, Public, at Constantinople, 138 Alnwick, singular mode of making

of, 187

Gilpin, Bernard, biographical notice Libraries, remark on their utility, 189 freemen at, 39 Cowdray. House, Sussex, 135

of 141

Liège, the Bishop's Palace at, 50 Ancient Architecture, 95 Crabbe's Parish Register, extract from, Gisborne, selection from, 6

Life, animal and regetable, reflecAnger and Madness, difference be. 107

lines by, 38

tions on, 189 tween, 239 Creation, beanties of, 179 Golden Rules of King Charlos, 235

Linnet and the Hawk, a fable, 157 Animal Life, 189 Creator visible in his works, 11 Good and Wise, the object of, 6

Lion of Africa, 7 Auts, their mode of conveying intel. Crichton, the Admirable, biographi. Göttingen, the City of, 242

Liquefaction, 22 ligence to each other, 171

cal notice of, 195

Gratitude, a species of Justice, 63 Locke, dying words of, 71
Aphorisms, 139, 150, 183, 184
Cromlechs, Druidical, conjectures on Great Britain, Mines of, 118

Love and Pity, lines on, by Rogers, 133 April, Rural Chronicle for, 141

their origin, 64

Great Numbers, No. II; Numbers Love of Country, 11
Arabia, an Excursion in, 218

Cuckoo, lines on the, by Logan, 187 descriptive of Distance, 35
Aram, Eugene, notice of, 183
Customs, remarks on, 192

Guildford Castle, the Ruins of, 207 Madrid, some account of the city of, Arch, History of, 110

Guilt productive of Fear, 51

210-capture of by Napoleon, 811 Aromatic Vinegar, its uses and mods David's, St., Cathedral of, in Pem. Gypsies in Prance. 39

-its situation and form, 811 of preparation, 207 brokeshire, 74

calculation of their Number, 70 -royal palaces, churches, and Arts, Useful, described, 204, 228, 237,243 Davy, Sir Humphry, Biographical

other public buildings, 215--the Asaph, St., Flintshire, its Cathedral, 34 Notice of, 29

Hall. Bishop, selections from, 11. 63, Prado at, 215 Atmosphere, remarks on, .by Professor

on Sunshine 71, 79, 107, 118, 152, 199, 233 Main-truck, the, or a Leap for Life, 190 Moseley, 133, 147 and Shade, 13

Captain Basil, Nautical Tale hy, Malting, process of, 238
Attilius, aphorism of, 104
Deal Board, how converted into a 190

Malvern Flills, account of the, 52 Auxerre, in France, Cathedral of, 226 Quartern Loaf, 6

Hand, Human, its various uses, 3 Man, Comparison of, with Animals, 19
Deal Boatmen, 222
Harrow, the form and uses of, 205

Moral and Physical condition of,
Babylon, the Fall of, 98
Death, remarks on the contemplation Hat, manufacture of a, 12

117, 155 Bacon, Sir Francis, biographical notice of, 71

Haydn, dispnte of, with a Music. Mankind, various pursuits of, 173 of, 247 Dervise, travelling, mistake of, 208

seller, 179

Manzanares, River, at Madrid, 812 Balguy, remark by, 13 Devotion, sentiments of, how best

his mode of composition, 187 Matthew on the Fears of Guilt, 51 Balk, king of, and a Dervise, 208

learnt and preserved, 67

Hadstone, the, by Wilson, 246 Measurement of Heights and Dis. Barley, cultivation and uses of, 238 Discretion, remark on, by Addison, 227 Heat, 99, 60

tances, 104 Basle, in Switzerland, 66

Disorders of the World, whence they Heat, Egyptian mode of hatching Eggs Mexico, some account of the ancient Bear and Honey-guide, a fable, 63

proceed, 187
by artificial, 173

City of, 42-its Great Temple, 13 Beasts, Birds, and Insects, their obe. Divine Eye, Watchfulness of the, 99 Heights and Distances, mode of mea. Idolatry of the Mexicans, 43dience to the Law of Nature, 11 Doane, Bishop, extract from an opig. suring. 104

