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TIMOTHEUS AND PHILEMON. The day appointed for Abdallah's bap(Continued from p. 307.)

tism arrived. Antonius had been instructing CHAP. XVII.

him for several days previously as to the A CHRISTIAN SERVICE. Sacrament of Baptism. Abdallah now, acBDALLAH soon declared companied by his wife and his friend

his resolve to become a Lucius, entered the chapel. Antonius soon Christian to his two dear after entered. Abdallah repeated the Creed friends. Both were de in

in a firm voice. Then Antonius baptized lighted at it, and thanked him. At his desire, Abdallah received in God.

baptism the name of Paul. *Only for the present, * Hitherto,' said he, ‘I was a Saul; said Abdallah, the thing God grant that I may become a Paul!'

must remain a secret. I Lucius was his witness. Elmine burst have weighty reasons for this. Meanwhile, into tears ; she thought of the time when I should wish to have erected secretly here, she had been baptized, and how happy she in my palace, a Christian chapel. I think had been since then. that the room in which I bave hitherto kept Afterwards Antonius celebrated the Holy my treasures, and to which I have allowed Communion, of which Abdallah and his no one admittance, is best fitted for this wife partook for the first time; both prayed purpose; but you, my friends, must help with deepest fervency. Antonius then said, me to carry out my plan. I will at once My son, my daughter, may God bless give you as much money as you require for these Holy Sacraments to you ; may they this; only let everything be of the best and help you on the way to eternal life! most beautiful. Consult together about it. Each then went in silence to their chamTake care that everything is packed in bers, in order to pray there and to meditate chests, and sent safely, under my address, alone with God. to the frontiers. I shall give orders that the chests are not to be touched or opened

CHAP. XVIII.—THE DEPARTURE. by the Custom-house authorities; but to be LUCIUS now longed more than ever to sent here as quickly as possible. But my return with his sons to their own country, wife is to know nothing about it at present; I cannot reproach you for this,' said I wish to surprise her.'

Abdallah ; neither is it my intention to To Abdallah's great joy the chests arrived remain always in this land: but immedibefore he expected them; he would gladly ately I cannot depart. I have to atone for have been present when Lucius and An- much injustice which I have done. I tonius arranged the room for a chapel, will lay before the Sultan an account but important business just then called of my stewardship, and request his perhim away to a distant city. His two friends mission to resign my post.

If he should were not sorry for this; they wished to hear of me that I am no longer a Turk, surprise him, too.

still he must say that I have not only When Abdallah returned from his jour- remained an honest man, but have become ney, and went at once to his chapel, he a still more honest one. He shall find Do was really surprised. He summoned El- cause against the faith which I have mine, and led her in.

adopted. The large property, too, which



my wife brought me I will place in security; affairs. Elmine, with motherly tenderness,

. I will do no wrong to her nor to the poor. sought to postpone the journey as long as She is sure to know how to use her wealth was possible; then Lucius became seriously better, for the benefit of the poor, than any ill, and it was a long time before he was stranger into whose plundering hands it so far recovered as to travel. might fall. In everything I will act as a At last the morning came for the deman and a Christian.'

parture. All stood ready for the journey; Elmine, meanwhile, had been thinking then both boys began to weep. of having Lucius and his sons dressed in •What is the matter, dear children?' said new and much better clothes. Among the Elmine. Christian slaves in the town was a young

• Alas! alas !' cried both; "alas that we man from Hungary, who was a clever tailor, must leave you!' and had brought his master much gain by Oh, is it that ?' said Elmine. Well, his excellent work. Elmine sent for him, well, my dear children, be comforted; we and asked him to make Hungarian clothes shall meet again very soon.' for Lucius and his sons.

