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of Nelus Magnus, alias Neale of the Nine Hostages in the time of Roderic O'Conner, Monarch of Ireland, fol. parchment, D. 19.

De Chirurgia. De Infirmitatibus Corporis humani, Hibernicé. f. Membr. C. 1.

Excerpta quædam de antiquitatibus Incolarum, Dublin ex libris Bel. emorensi et Sligentino, Hibernicé

.. Hymni in laudem B. Patricii, Brigidæ, et Columbiæ, Hibern. plerumque. Invocationes Apostolorum et SS. cum not. Hibern. interlin. et margin. Orationes quædam exerptæ ex Psalmis ; partim Latiné, partim Herbincé, fol. Membr. I. 125.

Opera Galeni et Hippocratis de Chirurgià, Hibernicé, fol. Membr. C. 29.

A book of Postils in Irish, fol. Membr. D. 24.

Certain Prayers, with the Argument of the Four Gospels and the Acts, in Irish. (10.) 'Fiechi Slebthiensis, Hymnus in laudem S. Patricii Hibernicé. (12.) An Hymn on S. Brigid, in Irish, made by Columkill in the time of Eda Mac Ainmireck, cum Regibus Hibern. et success. S. Patricii. (14.) Sanctani Hymhus. Hibern.

Reverendissimi D. Bedelli Translatio Hibernica S. Bibliorum.

There are besides many Ancient Gaelic and Irish MSS. in the libraries of private individuals in Great Britain and Ireland, of which we have no accurate information, but if the possessors were to send to the publishers an account of them, it would perhaps be satisfactory to the admirers of Celtic Literature to notice them in the next edition of this work.


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