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It is fortunately in our power to lay before our readers a specimen of the music to which some parts of the poems of Ossian were formerly sung. It was transmitted to Sir John Sinclair by the Reverend John Cameron, minister of the parish of Halkirk, in the county of Caithness, who had learned it from a very old man in his parish many years ago, and who was accustomed to sing some of the poems of Ossian to that tune, with infinite delight and enthusiasm. Every connoisseur in music will at once see, that the tune, from its simplicity, wildness, and peculiar structure, must be an ancient composition. The bass is added to it by Mr. Corri of Edinburgh.

There are many more of these tunes handed down with the poems, which are equally worthy of being laid before the public; but the Committee deem it sufficient to insert in this work only one specimen.

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