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troop out into the open air. How rudely the cold wind trcats their


little noses! But they are so happy, they don't think of the cold. And all this time the snowflakes have been very diligent in their work, and everything, as far as the eye can see, is already quite white.

The children soon arrive at the pretty, glittering stalls. What a pressing and crowding there is, to be sure! What pretty things! And what wishes arise in the little hearts! But the children have learnt for a long time to be content with little, and are delighted to only look at the wonderful things which are for other children. But now it is time to go home.

As they turn a corner of the street, Karl stumbles over something. At first he thinks it is a curb-stone.

But it moves ; and a little voice says wearily, “Mother, I'm cold! The children press round. There in the snow they see a little child, half frozen with the bitter cold.

• Where is your mother ?' asks Karl.

I don't know,' said the little thing, and its teeth chattered as it spoke. Karl looks round, and sees no mother. So he picks up the child that clings round his neck, and nearly weighs him down; but he plods on bravely, and his little brothers and sisters follow. At length home is reached, and the children tumble up the staircase again. They stop outside the parlour. Mother opens the door and says, 'Wipe your shoes, and wait outside till I call you! Father Christmas has come !!

The bright light from the parlour lit up the dark street where they were standing, and then, as the door closed, all was dark again. It seemed quite ghostly to the children. They heard talking within. Father had come home. What—what is there? Their little hearts are full of the pretty things they saw at the market.

Come in ! cries father.
The door flies open.

The room, with its polished boards and snow-white curtains, glitters in the light. Seven heaps lie on the white table-cloth under the Christmas-tree. But seven heaps, andeight children!

Why, there are eight of them !' cries the father, half amused, half frightened. And there the eight stood round the tree, and gazed at the burning lights in glee.

Oh, father! cried Karl, ‘we found the little thing half frozen in the snow !'

• Quite right of you to bring it here,' answered father; "it would have frozen to death. But, wife,' he added, as we have one more of them to-night, cannot you get it a few presents ?

So after hunting about the good wife collects a little heap of presents. Then she took off the child's wet frock and cap, and its golden curls fell down over its forehead, so that it looked like a Christmas angel.

• What will its mother think?' cries the good wife, weeping and kissing the little stranger. And then mirth and noise rang louder even than in the afternoon, and the old clock ticked on unheard. And later on the father went to the police-station to report that he had found a strange child in the snow.

Early next morning, when the children and the little foundling were fast asleep, its mother came for her child. She sobbed for joy when she saw it once more, fresh and well, and kissed Karl who had saved it. What tears were shed when the happy mother carried off her child ! But the children often met to play together, and every Christmas, when they had their Christmas-tree, the biggest heap of presents always fell to the little Christinas Angel.'



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Page Hard as Stone

365, 370, 378, 390 Now Mother': Shawl was bought, 398, 196 How Marcian became Emperor 410 'I neror thought of it!'


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Pace Adrent

3 “And Then po

6 A Little Saint

62 An Obedient Ear

71 Ancient Writing Materials

94 Among Lions 146, 154, 162, 174, 178, 186, 194, 206, 210, 218, 226, 238, 242, 253, 258, 266, 274, 282, 290, 298, 310, 315, 322, 334, A Story about the Ibex

170 An Idler taught

183 Ascension Day • After long Years

220 A Cedar from Lebanon in Paris

230 • All Alone' A Word to the Wise :

283 A Seriuon from a pair of Boots 318 *A soft Answer turneth away Wratli' 359 A good Maxim

410 Blind leading the Blind

21 Be Soiacbody

202 Blackberrying ;' or,' why did he leave her?

326, 331 Christmas

38 Christie's Birthday :

294, 302 Cataracts and Rills


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The New.year's Present
The Epiphany
The Philosopher's Stone
The Camol
The Presentation of Christ in the

The Power of Love :
The Eagle
The Lupines
The Ships that went sailing over
the Sea

102, 107, 118 The Night of the storm :

110 The Ibex

119 The Wry Ginss :

123 The Crooked Fingers

140 The Icelanders' Custom

142 The Cuckoo's Eyg in the Hedgesparrow's Nest

157 The Bittern

170 The Boys' Motto

180 The Fallow-deer, Hart, and Roe 194 The Box on the Ear

198 The French Fish-girl

199 Trinity Sunday .

215 The Stork

215 The Pelican

250 The Charterhouse

251 The Mother's Old Bible

262, 270 The Wet Sunday Afternoon

276 The Filter-Tap

286 The King-fisher

314 The Rainbow

324 The Scorched Testament

339 The Glass Marbles 342, 346, 354, 362 The Flask of Oil

850 Thoughtless Mimnie.

356 The Swan

370 The Struggle and the Victory 888

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Washing Hands
What a Child's Words may do' 114, 122,

130, 138 Whit un Day

202 Wise Sayings

246 What a child cannot forgot


The Generous Slave The Christian Angel The Circumcision


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A Winter Hymn
Hymn to Jeans
The Christian Martyr
Do yonr Duty
Morning Song
Hymn for Sunday
A Child's Hymn
The Judgment Day

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(in the Water


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