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could scarcely have believed any child of tured, nevertheless, to urge—“They wanted mine could be so selfish. If this is your to please you, mother.' excuse, I am quite ashamed of you all.' ,

'I could never be pleased with such a And the young people looked a good gift, Tom. It seems to me almost like a deal ashamed too, and kept silence because theft. The pears will not be ours, therefore they felt no defence of themselves was the blossoms of the pears can hardly be ours possible.

either. At any rate, we ought strictly to Mrs. Simpson continued :-'I thought guard a trust of this kind. '

For my own at first you had done it from mere thought-part, though I might think it wrong and

Ι lessness-but I find that you had a motive wasteful to gather fruit-blossoms at all, I for what you did ; and such a motive should have a right to take my own if I makes the matter ten times worse. You chose to sacrifice my pears or plunis. But seem quite to have forgotten the golden to defraud another person of his! don't rule of doing to others as we would wish you see, children, how mean it is ?' others to do to us. It is a shameful act “Yes, to be sure,' agreed Tom, heartily; wilfully to destroy anything likely to be of it

it is mean.

But I'll take care and never use to others, simply because it will not be do such a thing again.' of any use to ourselves—to gratify a selfish And so will I!' cried both his sisters. wish by wronging another. What will you I trust not, my dears,' said Mrs. Simpdo on greater occasions if you behave like son; and I don't think you will if you this in small affairs? Don't you remember will bear in mind the precepts of the Bible, what our Lord said in His parable: "He that we should love our neighbour as ourthat is faithful in that which is least, is selves, that we should “look not every faithful also in much; and he that is unjust 2

man on his own things” only, “ but every in the least, is unjust also in much." ' man also on the things of others.” And

The little girls still hung their heads in now, dears, I must examine your other shame and silence; but Tom broke out pretty presents. We mustn't let the whole here :

day be spoiled because I have had to begin . It was all my doing, mother: they it with a little fault-finding. There is wouldn't have thought of it if it hadn't not often, I fear, a day in which some been for me; and it was I who reminded wrong is not done; and it is best to look them that the pears wouldn't be ours, and to it at once, and try to get rid of its evil so that we needn't mind.'

consequences as quickly as we can. A “But we knew we were doing wrong, all

little serious talk doesn't do any of us any the same,' said Fanny.

harm now and then. And now for the • Only,' went on Florence, we never presents, with a kiss for each of you!' thought of it just in the way mother puts

EMMA RHODES. it, I am sure.' Perhaps not quite in the strong light

I CAN'T PRAY.' in which I have put it, Florence; still, it is

HEN Prayer delights thee least, then all; or else, why has such a thing never

learn to sayhappened before?'

Soul, now is greatest need that thou should'st This was unanswerable; but Tom ven



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very clear the selfish motive influenced you W


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garden I should become your teacher in Full of devotion, and with tears in their

TIMOTHEUS AND PHILEMON. their father's house and brought into a (Concluded from p. 340.) strange land. Not through the plots of

that wicked man, but through Thy counsels ND you, my sons, they came thither; he, against his will and what shall I say to knowledge, must help to fulfil Thy will ! you? Through you Thou didst separate father and children, in God has done great order to unite us all here in faith to Thee, things. He created and to Him Whom Thou hast sent into the you so like each world for our salvation—to Jesus Christ. other; He gave you

To Thee be all praise and glory. Oh, grant the same beauty, that we may all remain in faith and love,

which drew all eyes of one heart and one soul, that we may one to you and won the hearts of men.


day thank Thee for ever in Heaven! To He brought you into the house of the slave- Thee be thanks, adoration, praise, and dealer He had sent me first, that in that honour and glory, for ever!'

