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ONDER is a little drum, hanging on

the wall; Dusty wreaths and tattered flags round

about it fall. A shepherd youth on Cheviot's hills watched

. the sheep whose skin A cunning workman wrought, and gave the

little drum its din. Oh, pleasant are fair Cheviot's bills, with

velvet verdure spread, And pleasant 'tis among its heath to make

your summer bed; And sweet and clear are Cheviot's rills that

trickle to its vales, And balmily its tiny flowers breathe on the

passing gales. And thus hath felt the shepherd boy whilst

tending of his fold; Nor thought there was, in all the world, a

spot like Cheviot's wold. And so it was for many a day! but change

with time will come; And he-(alas for him the day!) he heard

the little drum! *Follow,' said the drummer-boy, would you

live in story! For he who strikes a foeman down, wins a

wreath of glory.' Rub-a-dub!' and rub-a-dub!' the drum

mer beats awayThe shepherd lets his bleating flock o'er

Cheviot wildly stray. On Egypt's arid wastes of sand the shepherd

now is lying Around him many a parching tongue for

- Water!' faintly crying: Oh, that he were on Cheviot's hills, with

velvet verdure spread, Or lying 'mid the blooming heath where oft

he made his bed: Or could he drink of those sweet rills that

trickle to its vales,

Or breathe once more the balminess of

Cheviot's mountain gales! At length, upon his wearied eyes the mists

of slumber come, And he is in his home again-till wakened

by the drum! • Take arms! take arms!' his leader cries,

“the bated foeman's nigh!' Guns loudly roar-steel clanks on steel, and

thousands fall to die. The shepherd's blood makes red the sand:

Oh, water!--give me some! My voice might reach a friendly ear—but

for that little drum!' 'Mid moaning men, and dying men, the

drummer kept his way, And many a one by 'glory' lured did curse

the drum that day. Rub-a-dub!' and 'rub-a-dub!' the drum

mer beat aloud-The shepherd died! and, ere the morn, the

bot sand was his shroud. And this is Glory'—Yes; and still will

man the tempter follow, Nor learn that Glory, like its drum, is but a sound—and hollow !

Jerroll's Magazine.


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and fierce, and he cursed the Christians. The lady was led to her chamber, and a His servants said to him before he entered guard was placed before it. But the good his palace, “Thy wife has become a Teacher and the father of the two boys Christian. A Christian Teacher, disguised were cast into prison. as a gardener, has crept into thy palace The poor boys, Timotheus and Philemon, and made her abjure Mahommed. Another were sad and terrified when they heard that Christian, who was brought here as prisoner their father was to be executed in three of war, the brave soldiers had to deliver up days. Everybody in the palace pitied them. to her. He, too, has helped towards hér The Christian slaves loved them heartily, apostasy. Look, there he is, just passing for the boys had shown them so many kindby! In these two Christians she places all nesses, and had begged many a favour for her confidence; we Turks are no longer of them from their mistress. The Turks, too, any esteem with her. She conducts herself were fond of the winsome children. They more according to the customs of Christian often said to each other, “They are bright than of Turkish women. She has even boys, some day they will become brave adopted tivo Christian boys, the sons of Turks.' this prisoner, this enemy of the Turks, as They consoled the boys as best they could. her own.'

* Think yourselves lucky,' they said, that Then the Pacha became still more ex- the Pacha has not ordered you to be execited. He ran like a madman up the cuted too. It is fortunate, indeed, that he steps of his palace. At the top his wife

spares you.

But take care not to come hastened to meet him with a loving wel- into his sight, or he will certainly have your come.

When he saw her he tried to com- heads cut off.' pese limself, and said, in a more calm Both boys went to their chamber, knelt manner, 'Is it true? Are you a Christian ?' down there, raised their hands to Heaven,

She replied, 'It is true; I am a Christian, and prayed with burning tears, 0 Thou and I rejoice to confess my faith in Christ.' gracious and merciful God, have pity upon

Then in a fury he tore his sword from its our beloved father, our dear teacher, and sheath to cut off her head.

the good Elmine! Save them, for Thou tain who was with him seized him by the alone canst do it.' arm, held back his hand with much diffi

They consoled each other with the words culty, and said, “Leave her some time to of Holy Scripture, chiefly with those words reflect; I do not doubt she will soon be of David which the pious Antonius had often brought to a better mind. Our teachers

repeated to them : Many are the troubles will know how to give her instruction. of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him The good lady has been deluded by the out of them all.' arts and devices of these Christians. She

Then they prayed again, and afterwards will soon perceive her folly and repent.' thought of many other beautiful, comforting Let it be so,' said the Pacha. I will

texts of Holy Scripture, which they had give her three days to think over it. Lead formerly learned by heart; and their trust her back to her apartment and keep watch in God and His promises made their hearts over her there. But at once throw into feel easier, and filled them with hope, even prison the priest and the other Christians. when all seemed dark about them. In three days they shall die without pity.'

(To be continued.)

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