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Together with a newe Addition for the Cure of Horses Diseases of what Kinde or Nature


Bramo assai, poco spero, nulla chieggio.

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At London. Printed by James Roberts.
Anno Dom. 1599.”

This rare tract, the first also of its kind, which discusses the subject of Farricry, is avowedly by Jervis Markham, who inscribes it

To the Right Worshipfull and his singuler good Father, Ma. Robert Markham, of Citham, in the Countie of Notingham, Esquier.”

It opens with this whimsical address to the 6 Gentlemen Readers.”

“ The winde, Gentlemen, standing in the mouth of my cave, hath blowne my loose papers into the worlde, and canonized mee as foolish in Paules Church Yarde, as Sybilla was wise in Cuma. I have written of a subject which many more then most excellent in the same arte have entreated. If, therefore, their perfections shall withdrawe your eyes from my labour; imagine it to be but a parenthesis intruding it selfe amongst their workes. And when you have over-read it, you shall find it to detract nothing, but as a ready hand-mayde endevour

endevour to bring theyr pleasures to effect and discover that which hetherto hath beene observed.

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If, therefore, I shall finde grace in your sights, my thanks shall be, that this my Treatise shall teach you howe to preserve your horses from tyring, which otherwise in the midst of your pleasures, would give over shamefully.

J. M.'

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The above is in black letter, very perfect, and a remarkably fine copy. 5. “ COUNTREY CONTENTMENTS,

1 In two Bookes. The First containing the whole Art of riding great Horses in very short time, with the breeding, breaking, dyeting and ordring of them, and of running, hunting, and ambling Horses, with the Manner how to use them in their travell.

Likewise in Two newe Treatises, the Arts of Hunting, Hawking, Coursing of Grey-Hounds, with the Lawes of the Leash, Shooting, Bowling, Tennis, Baloone, &c.

The Second entituled THE ENGLISH HusWIFE,

Containing the inward and outward Vertues, which ought to be in a compleate Woman, as her Phisicke, Cookery, Banqueting Stuffe, Distillation, Perfumes, Wooll, Hemp, Flaxe, Dairies, Brewing, Baking, and all other things belonging to an Houshold.

A Workè very profitable and necessary for the general Good of this Kingdome. R 2

A une

A une je servierai.

Printed at London, by J. B. for R. Jackson, and are to be sold at his Shop, neere Fleet Sireet Conduit. 1615.”

This is also the performance of Gervase Markham, who inscribes it

" To the Thrice noble and vertuous Maintainer and furtherer of all lawfull and worthy Pleasures, Sir Theodore Newton, Knight.”

In this Tract the Author gives the following description of a perfect grey hound, left, as he says, in " old rime by our forefathers."

If you will have a good tike,
Of which there are few like,
He must be headed like a snake,
Neckt like a drake,
Backt like a beam,
Sided like a bream,
Tailed like a batt,
And footed like a cat.

The second book containing the English Huswife is unfortunately wanting in this copy.

6. " A BookÉ OF PISHING WITH HOOKE AND LINE, and of all other Instruments thereunto belonging

ANOTHER of sundrie Engines and Trappes to take Polcats, Buzards, Rattes, Mice, and all other kindes of Verminc and Beasts whatsoever,


most profitable for all' Warriners and such as delyght in this kinde of Sport and Pastime.

Made by L. M.

London. Printed by John Wolfe, and are to be solde by Edwarde White, dwelling at the Little North Dore of Paules, at the Signe of the Gunne. 1590.”

This curious Tract is in black letter, but appears to want something at the end.


Compyled for the Delight of Noblemen and Gentlemen, by Sir Thomas Cockaine, Knight.

Imprinted at London, by Thomas Orwin, for Thomas Woodcocke, dwelling in Paules Church Yard, at the Signe of the Black Beare. 1591."

This Tract has a hound engraved on wood in the title page. It is inscribed by the Author

“ To the Right Honorable and my singular good Lord, the Earle of Shrewsburie.


Divided into Three Bookes.

The first teacheth how to make a shortwinged Hawke good, with good conditions.

The second how to reclaime a Hawke from any ill condition.

The third teacheth Cures for all known Griefes and Diseases. By Edmund Bert, Gentleman, R 3


London. Printed by T. Ș. for Richard Moore, and are to be sold at his shop, in $. Dunstans Church Yard. 1619."

This Tract iş inscribed

“ To the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Oxenford, Viscount Bulbecke, Lord Sanford and Scales, and Lord Great Chamberlaine of England."


Or the Art of Vaulting reduced to a Method comprized under certaine Rules, illustrated by Examples, anų now primarily set forth by Will, Stokes.

Xenoph. de magisterio equitum.

Juniores persuadendi sunt ut in equos insilire discant: tandem vero jure mereberis si quem adhibueris magistrum seu præceptorem.

Printed for Richard Davis in Oxon. 1652.".

To this singular and curious Tract, a head of the Author, by Glover, is prefixed, which is not in the Cracherode collection,

Beneath the portrait are these lines :

Ingeniosa tibi vivam manus edidit UMBRAM,

VERUM HOMINEM MOTUS tę probat esse tuus, Sed tam 'motu agili, tanta vertiginis arte,

Extemplo specium te per utrumque rotas. Corpore sub ficto mihi SPIRITŲs esse videris,

Aut corpus CHYMICÁ SPIRITUALE manu, Nullam sentit equus MOLEM tuus, impiger omneş Pervolitas partes nec mora pondus habes,

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