, religion, and tell you still more than you eyes, all said 'Amen. More their hearts already knew about God and Jesus Christ. were too full for them to say. In silence And He, too, ordained that Elmine, this they separated and retired to rest. great lover of children, should have none Next morning all were up early. They of her own; that she, when the slave-dealer assembled in the room into which the was selling you at the market, should just bright morning sun was shining, announoat that moment come to the window, and ing a beautiful spring day. They offered should be so touched when she saw your to God their morning sacrifice of prayer tears that she should become to the poor and praise, and then went out into the forsaken boys a second mother? All this garden to enjoy the fresh air and the perhappened through God's guidance. God, fume of the flowers. when your

dear father was about to be ex- Abdallah looked with searching eyes ecuted, gave you that cheerful courage to

round about the country. petition to die with him. He put the right • At what are you gazing so eagerly?' words into your mouths, which touched asked Elmine. Does that farm-house there the heart of the mighty ruler, preparing please you so much ?' him for so great salvation and for our un- Not the house,' said Abdallah, 'but the speakable joy!

situation on which it stands.' “Yes,' exclaimed Antonius, with deep He called Lucius and said, 'I think of emotion, with beaming eyes and clasped buying that house; I will give the farmer hands, Thou Almighty and merciful God, who lives in it enough to buy a newer and Who hast created the Heaven and the earth, much better house. I will pull down that and hast numbered all the hairs of our old one, and have a new house built just heads, Who rulest the whole world and opposite to yours. We shall then be neighdirectest all things ; Thou, without Whose bours, with only the green lawn, and the knowledge and will not a sparrow falls to flower-beds, and the shady orchard, between the ground, Thou hast so disposed that My house shall be just like yours: these sons should be carried away from indeed, our two houses shall be as like as


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your two sons. When we old people close they said, “his wife and his servants, Turks, our eyes in death, our houses shall be left who have all become Christians! That is,

! to these two young men and their future indeed, a miracle!” families. They won't find the choice diffi- Elmine remained standing for a few cult between two houses so exactly alike, and moments amazed as she entered the church. they will become the best of neighbours.' Except the room which they had used for Abdallah's proposal was carried out at prayer, she had never seen a Christian

After breakfast the whole party church. All Christian churches are like went to visit the clergyman of the place, this,' said Lucius; only the cathedrals of who greeted Abdallah and Elmine respect- great cities are much more magnificent.' fully. After the others had left Antonius The village pastor led Abdallah, Elmine, remained behind.

and Lucius, to a stall prepared for them.


'I have two requests to make of you, During the service Abdallah, Elmine, and

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he said. Lucius has so many guests to all present, were full of fervent devotion receive to-day that he has scarcely room and gratitude to God. At last the pastor for them, and it would be more suit- began that grand hymn of praise-We

“ able for me to abide in a clergyman's praise Thee, O God,'—and the whole conhouse. I beg you, therefore, to give me a gregation joined in the ancient song. little chamber where I can be alone. My When all was over and they were leaving other request is this,-This noble Turk and the church, Abdallah said, May our whole his wife, and all the Turks, male and future life be such as that song of praise,female, who have come with them, are now “We praise Thee, O God!”? Christians. To-morrow they will go to church, and it would be well to arrange to MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE EAST. have a thanksgiving service in the church.' “Yes, indeed,' said the pastor; "and it

BÉDS. shall be as great a one as it is possible to IN the Holy Land,

where our Lord lived, have! To-day, indeed, is Saturday, and to- it is much warmer than it is in Engmorrow Sunday; so there it is not much land. In the middle of the day it is often time : but we will do all that is in our so hot that people cannot go out, and even power to hold a solemn service.'

at night it is very warm.

So the people, In the evening there was fresh, rejoicing who live there, do not use thick bed-clothes at Lucius' house, new friendly greetings. to cover them, or bedsteads with curtains; Abdallah and Elmine's followers,true Christ- but when they wish to go to sleep, they ian friends, arrived. Omar and two other spread a mat or mattrass on the floor, and soldiers were on horseback, and still dressed lie down upon it. Sometimes they spread as Turks. Zerine and other female attend- their mats on the flat roof of the house, so ants, dressed in Hungarian costume, sat in that the cool wind


them as Abdallah’s beavy travelling-carriage, which they lie asleep. was followed by two baggage-waggons.

When Jesus had cured a lame man, He Next morning all went to church. The told him to take up his bed and carry it parishioners bad assembled there long be- away. One man could not carry a large fore the time, for they had heard what bedstead like those we use, but he could noble strangers were expected. “A Pacha,'

• A Pacha,' easily roll up a mat and take it away.

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