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sun, the

God, my child, is the Supreme Being; the Creator of heaven and earth.

He is infinitely great and powerful; He is all amiable and bountiful; He fills the immensity of space by his presence; He had no beginning and will have no end.

Every thing in nature proclaims the existence of God; the

moon, the stars, the earth, the forests, the seas; for unless there were a Supreme Being, a: Being eternal, independent, existing by himself and endowed with omnipotence, all these things could not, would not exist. . . . . But the best proof of the existence of God, is man himself; man, the master-piece of creation; man, the link between heaven and earth; man, whose noble faculties, both mental and corporal, so strongly testify a divine origin. We must then conclude, my child, that there is a God, and that to him are due all honor, and glory, and love, and benediction, for ever and ever.


God made the world of nothing, by his word and will, and for his glory. He made it in six days, and rested on the seventh. In order to make man, he formed his body of earth, and then added to it a soul made to his own image. Man is the image of God, because he is capable of knowing and loving him. For this God made him. The first man was named Adam. God


him for his companion a woman, whom he formed of one of his ribs. In this manner he instituted marriage. , The first woman was named Eve. God settled Adam and Eve in the ter

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