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The family under consideration in first wife being Judith, a daughter of AbraLORD this article has been distinguished ham Conley, who made Nathan Lord executor

by men and women of brains, has of his will and gave to him the latter's land at included scholars and divines, and is still con Sturgeon's Creek. He married (second) Notributing much to the progress of the nation vember 22, 1678, Martha, daughter of Willalong uplifting lines. It is undoubtedly of iam and Margery Everett. She was born in English origin, but the place of birth of the 1640, and was living in 1723. Nathan Lord first ancestor or the exact time of his coming was a prominent citizen and held numerous to America has not been discovered. It has offices. He died in 1690, aged eighty-seven been conspicuous in Maine and is still so. years. Children: Nathan, Abraham, Samuel,

(1) Nathan (1) Lord, born about 1603, is Margery, Martha and Anne. found of record in Kittery, Maine, as early as (II) Nathan (2), son of Nathan (1) Lord, 1652, when he with others signed an agreement was born about 1657 and died in 1733. He as follows: "We, whose names are underwrit resided in Kittery and married, November 22, ten, do acknowledge ourselves subject to the 1678, Martha, daughter of Richard and Judith government of Massachusetts Bay in New (Smith) Tozier. Children: 1. Martha, born England." There can be no doubt that he was October 14, 1679; married, July II, 1702, English, as that locality was settled at that Richard Chick. 2. Nathan, born May 13, time exclusively by English people. Nathan 1681 ; married Margaret Heard. 3. William, Lord was a planter and appears to have dealt born March 20, 1682-3; married Patience Abin real estate. Previous to 1662 he was lo bott. 4. Richard, born March 1, 1684-5; marcated in a district called Sturgeon's Creek, ried Mary Goodwin. 5. Judith, born March where he received a grant of land. This loca 20, 1687; married first, Benjamin, son of tion is now in the town of Eliot, once a part Nicholas Meads; second, Gabriel Hamilton, of ancient Kittery. After 1662 Nathan Lord May 24, 1721; children by first marriage: seems to have owned a homestead at or near Elizabeth Meads, married Joseph Furbish, and what is now called Mt. Pleasant, in South Judith Meads, married first, William Lord; Berwick. In 1676, with his son and namesake, second, Skinner Stone. 6. Samuel, born June he took possession of an estate of seventy 14, 1789; married Martha Wentworth.7. seven acres, on which was a house and barn, Mary, born July 20, 1691 ; married first, Deand this was held about five years in joint cember 1, 1709, Thomas Hodson ; second, June ownership when the father transferred his 16, 1720, Daniel Emery Jr. 8. John, born right and title to his son. This was located in January 18, 1693; married Mary Chapman. the district known as Oldfields in South Ber 9. Sarah, born March 28, 1696; married, Sepwick. Upon this place a garrison was main tember 20, 1716, Samuel Roberts, of Dover. tained during the Indian troubles and was oc 10. Anna, born May 27, 1697; married Decupied as a residence as late as 1816. This cember 18, 1718, Daniel Furbish. II. Abrawas a unique and extensive edifice and had a ham, born October 29, 1699; mentioned bedoor through which could be driven a yoke of low. . oxen and cart. The door was surmounted by (III) John (1), fifth son of Nathan (2) and a carved figurehead, representing the prow Martha (Tozier) Lord, was born January 8, of a ship, while many wood carvings on its 1693, in Kittery, and died in that town in interior added to its adornment. Nathan Lord 1761. He resided in that part of the town now died in 1733, and in his will bequeathed to his known as Berwick, at "Rocky Hill." He minister a gold ring, and he also left twenty married, December 26, 1716, Mary Chapman, pounds for the purchase of communion plate. who was probably a daughter of Nathan and His estate was valued at one thousand eight Mary Wellborn Chapman, of Kittery. They hundred and seventy-six pounds, two shillings were the parents of John, Lydia, Tobias, Tozer and twopence. He was twice married, his and Thomas.


(IV) Tobias, second son of John and Mary Hannah Fields. He was a soldier in the revo(Chapman) Lord, was born 1723, at Rockylution in Captain Jesse Dorman's company, Hill, and baptized August 27, 1724, in Kittery. Colonel James Scammon's regiment, in 1775; He married Jane Smith and settled in Arun also in Captain Thomas Romery's company, del, now Kennebunk, Maine.

