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SUNDAY Volume for 1874 is now rearly. Price 3s. Pictorial Binding : 5s. Cloth, richly Gili,

and Gilt Edges. Cloth Cases for binding the Volume are now ready.

A pretty Coloured Picture, 'SUNDAY MORNING,' will be issued on Nov. 28th, with

Number 1 of SUNDAY, for 1875.

Published for the Proprietors a W. WELLS GARDNER, 2 Paternoster Buildings, London.




DITH, my darling, come to me,
I want to take you on my knee,

HE Emperor Marcian, who lived
And have a little chat.

1400 years ago, obtained the To pretty Dolly say Good-bye,

Imperial throne in a very

singular way. He was de Safe in her cradle she will lie,

scended from a noble but Quite still till morning light.

now poor family. As a youth Now come, my love, to mother dear,

of nineteen he left his father's And I will whisper in your ear

house in order to seek bis What Nurse has told to me.

fortune in the world. When snugly in her bed she's laid,

He betook himself to the capital of the Why is my little girl afraid

empire, hoping to find a post there in Because she cannot see?

the Imperial court.

But all his exertions were vain, for an 'Tis true there's darkness all around, influential family, which had long been And scarcely in the house a sound,

at enmity with his own, had great power But is there no One near ?

at court, and defeated all his efforts. No Eye that watches o'er our sleep?

Without any success, without hope or No Hand stretched out from harm to keep? prospects, he began his homeward journey. Why, then, should Edith fear? His way led him through a wood; and

while he was walking along it he saw, The ragged little gipsy child,

lying by the road-side, the corpse of a Who looks so very rough and wild,

murdered man.

Compassion drew him to No wonder she should fear


the spot: he felt that it was a Christian's She never heard of God above,

duty to bury the dead. She never knew of Jesu's love,

Whilst he was busy turning up the earth Nor thinks He's always near. he was observed by some travellers passing

by. They suspected him at once, took him But you, my child, should never fear. You know that God is everywhere,

for a murderer, seized him, and led him as

a prisoner to the town. His eye no darkness knows.

All the circumstances were against him. And loving Angels while we sleep,

People were all the more convinced that he Around our bed their vigils keep,

had committed the murder, because it was While we in peace repose.

known that he belonged to the family which E. L.

was at enmity with that of the murdered

man, and through whose exertions all his A GOOD MAXIM.

efforts to obtain a situation at court had been rendered fruitless.

His defence and his assertion of bis init is better to be silent when he is

nocence availed nothing.

He was conspoken of.

demned to death as a murderer. ees

The sentence was just about to be carried

IF you cannot speak well of your friend,


into execution when suddenly a tumult No, mother; but a bad one I didn't do.' arose among the spectators. A man was Little Harriet was used to throw the pushing his way through them, who, tor- window of her heart wide open for her good tured by the pangs of conscience, gave him- mother to look in, and I cannot tell you self up as the murderer. The matter was what a blessing that was to her. How investigated and found to be true.

many good lessons she got which she would Marcian was saved, and his fortunes, otherwise have missed! How many wrong too, took a favourable turn. The relations things were set right, and how many little of the murdered man, who before had used tender vines of goodness were trained and all their influence to injure Marcian, now encouraged by her mother's loving words, supported him in every way. They wished which, without them, might have drooped to atone for the wrong they had done him, and withered ! and to repay him for the service of love he • What was the wrong thing you were had shown to the murdered man.

tempted to do, Hattie ?' Marcian received an important post at • Well, mother, Laura Powers spoke very the Imperial court; bis talents raised him unkindly to me in playtime, because she higher and higher, and his position became lost her place in the class, and I was at the so important that he married Pulcheria, head; she tried hard to make me angry, the daughter of the reigning emperor,

and I did get very angry.

Then I thought Theodosius II., after whose death he became of some hard speeches I wished to say to emperor himself.

her. I should have liked to tell her about Because the grave of the murdered man that time she wrote the dates in her history had been the first cause of the change in lesson down on the inside of her hand, and a his fortunes he ordered a splendid monu- good many more such tricks. But I didn't, ment to be erected over it. Every anni- mother. I am so glad I didn't. I was versary of the event he went thither with ashamed about it afterwards when I thought his children and grandchildren, prayed with it over, and I prayed to God to forgive me, them there and thanked God, Who, in His mother, just as you taught me to do.' unspeakable wisdom, had, in so singular a 'I am glad you did, my darling,' said manner, directed the fortunes of his life. her mother. We may always be glad if we

J. F. C. have left unsaid bitter words that rose up in our hearts.

Always think, when you are

tempted to say them, “How glad I shall be SOMETHING TO BE

by-and-bye, if I do not!” Jesus bore all GLAD OF.

His evil treatment meekly. He could pray AM glad about one thing for the forgiveness of His worst enemies. to-day,' said little Harriet, Try always to be like Him, my darling; thoughtfully, as she sat by then you will be really happy, and fitting her mother's side in the eve- yourself for a Home where all is happiness, ning, rocking her little kitten because all is love.' to sleep in her lap.

What is that?' asked her mother with a smile; some good deed you have done ??

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Sunday Volume for 1874 is now ready. Price 3s. Pictorial Binding ; 5s. Cloth, richly Gilt, and Gilt Edges. Cloth Cases for binding the Volume are now ready.

SUNDAY Volume for 1873 may still be had.

A pretty Coloured Picture, 'SUNDAY MORNING,' will be issued with our next Number.

The Coloured Picture and the Number together price One Penny.

Published for the Proprietors by W. WELLS GARDNER, 2 Paternoster Buildings, London.

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