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“I did as much of the needlework for DELIA'S DIFFICULTIES.

the shops as I could, and brought it home; (Concluded from p. 391.)

but I can't get on as quickly as mother. EXT morning I started with And it's badly paid, too. So I don't know

mother to pay them a visit, what will become of us, unless God sends
and after much walking we us something, which I think He will."
reached a wretched house in 6 «« And why do you think so, Delia ?"
a wretched street, and, seeing «« Because I learned at Sunday-school,
a boy at the door, I asked if · Be careful for nothing, but in everything,
a woman named Mrs. Tel- | by prayer and supplication with thanks-

ford and her daughter lived giving, let your requests be made knowo there. He directed us up four flights of unto God.' Now what would be the good stairs, and we climbed to the door of their of His bidding us do that if we were not to room, and were admitted by Delia.

expect an answer ? So yesterday morning I A pale, sickly woman, whom I should begged of Him to send me some help for never have known as the same person poor sick mother, and the way Ile answered I had seen

at the train only a year was by a bunch of primroses. Soon after before, sat on a low stool near the fire ; I had finished my prayer there was for there were a few embers in the grate, knock at the docr, and I said to mother, over which Delia had been trying to warm I'm sure that's God's messenger bringing a drink for her mother when we knocked. the answer. At first I was disappointed,

"“ Here is the young lady who bought when I found it was only a girl from the my primroses yesterday, mother,” she said.

country, who, little guessing the state of “The poor woman seemed weak and ill, poverty we were in, brought me soie but tried to thank me, and said I had primroses from our old home. As soon as enabled her little girl to bring in a great she was gone I put them in water, and many comforts. Then my mother in- said to mother, Perhaps I'm not wrong quired how they usually supported them- yet, and that God sent these; I'll go out selves, for of course Delia could not always and try to sell them.'

• Dear,' said have primroses to sell.

mother, you'll get no one to buy those (“Mother and I used to do needlework common flowers;' but I told her bow a for shops," she replied, “and we made young lady offered to buy a bunch the day enough to live upon; but we felt the we came to town. So I settled mother in loss of the fresh air and sunshine, and bed, and went out carrying the primwe weren't able for as much work as if roses, and when I had been a long time we were in the country. Still we got on trying to sell them God guided me to till about a month ago, when mother took ill, and had to give up work."

• Soon after we took our leave, and when 666 Then how did

live ?"

we got home my brother and I made many "“ One by one we sold all our bits of plans about Delia and her dying mother. furniture, until the room got as empty as He offered to give all the pocket-money he you see it now.”

had at the time, and my sisters gave all 666 And could

you find no way of earn- they could, so amongst us we contrired to ing money, Delia ?”

procure many comforts for poor Mrs. Tel

you, miss."

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ford. liy mother took quite a faney to taught by God, they brought to the lonely Delin, and supplied her with work, for prophet bread and flesh in the morning, which she was liberally paid. We fre- and breul and flesh in the evening, and quently visited them, and the last day we he drank of the brook. saw the poor woman her mind was much Some writers have thought this so relieved by a promise from my mother to strange a miracle, that they have supposed look after her little girl, and take her to that the Hebrew word, which may be the country, where to my great joy we spelt in English orebim, is the name of a were again going to live.

village-Oreb, or Raven-and that God told 'Shortly after Mrs. Telford breathed the people of that village to supply Elijah her last, and we took Delia to our home. with the food he needed. We know that She was pale and ill, poor child, from the there was a rock called Oreb, from the fatigue and anxiety she had undergone; Midianitish king who was slain there but the pure country air soon revived her (Judges, vii. 25), and it was not very far

. health and spirits. When she was quite from the Jordan, into which the brook well my mother sent her to school, and in Cherith flows. a few years

she returned to us, and became This is curious; but our young readers a useful and valued member of our esta- need not give up their belief in that literal blishment. And still, as each year the

view of the miracle which our picture sets primroses return, she looks upon them forth, for both in the Old Testament and in with a feeling of gratitude, regarding them the New there are quite as wonderful exas God's messengers to her in the time amples of the power which God has over of her trials and difficulties.'

the fowl of the air and the fish of the S. T. A. R. sca. And it is certain that He still provides

for the wants of His people in ways that ELIJAH FED BY

are really as strange and marvellous, if we

knew all about them. Our blessed Lord RAVENS.

Himself said, “Consider the ravens: for OD can make all creatures they neither sow nor reap; which neither to do His will. He says,

ave storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth * I know all the fowls of them : how much more are ye better than the mountains, and the the fowls?' (St. Luke, xii. 24.) wild beasts of the field are mine' (Ps. L. 11).

DAILY DUTIES. And so when God de IT is often easier to do things which all ,

, who had prophesied than just those daily duties which God against Ahab, to go and hide himself by puts plainly in our way. But it is those the brook Cherith, He commanded the people who try to do every-day duties as ravens to feed him there.

well as they can, who really live the holiest This place where Elijah hid himself is lives ; because they do not act in order to well wooded, and there are many caves in gain the praise of man, but in order to the sides of some of the hills. In such serve God in the station in which He a place ravens might well abound; and, has placed them.



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are virtues which were strongly marked HE following story is told

in Christ, Who was yet so full of courage of the sagacity of a couple

that He dared more than any other man of dogs belonging to a

bas ever dared. To be like Christ we cowherd resident on the

must have the same virtues, and unless Weissenstein, a well-known we have we cannot hope to live with Him mountain in the neighbour- in His beautiful home above. But suphood of Soleure. Early one

posing you should ever be tempted to dismorning lately, while a

obey, and should fall into the temptation, furious snowstorm was raging, the herds

what ought you then to do?' men were surprised by the dogs leaving the

Mrs. Turner put the question seriously, hut, and then at some little distance setting looking round at every face as she spoke. up an unusual bowling and whining. One

Go, and confess at once,' said Walter. of the men proceeded to the spot whence Rose bit her lips; Robert looked across the sound came, and there found in the

the table at her; and Amy was ready to snow a half-frozen woman, whom the dogs

cry. had waked to consciousness by licking her

Walter, you are quite right,' answered face and hands.

She was
so exhausted

his mother; “if once we try to hide a fault that she could not speak; she, however,

there is no telling where our trouble will pointed to a spot a short distance off, stop. Besides, we can have no bappiness where was found the body of her husband,

while we are trying to deceive. I don't who had died from cold. The poor woman

wish to keep you any longer this morning, was carried to the herdsmen's hut, where

but I hope you will remember the teaching she soon recovered. She and her husband

of Jesus Christ's childhood, and try every were on their way from Soleure to Cremine, day and every hour to be like Him.' when, being overtaken by night and the

Mother,' said Rose, as soon as the lesson storm, they lost their way.

was over, are we to have the party tomorrow?'

*I'll talk to you about it soon, dear;

your father and I have been settling it LITTLE HAYMAKERS.

(Continued from page 395.) Away ran the children down the garden,
ES; think for one moment but before they had gone far Walter felt a

how happy the father and little hand pulling at his jacket-sleere, and
mother of such a child must a meek voice whispered in his ear,-
have been. You know it "Oh, Walter, Walter! come to me, I
grieves us if ever you are want you so much!
disobedient, because we know He turned round, and saw his sister Amy

that you are grieving God; looking the picture of distress. She took but to see you follow the example of Jesus him aside, told all her trouble, and ended Christ, Who was perfectly good, is greater by saying, "What am I to do? I cannot go happiness than if the whole world were on being so naughty; I must tell it all to ours. Now, obedience in childhood, gen- mother.' tleness and love through the whole life, of course, little darling, you must tell

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