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ble composition, might, when regarded as an educational agent, be found, in some particulars, perchance in every important particular, utterly inappropriate. With what success the author has executed this part of his design, is left to the judgment of those experienced in the business of education.

In that part of the work devoted to a formal course of instruction in the principles of Rhetorical Reading, will be found, it is believed, whatever aid written rules can give, on a subject like this. Much, however, as is universally confessed, must, after all, be left to the voice, the taste, and the manner of the living in. structor.

In explanatory notes, sometimes at the head of an exercise, sometimes at the bottom of the page, the pupil will often find things explained, which are necessary to be known, in order to a full understanding of what is required to be read. This feature of the work is simply an application, so far as seemed desirable, of the author's well-known plan of explanation, adopted in the other members of the series.

If these few prefatory words convey some general idea of the plan and purpose of the work, their object is sufficiently accomplished. A more thorough acquaintance with the nature of its claims to usefulness, as a text-book, can be derived only from a careful examination of its contents, and a fair trial in the school

That it will bear both these tests, is the cherished hope of the author—a hope founded upon the experience of many years in the actual business of teaching, many interchanges of thought with the most eminent educators, added to a wide, varied, and careful observation in all classes of schools.

That it may, therefore, serve to aid in developing and training the powers of the voice--in securing the charms of a graceful and effoctive delivery,-in instilling noble and elevated sentiments,-in imparting a taste for those refined pleasures that grow out of a just appreciation of what is sublime and beautiful in thought, chaste and elegant in expression,--that it may, in fine, prove a worthy auxiliary in that sort of educational discipline. that makes THE TRUE LADY, is the confident expectation with which it is submitted to those, for whose use it has been especially prepared. New York, April, 1853


