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pose of propagating a humane and education, in order to raise these benevolent religion. This is a con- poor creatures some degrees higher siderable point gained; and the in the scale of rational and reflectcircumstance already mentioned of ing beings. We have only to cast Matteebe, the chief of Lattakoo, our eye over Mr.Campbell's details, having actually been induced, in which he records bis conversathrough the inAuence of the mis- tions with some of the better dissionaries, to put a stop to his com- posed and more intelligent among mandoes, reminds us not a little of the natives, in order to be conthe bebaviour of Pomare, the Ota: vinced of the darkness and igno: heitan Monarch, in throwing his rance which cloud their undera idols into the sea; though the pro. standings, upon all subjects which gress made of late towards the con- lie beyond the reach of their senses, version of the South Sea islanders and the sphere of their daily occuaffords unquestionably a more hope. pations. We allude particularly to ful prospect than any thing which the conversations with Matteebe and has yet taken place in the interior Munameets (Vol. I. pp. 77-81), of Africa.

two of the best friends of the MisWe rejoice most devoutly in sionaries. Their answers to our every favourable symptom of suc- author's interrogatories exhibit, with cess in this quarter, and would few exceptions, a certain childishearnestly recommend unwearied ishness of intellect, which is someperseverance in the good work. We what discouraging. Mr. Campbell cannot, it is true, be blind to the admits that little impression can be very small effect which has hitherto hoped for, “ till the Missionaries been produced upon the minds of can address thein in their own those patives of southern Africa tongue without an interpreter.” who lie beyond the boundaries of the necessity for an interpreter is the Cape colony. Indeed, as yet, no doubt one very great inconvenireligious instruction has been com- ence; but, bumably speaking, little municated to the natives of Latta- effect will be produced till “ Their koo, and the places north of it, only frivolity,” of which Mr. Campbell through the medium of an inter- so grievously complains, is in some preter; and among them we meet degree subdued by the discipline with no instance of decided con- of a religious education. version. Sometimes the hearers are And yet let us here guard against apparently attentive; at other times being thought to undervalue the they are noisy and troublesome; efficacy of the preaching of Christ but no permanent impression seems crucified, under the influence of yet to be made beyond that of the the Holy Spirit, on the most un. peaceful character of our religion, tutored minds. We cannot forget and of the men who administer it. what the Greenlanders, now such The sight of a bead or a snuff-box distinguished trophies of the power seems at all times sufficient to put of redeeming grace, once to flight every idea of a religious The poet's description of them is nature. We do not say that this is no fiction; it is drawn in the sober surprising in savages, nor that it is colours of truth, and, almost in altogether unlike the conduct of every line of it, finds its counterpart many nominal Christians, who call in the inhabitants of Lattakoo, Mathemselves civilized: but we think show, and Kurreechane. it proves two things; the natural aversion of the human heart to

“ What were they? What some fools arc spiritual subjects, which is the great They were by nature-Atheists, bead

made by art doctrine that lies at the foundation

and heart. of Christianity, and also the im. The gross idolatry blind heathens teach, portance of intellectual culture, Was too retined for thein, beyond their ibrough the medium of general reach,


They were, what base credulity be- missionaries, we must always regard lieves

as an essential and indispensable True Christians are; dissemblers, drunk. means of success. ards, thieves.

We do not deny that particular The full gorg'd savage, at bis nauseous feast

instances may, here and there, be Spent half the darkness, and spor'd out found, in which the good seed of the rest;

the word grows up in a sudden and Was one whom Justice, on an eqnal plan, surprising manner. But we do not Denouncing death npon the sins of man, live in an age of miracles, nor have Might almost have indulged with an we any right to expect them. The escape,

only way in which the Gospel is Chargeable only with a hnman shape." likely to be extensively propagated,

The change wrought by Chris- under the present economy of Protianity on the Greenlander, will, we vidence, is by the labours of mistrust, in a much shorter space than sionaries, and the general diffusion that in which it crowned the labours of the Scriptures, co-operating with of the patient and persevering the power of education, and with Moravian, shew, in the case of these the progress of mental culture and almost equally degraded children of improvement. The work of conAfrica, that the Gospel, like its version may probably be, at first, Author the same yesterday, to far inore gradual than many sanday, and for ever, is still the Power guine miods imagine ; but it may of God and the Wisdom of God, Dot be, on that account, less solid reaching the heart, and elevating or less sincere the aim, and enlightening the un

We shall not be suspected of derstanding, and renovating the undervaluing the importance of life, even of these barbarians; and missionaries, or of a general circuthat we shall see renewed in Ibese lation of the Scriptures, as instrusouthern regions, the scenes, which ments for the conversion of the under the icy pole, nearly a century heathen. There is, however, one ago, gladdened the hosts of heaven topic relating to this greatwork, upon itself.

which we wish to say a few words, “ The wretch who once sang wildly, as it has engaged perhaps less at

teption than it deserves; we mean, danc'd and laugli’d, And suck'd in dizzy madness with his the importance of promoting, as draught,

much as possible, knowledge, piety, Has wept a silent food, revers'd his and zeal among the professed Chrisways,

tians of our several foreign estaIs sober, meek, benevolent, and prays; blishments. We do well, no doubt, Feeds sparingly, communicates his store, in dispatching missionaries from And he that stole has learn'd to steal

our own shores. We do well in no more."