Magnificence of their King, 44Beauties of Creation, thoughts on, 179 copal address of, 150

Herefordshire Beacon, 53

the City besieged by the Spaniards, Beaver Hat, manufacture of a, 12 Dort preserved by milkmaids, 38 Herschel, Sir J., selections from, 6, 95 45-Mexican mode of Writing, 46 Bee, the, and Thistle-down, a fable, 20 Dropping Well at Knaresborough, 183 Highlands and Islands of Scotland,

some account of the modern Bees, affection of, for their Queen, 198 Druidical Circle near Keswick, 151

Tour in, 82, 162, 250

City of, 122—its streets, shops, Bell, Sir Charles, on the Haw of the

on the sliores of Highwayman, rencontre of, with Arch and public buildings, 123, 124-Eye of a Horse, 183 Loch Bernera, 162 bishop Sharp, 150

churches, 126- Police and Public Benares, account of, 59 Duck-boats, Chinese, 187 Hindou Pilgrims, 18

Walks, 197- Population, &c., 128 Benevolence, Instance of, in a young Dunvegan Castle, 85

Riddles, 156

Midnight Musings, 240
Nobleman, 230
Duty, the Path of, 187
Hiudoostan, a Fair in, 119

Milkmaids, Dort, in Holland, preBenson on the true use of Know. Dwight, extract from, 6

History of Writing, 78

served by, 38 ledge, 31

Hopkins, Matthew, the Witch-finder, Mimosa Grandiflora, description of, 140 Birds, fearles,nese of, during incuba. Earth, Causes of fertility in the, 223


Mines of Great Britain, Vi. Surface tion, 206 East-India Stations, VI., Benares, 58

Hops, their cultivation and use, 243 Works of Mines, 118
Bishop's Palace, at St. David's, 75

Snake-Charmers, 149
Hortus Siccus, or book for preserving

No. VII., 231 Black Waters, phenomenon of tho, 37 Ebullition, 60

dried plants, 80

Mistake, exemption from, not tho priBlakey on the Love of Truth, 154 Edwin, king of Northumbria, his con. Human Life, reflections on, by Dr. vilege of mortals, 62 Blind Boy, the, from a specimen of version to Christianity, 230

Johnson, 6

Mississippi, a Voyage on the, 27 printing in relief, 222 Eggs, Egyptian mode of hatching by

its uncertainty, 38

Misuse of Terms, remarks on, 62 Bracadale, Loch, 82 artificial means, 173

the frailty of, 99

Moutaigne, extract from, 3 Bread, manufacture of, 237 Elath, of Edom, a sort near its site, 218 its successive stages, 99 Moral Improrement, how far the

proBrewing, process of, 243 Electricity, 68

Huntingford, Bishop, selections from, gress of Wealth is favourable to, Brydges, Sir Egerton, remark by, 38 Elephants, manner of catching. in 62, 149, 192

103 Burke, Edmund, Solections from, 70, Ceylon, 114

More, Hannah, remark by, 140 103, 183 Elephant, Ceylon, 120

Icon Basiliké, extract from, 150 Mornay, Philip de, remarks by. 180, 197 Burns, remark of, on the great ond of Eltham, in Kent, Royal Palace at, 15 Industry, remarkable instance of, 150 Moseley, Professor, selections from, human lifo, 221 Engracia, Sta., Convent of, at Sara. Tuiquitous Designs, danger of edga. 110, 117, 133, 147, 152

ging in, 118

Mothering Sunday, 109
Carbonate of Ammonia, or Smolling Ennan-dowan Castle, 86

Insects, mode of preserving, 172 Mowing, 228
Salts, 182
Escurial, Palace of the, 216

Intellectual attainments, danger of, Mungo Park in the Desert, 71 Cathedrals described :-St. A saph, 34 Evil Habits, the necessity for conquer.