1. The Sense of Beauty...

William Elery Channing, 45

2. The Spirit of Beauty.

..Rufus Dawes, 47

3. Sabinus and Olinda......

Oliver Goldsmith, 48

4. The Proper Education for Females... Hannah More, 52

5. I Love to Live, and I Live to Love..


6. Life is Sweet...,


7. Common People..

.T. S. Arthur, 59

8. The Seen and the Unseen...

.Ephraim Peabody, 62

9. No Concealment..

.L. H. Sigourney, 67

10. The Two Weavers.

.Hannah More, 68

11. Beauty of the Morning..

....Hervey, 70

12. The True Dignity of Labor.

William Howitt, 72

13. The Laborer....

William D. Gallagher, 77

14. Action always Healthful...

Cowper, 78

15. An Eastern Apologue..


16. Live not to Yourself..

.Rev. John Todd, 83

17. The Wants of Man.

.John Quincy Adams, 85

18. The Suliote Mother.

Mrs. Hemans, 88

19. The Valleys of Lebanon...

..Lamartine, 90

20. Ruins of Copan and Palenque..

..John L. Stephens, 92

21. The Old Clock on the Stairs..

.Henry W. Longfellow, 95

22. Forgive and Forget..

.M. Farquhar Tupper, 97

23. Bitter Words....


24 Flowers..

Henry Ward Beecher, 100

25. Domestic Life...

Vicesimus Knox, 104

26. Scene from William Tell.

James Sheridan Knowles, 107

27. The Indian Lament. .....

Henry R. Schoolcraft, 111

28. Uncle Abel and Little Edward. .Harriet Beecher Stowe, 113

29. Dignity of Human Nature.

...Addison, 119

30. Pride of Ancestry...

...Daniel Webster, 121

31. Nature's Nobility.

... Rev. George Aspinwall, 123

32. Bendemeer's Stream.......

.Thomas Moore 124

33. Arachne and Melissa.

.Harris, 125

34. Nature to the Eye of a Christian..

.Alison, 128

35. The Virtuous Woman..

..Proverbs, 130

36. The Boy and his Angel.

Caroline M. Sarger, 132



37. The Life-Voyage.

Frances S. Osgood, 134

38. There is a God....

Chateaubriand, 139

39. A Night in the Deserts of the New World......


40. Plainness versus Beauty..

.Robert Chambers, 141

41. The Old House Clock....

Harper's Magazine, 143

42. Nature's Gentleman.

......Eliza Cook, 144

43. The Heritage.....

.James Russell Lowell

, 147

44. True Estimate of Character..

Tattler, 149

45. Novelty....

Henry Grove, 150

46. A Pitiable Patient.


47. The Lover's Leap.

.. Literary Magnet, 156

48. The Whirlwind...

Miss Juliet H. Lewis, 161

49. Know before you Speak.

.Robert Chambers, 163

50. The Artist Surprised..

..J. Hogg, 168

51. Mortality......

.Knox, 173

52. The American Forest Girl..

.Mrs. Hemans, 175

53. Honor to Women...... From the German of Schiller, 178

64. The People always Conquer.

.. Edward Everett, 180

55. The End of Female Education..

..Hannah More, 182

56. Love the Aged.

.L. Virginia Smith, 184

57. A Lucid Interval..

.Literary Magnet, 186

58. The Reign of Elizabeth.......

.Francis Jeffrey, 188

59. The Princess Charlotte of Wales.

.Robert Hall, 190

60. The Death-Bed......

. Thomas Hood, 192

61. A Dirge for the Beautiful....

.D. Ellen Goodman 192

62. The Pure in Heart shall Meet Again.. .... Wm. Leggett, 194

63. Life Endeared by Age.

Oliver Goldsmith, 195

64. Estimate of Life........

William Hazlitt, 197

65. Ravages of Time...

Walter Scott, 199

66. Passing Away..

.....Miss Jewsbury, 200

67. When is the Time to Die ?.

Amanda M. Edmond, 201

68. Historical Reading...

Macaulay, 202

69. Italian Scenery...

..Alison, 204

70. Loss of the Arctic..

Henry Ward Beecher, 207

71. Town and Country..

.J. Sheridan Knowles, 210

72. Song of the Shirt...

Thomas Hood, 214

73. An Address to an Arm-chair, newly-clad. .W. Somerville, 216

74. Fashion....

.Mrs. Barbauld, 218

75. The Mountain of Miseries......

Addison, 225

76. Pride......

Alexander Pope, 230

77. Jenny Lind's Greeting to America.

Bayard Taylor, 231





78. Victoria's Tears.

. Elizabeth B. Browning, 232

79. Female Patriotism..

.....Hook, 233

80. Authors....

.E. P. Whipple, 241

81. Ellen, the Lady of the Lake...

Walter Scott, 244

82. The Italian Exile......


83. Adversity, with Interjections by the Reader..Robert Chambers, 247

84. The Mushroom Family.....

....Mackenzie, 252

85. The Pilgrim.... .From the German of Schiller, by Bulwer, 257

86. Ode to Contentment.......

.Parnell, 258

87. The Little Word-No.

Merchants' Ledger, 261

88. The Grave.....

.Literary Magnet, 264

89. Elegy written in a Country Churchyard.

.Gray, 267

90. National Monuments.

..Alison, 271

91. Where should the Scholar Live ?. ...Longfellow, 274

92. The Belfry Pigeon.....

.N. P. Wilis, 275

93. The Stormy Petrel.

.Park Benjamin, 277

94. Communings of Nature..

.Pollok, 278

95. Man.....

...Kirby, 279

96. The Modern Navigator.

.Edward Everett, 282

97. Ximena and Elmina.

.Mrs. Hemans, 284

98. The Hunter of the Alps........From the German of Schiller, 286

99. Story of Alcander and Septimius..... ..Oliver Goldsmith, 288

100. The Real Duration of Men's Lives.. ..T. Noon Talfourd, 292

101. Value of Time.....

Young, 294

102. Angelo and Claudia..

Miss Mitford, 297

103. Nimroud in Spring.

.A. H. Layard, 299

104. La Fayette....

Charles Sprague, 301

105. Bingen on the Rhine.....

.Mrs. Norton, 304

106. Parting of Hector and Andromache..... .Pope's Homer's Iliad, 305

107. The Desert and the Garden,...

.Rev. Hollis Reed, 309

108. Charge against Lord Byron.

.Jeffrey, 313

109. Lord Byron.....

.Robert Pollok, 316

110. The Raven..

Edgar A. Poe, 320

111. The Vision of Carazan..

.Hawkesworth, 324

112. Gehazi's Punishment..

...Bible, 328

113. Thanatopsis......

William C. Bryant, 330

114. Hymn of the Seasons..

.Thomson, 333

115. A Remarkable Incident..

De Quincey, 337

116. The Talking Lady..

.Miss Mitford, 340

117. The Unbidden Guest..

..Luella J. Case, 344

118. Aspirel.......

...M. F. Tupper, 346

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