translating the Scriptures into vaLet us not, bowever, from any rious languages, and circulating thing we have said, be thought, for them far and widely. But we are one moment, to insinuate that the disposed to think, that our own Missionaries in South Africa bave colonies and settlements must be been backward in the establish- far more completely Christianized ment of schools for the instruction thau they are at present, before any of the natives. It is, in truth, one considerable progress will be made of the grand instruments which towards the conversion of the heathey employ, and wisely employ, then in their immediate vicinity, or for forwarding the great object of among whom they dwell. We seem their mission; and which, without to want, in the first instance, mis. meaning in any degree to detract sionaries to our own countrymen from the efficacy and the necessity residing in foreign lands : iu other of that Divine influence which can words, we want a greater number alope prosper the best exertions of of pious, able, and devoted mini.

Sters, who, by extending the influ- of the next bundred years. And ence of pure and vital Christianity however our sanguine bopes might amongst the inbabitants of our fo

be disappointed by so tardy a proreign possessions, may stir up the cess, yet, when we consider the local authorities and local settlers grand results which must ultimately to a warm concern for the moraland follow, we ought to be content thus spiritual welfare of the Heathens to labour as hewers of wood and or Mohammedans around them. drawers of water in the vinc. We should like to see missionary yard of our Lord. What we are colleges established, as'far as pos- anxious to impress on the minds sible, at our several points of con- of all, with a view to secure them tact with the Heathen and Moham- against possible disappointment, medan world, for the purpose of and to animate them to persevere sending forth well-educated and even under the most discouraging duly qualified teachers, whose vi- circumstances, is this ; that all their cinity, and local knowledge, and efforts, and all their contributions, opportunities, would give them a and all their prayers, are eminenily mighty advantage over others, who due to this object, from those whose have to travel thousands of miles, hearts are warmed by the love of and to learn a new and uncouth Christ, whatever be the visible suctongue, before they can venture cess which attends their labours. upon the scene of action. There The duty of exertion is ours. The is as much difference between dis. event is His to whom a thousand patching missionaries from this years are as one day. country, and affording them, in re- Till a few years past, the intergular supply, from settlements in course of European nations with the immediate neighbourhood of the heathen world has been unthe people to be converted, as happily such as to confirm their between cannonading a besieged worst prejudices against us, and to town from a considerable distance, exbibit Christianity to their view and approaching it by trenches, or under an odious and revolting forin.

. storming the ramparts. A regular We have not only done little or supply of local missionaries cannot pothing for the conversion of the indeed be expected from colonies heathen, but, in most cases, we in their infant state; but, as soon have done worse than nothing, as it becomes practicable, we feel by setting an example of corrupt assured that it will be the most morals, and by persevering far too effectual means of attacking the long, especially in Africa, in a sysstrong holds of pagan superstition tem of selfish rapacity, or downand idolatry. In the mean time, till right cruelty and oppression. But such establishments can be brought we hope and believe that a brighter into action, through the gradual day is now dawning upon these advancement of our colonies in distant habitations. We hope that strength and numbers and piety, it is this foul stain upon the Christian no despicable point gained, even were name is about to be effaced. The our immediate labours to accomplish period is approaching, we trust, little more than this-namely, to when Christians will be no longer call forth a continually increasing found resortiog to foreign countries sense of duty in the minds of Chris- and barbarous shores for the mere tians, with respect to the propaga. ends of commercial intercourse, or, tion of the Gospel. Even were our as in the case of the Slave Trade, present success confined to this, for the infernal purpose of a traffic we should be tilling the ground, in human flesh; but when they will and preparing it for yielding an be hailed as the messengers of ciabundant harvest in ihe course vilization,' morals, and true reliCHRIST, OBSERV. No. 245.

2 S

gion, bringing light to those who of the Christian Missionary among sit in darkness, and directing their them has preceded those of the wandering steps into the paihs of Negro merchant. But we cannot everlasting peace.

deny that the presence of the former As most sincere and cordial ad- will form but a very inadequate herents to the Church of England, protection from the cupidity of the we should be delighted to see her latter, if Slavery shall be permitted constitution, liturgy, and commu. to establish itself in the newly lo. nion, extending themselves over the cated lands of the colony of the whole world. We not only think Cape. Removed as these lands the constitution of our church to are to a great distance from official be most agreeable to the model of control, what shall hinder their ocprimitive times, but we see a uni- cupiers, if slavery is there recog. form simplicity, sobriety, and wiso nized as a legal institution, from dom, mingling with the fervour of making draughits of labourers for her devotions. We would there- their cultivation, from the populafore earnestly exhort her members tion of Lallakoo, Mashow, and to take the lead in the conversion Kurreechane ? The Government, of the heathen. But if her influence we are told, mean to make it a is not to extend universally-and special condition of future grants, we cannot expect that it should that the lands shall not be lilled by under the actual circumstances of Slaves. But this provision comes the world-we shall hail with un- 100 late. The plague is already feigned pleasure the successful co- begun. With dismay we read the operation of other denominations following passages.