without religion, 206

Murano, Isle of, Venice, the Convent -St. David's, 74 Christ Church, ing, 11

Powers of man, their true in, 146
Oxford, 151Winchester, 2024
Evil not necessary, 20

Musclo, Cockle, and Oyster, 220 Auxerre, 926

Excellencies, and their use, 107 Intercourse of Sentiments, remarks on Mushrooms and Champignons, 236 Ceylon, Natural and Civil History of, Experimental Science, Familiar Illug. by Dr. Johnson, 227

Music, effect of, on Sheep, 173 91, 100, 106, 114, 143, 158, 178

trations of:

Islands and Highlands of Scotland, Chalmers, selections from, 14, 148 VII. Heat, Liquefaction, 22

Tour iu the, 82, 162, 250

Natural and Civil History of Ceylon, Champignon, 236 VIII, Heat, Ebullition, Vaporiza

91, 100, 106, 114, 143, 158, 178 Changes of the Seasons, remarks on, tion, 60

Japan, state of Gardening and Agri. History, on preserving objects 152

culture in, 174

of, 172 Charitable Judgment, 104

Fables:--the Bee and the Thistle Jenner, Dr. Edward, biographical Nature, remarks on the study of, 32 Charity a universal Duty, 183 downi, 20; the Bear and the notice of, 50

Nautilus pompilius, or Pearly Nar. Cheerfulness, remark on, 40

Honey-guide, 63; the Rich Man Johnson, Dr., selections from, 6, 11, tilus, 149
Chichester, Dean of, remarks by, 80 and bis Goods, 94; the Linnet and 14, 37, 38, 63, 71, 115, 118, 139, Newcastle, Coal Trade of, 3
Chinese Duck-boats, 187

the Hawk, 157

174, 183, 187, 204, 227

New Year's Day, good Custom on, at
filial affection of, 181
Pair in Hindostan, 120
Jury Court, Ceylon, 106

New York, 7
Christ Church, tho Cathedral of, at Fall of Babylon, 98

Niagara, Falls of, 10
Oxford, 154
Falls of Niagara, 10
Kaleidoscope, lines on the, 19

Nile, Water of, its excellence, 20 Christian, consolation of a true, 150 Feats of Jugglers in India, 194

Keswick, in Cumberland, Druidical Norris Castle, Isle of Wight, 21 Faith, remark on, 7 of Strength, 4

Temple near, 151

Numbers, Great, 35
Cinnamon Tree of Ceylon, 159
Female Excellence, 175

King Charles's Golden Rules, 235
Clepsydræ, or Water-clocks, 188 Filial Affection of the Chinese, 181 Kirauea, Volcano of, in Owhyhee, 55 Old Age, remarks on, 79
Coal trade of Newcastle and Sunder Flattery and Friendship, lines on, by Kirkwall and its Cathedral, history Owhyhee, Volcano in, 55
land, 3
Shakspeare, 174

and description of, 255

Oxford Cathedral, history and do Coal and Coal Mines, 63

Flechier, Archbishop, on the vanity Knaresborough, Dropping Well at, 183 scription of, 154 Cobzett's remarks on the County of of worldly things, 227

Knowledge, its true use, 31

Oyster, Muscle, and Cockle, 220 Suffolk, 67 Franklin, Dr., extract from, 14

and Wisdom, lines on, 115 Cockle, 221 French Gypsies, 39

Paintings, Mexican, 48 Colchester, the Ruins of St. Botolph's French Officer, anecdote of, 67 Lac Insect, account of, 116

Palace of Justice at Rouen, 26 Priory-church at, 199

Friends and Time, lines on the loss Launceston Castle, Cornwall, account Past and Present, the, 7 Coleridge, on the art of reflection, 115 of, 79

of the Ruins of, 223

Patrick, Bishop, advice of, 100

gossa, 112

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use, 38

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