Colonel Stone's regiment, sent to reinforce (V) John (2), son of Tobias and Jane Gates in 1777. Children born in Buxton or (Smith) Lord, was born in Kennebunk, where vicinity: Hannah F., Phebe, Daniel, Abraham, he resided. He married Charity Curtis and Sarah, Isaac, mentioned below; Betsey, Dorthey were parents of: John, Sally, Jacob, cas, John, James, Nathaniel. Betsy, Tobias, Phæbe, Mary, Hannah, Jolin (VI) Isaac, son of Nathaniel Lord, was (died young) and John.

born in Buxton, Maine, November 11, 1781, (VI) Betsy, third daughter of John (2) and died August 12, 1826. He married Anna Charity (Curtis ) Lord, was born June 25, Holmes, born December 26, 1790, at Scarbor1780, married Jeremiah (1) Roberts (see Rob ough, Maine, died April 6, 1870. Children erts VI).

born at Buxton: I. Ephraim H., October 5, (III) Abraham (1), son of Nathan (2) 1808, mentioned below. 2. John A., August Lord, was born in Kittery, October 29, 1699. 20, 1813, died October 6, 1894. 3. William He married Margaret Gowen, daughter of H., November 15, 1815, died July 11, 1870. Nicholas and Abigail (Hodson) Gowen. She 4. Arthur, March 19, 1819, died September 2, died February 11, 1775. His will was dated 1871. 5. Timothy H., September 9, 1822, died April 11, 1772, proved April 20, 1779. Chil- August 3, 1898. dren: 1. Simeon, baptized October 11, 1719. (VII) Ephraim H., son of Isaac Lord, was 2. Benjamin Meads, baptized October, 1720, born in Buxton, October 5, 1808, died June married (first) Mary March ; (second) Elean 26, 1889. He received his education in the or Dennet, widow. 3. Abraham, baptized July public schools of his native town. When a 15, 1722, mentioned below. 4. Nathan, bap- young man he learned the trade of currier at tized December 1, 1723, married Elizabeth South Danvers (now Peabody), MassachuShackley. 5. Nichols, baptized September 11, setts. He worked for a time for the York 1726, married, February 4, 1747, Ruth Hart. Manufacturing Company and then for Jason 6. Joshua, baptized May 5, 1728, died unmar W. Beatty & Company, curriers, tanners and ried. 7. Jeremiah, baptized March 15, 1729 dealers in leather, in Saco. He held a respon30, married Sarah (Grant) Hamilton. sible position with this concern throughout David, baptized April 30, 1732, married, De his active life. Four years before his death cember 6, 1759, Phebe Coffin. 9. Solomon, he retired. In politics Mr. Lord was a Rebaptized June 2, 1734. 10. Elisha, baptized publican. He was an attendant at the UniMay 17, 1741, married, April 27, 1762, Sarah tarian church. He was a well-known and Shackley; settled in Lebanon, Maine.

II. highly respected citizen of Buxton and Saco. Margaret, born 1737, married, March 24, He married, October 4, 1832, Hannah Lowell, 1756, Ephraim Hanson. 12. Sarah, married born at Saco, May 31, 1813, died July 31, Samuel Jellison.

1889, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Ayer) (IV) Abraham (2), son of Abraham (1) Lowell. Children born in Buxton:

1. AuLord, was born in Kittery, Maine, and baptizedl gustus, June 8, 1835, died July 8, 1907. 2. Ira July 15, 1722. He married Phebe Heard, H., April 26, 1837, died October 20, 1896. daugliter of James and lary (Roberts) Heard. 3. John H., March 28, 1839, died February The first four children were baptized at South 10, 1907. 4. Samuel Lowell, mentioned beBerwick, the last two at the second parish of

low. Kittery, now Eliot. He is said to have removed (VIII) Samuel Lowell, son of Ephraim H. to Scarborough, Maine. Children: 1. James, Lord, was born in Buxton, January 4, baptized September 25, 1743. 2. Nathaniel, 1841. He received his early education in the baptized February 17, 1744-45, mentioned be old brick schoolhouse at Salmon Falls in Buxlow. 3. Abraham, baptized November, 1748. ton and then attended the grammar school at 4. Isaac, baptized September 22, 1751. 5. Saco, when loses J. Haines was the master. Sarah, baptized July 26, 1753. 6. Jacob, bap In June, 1856, he left school and began to tized August 11, 1756, married, March 28, learn the apothecary business in the store of 1771, Mary Huntress.

Tristram Gilman. In the spring of 1858 Mr. (V) Nathaniel, son of Abraham (2) Lord. Gilman and Dr. John E. L. Kimball formed was baptized at South Berwick, Maine, Feb a partnership, buying the store formerly conruary 17, 1744-45, died in 1827. He married ducted by Dr. Charles Murch, and Mr. Lord

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