" At 4 p. m. of Christians in the work of Mis- we crossed the limits," the porthern sions. He must have a dull bead, limits, “ of the colony,” which are or a cold heart, who, when he casts only 230 miles south of Lattakoo, an eye over the boundless desert « and at five arrived at Pinnar's of human ignorance, vice, and mi- Place, where there is a substantiat Bery, can withhold his Christian farm-house with baros, slate houses, sympathy and good wishes from and a good garden. The family any class of labourers who are were from home: only a few slaves honestly attempting to reclaim the were left to guard the place." soil, even though he may not think After travelling about 70 miles farthat they proceed according to the ther south,“ we met," says Mr. wisest plans, or follow the very Campbell, “ several persons in the best models. The glory of Chris- evening returning from the sale of tianity is its fulure prospects. But a neighbouring farmer's effects, who were its influence contined only to reported that eight slaves bad been the present life, we should still sold for 16,000 rix-dollars, about hardly envy the man who remain- 1600l. sterling. A woman, with ed indifferent to its propagation, her sucking child, was sold for or who did not cousider the posses. 5000 rix-dollars, the prospect of sion of it, even under its inost disad- her having more children increasvantageous forms, as a desirable iny ber value. A female sucking substitute for the ignorance,brutish- child fetched 1300 rix-dollars, and ness, ferocity, tilib, and wretched- a boy sold for 3000." Vol. II. Dess, of Bushmen and Corannas,

There remains one subject to Already, therefore, in lands locatwhich we have already adverted, ed by the British Government, since but on which we are desirous of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, adding a few words; we mean, ihe has Slavery, from some unaecountsubject of Slavery and the Slave able oversight, been permitied to Trade. Halspily for the Malchap- root itself; and a new mart to be pees and Maroolaces, the inroads hus opened for Slaves. lu the

p. 325.

very region which has been select- thus suffered to extend itself, the ed for colonizing the distressed po- cost of this manumission ought pulation of the United Kingdoin, to be defrayed, partly at least, at has this demoralizing institution al- the public expense, in all cases ready been recognized and estab- where the colonist can shew that lished; and men, and women, and be has come into possession of the sucking children, are already count. Slaves fairly, and without any vioed among the farmer's effects, and lation of the Abolition Law. Justice sold by auction in common with and good faith would seem impebis oxen and pigs and poultry. We ratively to prescribe this course, ?, trust that an early call will be made even if the sacrifice were much in Parliament for information on larger than it will probably be this point, in order to ascertain by found to be. The number of Slaves whose counsel, or by whose want is as yet small, perhaps not more of counsel, while we are parading than a thousand; but if it were our humanity in every court of much larger, we do not see that Europe, and undertaking a sort of Government would thereby be excrusade against the Slave Trade of empled from the necessity of en. other nations, we have thus per- tirely undoing the evil which they milted what is, in fact, a new Slave might so easily have prevented, Colony to be growing up within our and which they are bound forthown dominions, and in the imme- with to repair. We would strongdiate vicinity of almost the only ly urge the immediale consideraportion of Africa which has hitherto tion of this momentous subject on escaped the pestilential breath of the friends of the African race in the 'slave-trader. We dread the Parliament. influence of such a colony. The men, and women, and sucking children of the Matchappee and Ma- The Essay on the Influence of a rootzee nation, it will probably be Moral Life on our Judgment in discovered, may be procured at a Matters of Faith,to which the Jess cosily rate than those of the Society for promoting Christian bankrupt farmer of Sneuwberg. Knowledge and Church Union in A little fraud and a little force, the Diocese of St. David's ad. employed in getting possession of judged its Premium for 1821. them, will be an expedient for By ihe Rev. SAMUEL CHARLES thriving in the world better suited WILKS, A. M. Auihor of Chrislo many of the needy and lawless tian Essays, Signs of Conversion adventurers who are likely to visit and Unconversion in Ministers, this region, than either paying from Claims and Duties of ihe Churchi, 2000 to 3000 rix-dollars a-lead for &c.

Dedicated, by permission, labourers, or toiling with their own to the Lord Bishop of Durham. hands for a subsistence. At least, London. 1822. 23. 6d. then, let the actual extent of the evil be forth with ascertained with The moito of this Essay is foundaccuracy, and its growih be pre- ed on the declaration of our Lord, vented, so far as the vigilance of John vii. 17: If any man will do the Government can prevent it. But his will (the will of God), he shall the ouly effectual remedy will be, know of the doctrine whether it be without farther delay, absolutely of God, or whether I speak of myto interdict Slavery itself beyond self.We had occasion in our vothe limits of the ancient colony, lume for 1810 (p. 221), to review aod at once to manumit all Slaves a very valuable sermon entitled, found there. But since it bas been “ Obedience the Path to religious through the supineness of the Go- Knowledge,” preached before the veronent thai slavery has been Universit of Oxford, by the Rer.

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