The Preceptor: Containing a General Course of Education. Wherein the First Principles of Polite Learning are Laid Down in a Way Most Suitable for Trying the Genius, and Advancing the Instruction of Youth. In Twelve Parts. Illustrated with Maps and Useful Cuts, Volume 2

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R. and J. Dodsley, 1758 - Education

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Page 121 - I have mentioned mathematics as a way to settle in the mind a habit of reasoning closely and in train; not that I think it necessary that all men should be deep mathematicians, but that, having got the way of reasoning, which that study necessarily brings the mind to, they might be able to transfer it to other parts of knowledge, as they shall have occasion.
Page 530 - They wandered on from one double of the labyrinth to another with the chains of Habit hanging secretly upon them, till, as they advanced, the flowers grew paler, and the scents fainter...
Page 122 - I said above, that the faculties of our souls are improved and made useful to us, just after the same manner as our bodies are. Would you have a man write or paint, dance or fence well, or perform any other manual operation dexterously and with ease?
Page 530 - ... yet without power to return, and had this aggravation above all others that they were criminal but not delighted.
Page 520 - I saw fruits and herbs and water, and here determined to wait the hand of death, which I hope, when at last it comes, will fall lightly upon me.
Page 555 - ... and doubted about them : for, from the draught of ignorance and error that he had taken at his entrance, he had imagined things that were bad to be good, and things that were good to be bad ; by which means he had lived wretchedly, as indeed all do while they are there. But now that he has obtained, the knowledge of what is really good, he can both live happily himself, and can see how very unhappy the others are.
Page 101 - Angles ; adds by way of Corollary, that all the three Angles of any one Triangle...
Page 105 - This Manner of determining the Relation between any two Ideas, by the Intervention of...
Page 530 - Reason than to disobey her; and who retreated from the heat and tumult of the way, not to the bowers of Intemperance, but to the maze of Indolence.
Page 148 - Difcoveries we have made sjatixnc. may at all times lie open to the Review of the Mind ; or where we mean to communicate and unfold the Difcoveries to others, there are two Ways of proceeding equally within our Choice.

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