Both now sobbing, approached, to take Oh, with greatest pleasure !' he ex

leave of their beloved teacher. claimed. I understand much better how Abdallah said, “You are weeping as if to make Hungarian than Turkish clothes. you were about to leave the world; you They will please you so well, and everybody are only going into another country, to else, too, that they shall be considered my your beloved fatherland, and we are coming masterpiece.'

after you soon,-soon we shall be all toHe asked for permission to take the gether again!' measure, and Elmine sent for Timotheus “Yes, so it is,' said Antonius; ' and so and Philemon.

it is also when one of our beloved ones, “That is curious !' he said, as he looked whether father or mother, brother or sister, at them. 'I need only take the measure must enter on the journey to eternity ; it of one of the young gentlemen to make the is only for a little while we have to part. clothes for both.'

There, there is Heaven, our real fatherThen Elmine told the two brothers to land; we all hope to come together again : take him to Lucius. After a few days he therefore be comforted, my dear children. brought the suits, which fitted perfectly. At every parting this is the best consolation Elmine praised the work, and besides the for Christians-We shall see each other price he asked, gave him a present, saying, again, in this or in yonder world !' “The Pacha will, I doubt not, at my re- The boys dried up their tears and became quest, buy you from your master, and then calmer. The carriage drove up; a company give you your freedom.'

of soldiers had been long sitting on their The young man kissed her hand, and horses, ready to escort it. Abdallah entered much delighted, left the palace.

the carriage with Lucius, Timotheus and But more than a year passed away before Philemon followed; all waved their hands Lucius could depart with his sons. Ab- to Elmine and Antonius from the carriage; dallah wished to accompany them to a the boys, too, waved their handkerchiefs for frontier-town where he had some business, a long time. but was always hindered through other

(To be continued.)

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• The gold is bad, and the jewels are all TIMOTHEUS AND PHILEMON.

false!' (Continued from page 319.)

“Whoever says so knows nothing about CHAP. XIX.

gold and jewels,' exclaimed the man. . His THE JEWEL-DEALER.

highness, there,' he said, bowing before the HE carriage arrived safely Pacha, 'is, as I perceive, a real judge of

at the frontier town. A such precious things.'
number of people were as-

Lucius looked the man in the face, sembled at the gate and in and said, “Rogue! I knew thee long ago; the streets to see the Pacha. you cheated a citizen of my town out of a

The Pacha alighted at large sum of money.' the large house which was That is not the case,' cried the other;

appointed for travellers of the gentleman makes a mistake. I have kinds, and desired the host to show them all never set eyes on the gentleman before. I into the best and largest room. It was not do not know who he is.' very splendidly furnished, certainly, but He gathered his goods quickly together, from the windows there was a beautiful and was about to go away. Just at that view towards Hungary. Lucius went to moment Timotheus and Philemon entered. the window, and gazed at the mountains of Timotheus exclaimed at once, 'That is the his fatherland till his eyes were filled with man who stole us away!' tears. He looked up to Heaven and thanked “Yes!' said Philemon, looking at his God, who, after so many sorrows, had features. prepared him such a happy return to his That is he !' both boys said. "The town country.

seemed familiar to us directly we entered Meanwhile a man in gay Turkish cos- it: We remembered well that we had been tume, with an elegant case under his arm, here before. had entered the room ; he made a low bow And,' said Timotheus, as he looked to the Pacha and said, “Will not your

round the room, this is the very aparthighness purchase some of my goods ? I

ment in which that man sold us. On this deal only in the most costly articles, in the table here the money was paid out to him.' most splendid ornaments for ladies and Philemon said, 'The landlord was standing gentlemen ; the finest gold, the most beau- close by. He then manifested great pity tiful jewels! All good and real, and very for


but he could not save us; but now he cheap. I only sell at the lowest prices.' appears indeed no longer to recognise us.' Before the Pacha could reply, the man

The dealer stood with his box under his had displayed his wares upon the table. arm, looking very much frightened. But he Of these rings and bracelets, studded denied everything. He exclaimed, I do

' with diamonds, rubies, and other jewels, not know these fine young gentlemen! of these golden necklaces, your highness, How could a man be so bad and wicked as he said, should take some presents home to sell two such beautiful young gentlemen, to his lady.'

who stand so high in the favour of such 3 Lucius now came up to the table and great Pacha? Such a wretch would not be examined the articles, which as a mer- worthy to tread the earth!' chant he understood very well, and said, The Pacha sent for the landlord and



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