Official Catalogue: Complete in One Volume. I. Main Building. II. Department of Art. III. Department of Machinery. IV. Departments of Agriculture and Horticulture

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Page 23 - Exhibition, is in the form of a parallelogram, extending east and west 1880 feet in length, and north and south 464 feet in width. The larger portion of the structure is one story in height, and shows the main cornice upon the outside at 45 feet above the ground, the interior height being 70 feet. At the centre of the longer sides are projections 416 feet in length, and in the centre of the shorter sides or ends of the building are projections 216 feet in length.
Page 36 - Topograpical maps ; marine and coast charts. Geological maps and sections. Botanical, agronomical and other maps, showing the extent and distribution of men, animals and terrestrial products ; physical maps. Meteorological maps and bulletins ; telegraphic routes and stations ; railway and route maps ; terrestrial and celestial globes ; relief maps and models of portions of the earth's surface; profiles of ocean beds and routes of submarine cables.
Page 14 - CLASS 524. — Machines for the manufacture of rope and twine, and miscellaneous fibrous materials. CLASS 525. — Machines for the manufacture of paper and felting. CLASS 526. — Machines for the manufacture of india-rubber goods. CLASS 527. — Machines for the manufacture of mixed fabrics. CLASS 528. — Machines for the manufacture of wire cloth. MACHINES, APPARATUS, AND IMPLEMENTS USED IN SEWING AND MAKING CLOTHING AND ORNAMENTAL OBJECTS.
Page 41 - AERIAL, PNEUMATIC, AND WATER TRANSPORTATION. CLASS 590. — Suspended cable railways. CLASS 591. — Transporting cables. CLASS 592. — Balloons, flying machines, etc. CLASS 593. — Pneumatic railways, pneumatic dispatch. CLASS 594.— Boats and sailing vessels. Sailing vessels used in commerce. Sailing vessels used in war. Yachts and pleasure boats. Rowing boats of all kinds. Life boats and salvage apparatus, with life rafts, belts, etc. Submarine armor, diving bells, etc. Ice boats.
Page 31 - Spun silk yarns and fabrics, and the materials from which they are made. CLASS 245. — Plain woven silks, lutestrings, sarsnets, satins, serges, foulards, tissues for hat and millinery purposes, etc. CLASS 246. — Figured silk piece goods, woven or printed, Upholstery silks, etc. CLASS 247. — Crapes, velvets, gauzes, cravats, handkerchiefs, hosiery, knit goods, laces, scarfs, ties, veils, all descriptions of cut and made up silks. CLASS 248. — Ribbons, plain, fancy, and velvet. CLASS 249. —...
Page 14 - Printers' furniture. CLASS 544. — Bookbinding machines. CLASS 545. — Paper-folding machines. CLASS 546. — Paper and card cutting machines, paper box machines. CLASS 547. — Envelope machines. MOTORS AND APPARATUS FOR THE GENERATION AND TRANSMISSION OF POWER. CLASS 550. — Boilers and all steam or gas generating apparatus for motive purposes. CLASS 551. — -Water-wheels, water engines, hydraulic rams, windmills. CLASS 552. — Steam, air, or gas engines, electro-magnetic engines. CLASS 553....
Page 33 - ... catalogues, libraries, and gymnasiums. CLASS 302. — Professional schools: Theology, law, medicine, and surgery, dentistry, pharmacy, mining, engineering, agriculture, and mechanical arts, art and design, military schools, naval schools, normal schools, commercial schools, music — buildings, text-books, libraries, apparatus, methods, and other accessories for professional schools.
Page 28 - Surface and underground surveying and plotting. Projection of underground work, location of shafts, tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts and for drainage. Boring and drilling rocks, shafts, and tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts, and for ascertaining the nature and extent of mineral deposits. Construction. Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving and timbering tunnels, and the general operations of opening, sloping, and breaking down ore. timbering, lagging, and masonry. Hoisting and...
Page 38 - INDUSTRIAL AND ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS, MODELS, AND DECORATIONS. CLASS 440. — Industrial designs. CLASS 441. — Architectural designs; studies and fragments, representations and projects of edifices ; restorations from ruins and from documents. CLASS 442. — Decoration of interiors of buildings. CLASS 443. — Artistic hardware and trimmings, artistic castings, forged metal worl.
Page 44 - CLASS 707. — Ferns, their management in the open air and in ferneries, wardian cases, etc. CLASS 708. — New plants, with statement of their origin. CLASS 709. — Floral designs, etc. — Cut flowers, bouquets, preserved flowers, leaves, seaweeds. Illustrations of plants and flowers.- — Materials for floral designs. Bouquet materials, bouquet holders, bouquet papers, models of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. HOTHOUSES, CONSERVATORIES, GRAPERIES, AND THEIR MANAGEMENT. CLASS 710. — Hothouse...

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