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TIMOTHEUS AND PHILEMON. words, and he warned the boy never to (Continued from p. 227.)

speak thus again. It might cost you your

head,' he said; ‘for Sultan is the name CHAP. VI.-ELMINE.

which the Turks give to their Emperor.' LMINE, the Pacha's wife, When the boys had become used to their

was a good and kind lady. life in the palace, Elmine entrusted the She did her best to be a Christian slave who had hitherto attended mother to the boys. She to the boys, and who was clever and had gave them a beautiful lived for a long time among the Turks, room to themselves, placed to teach them the Turkish language and them in charge of a wait- to give them instruction in reading, writing-maid, and appointed ing, and arithmetic. The slave was much

a Christian slave to at- pleased at this. But he did not content tend upon them. She very often called himself with merely teaching them these the boys to her. When she and her ladies things, he often spoke with them about sat over their embroidery she amused her- God and Jesus Christ our Lord. self with them. She asked many questions One morning Elmine wished to see the as to what took place in Christian lands, children. The door of their room stood and took pleasure in their childish stories half open, both were kneeling in the middle and lively descriptions.

of the apartment and praying aloud, Oh, When Elmine went into the garden, Thou gracious God, they said among other which was large and splendid, the boys things, “ Thou dear Father in heaven, oh! used to accompany her. They saw many bless, bless our second mother, the good flowers there which they had already

they had already Elmine, with Thy best blessing. She has seen in their father's and in their teacher been so good towards us; oh, grant that Antonius garden; but many flowers of she may learn to know about Thy dear Son

' dazzling colours were quite strange to them. Jesus Christ, and be saved by Him!'

The boys were also allowed, when Elmine These words touehed Elmine to the heart, was not present, to go into the garden and She had frequently inquired of the boys into the courtyard of the palace. Every about the Christian religion. They told her one had begun to love these bright, good some things, however, which were not clear children. The workmen in the garden, and to her. "Oh!' she said once, how I wish the servants in the courtyard, were fond of that I could speak with a man who could them. The swans which Elmine kept in give me further information !' a lake in the garden swam to the banks Oh! cried both the boys, we know when the boys came near, for they often the best man who could possibly be found. threw them bread. The splendid dogs also It is the good gardener of whom we have which the Pacha kept bounded to meet the told you so much. He is a learned man. boys, because they patted and caressed them. Yes, indeed, a Christian priest.'

When little Philemon first saw these 'You are right,' said Elmine; ‘I will dogs he nearly got into a scrape. We get him to come here. But don't let it had in our courtyard just such a dog as be known that he is a Christian priest, that,” he said ; "he was called Sultan.' that might cost him his life. The Turks Happily only a Christian slave heard the would be very likely to strangle him.'

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When, about a fortnight after, there was such

as you are

can instruct me upon a fair again, Elmine sent for the merchant that which weighs heavily on my heart, Selim. I owe you many thanks,” she said

and which is the most important matter to him; you sold me the two Christian for all mankind.' boys, with whom I am greatly pleased. Antonius raised his hands and eyes to But now I have another commission for Heaven, and said, 'Gracious God! what you. I wish to see my garden in a better great things Thou bringest to pass through condition. The Christians understand gar- these children!' dening better than the Turks, can you At this moment both came into the find for me a Christian slave who is a

Full of joy, they hastened up to skilful gardener?'

him and cried, 'Oh! Antonius, our teacher, The man felt greatly flattered by this our second father! We thank God that speech. 'I know one indeed,' he said, we have you again!'

who is a perfect master in gardening. But Elmine caused Antonius to be better it will be difficult to get him. He is the


dressed, though still as a gardener. She slave of the rich Ibrahim.'

often came with the two boys into the * Buy him for me,' said Elmine, 'what- garden, and spoke with him. The Turks the price may be. Tell the rich man that thought she was only consulting with him I require his gardener; he will surely not about improving the Pacha’s garden; but refuse to give him up to me.'

really they were talking about a much more As soon as Selim arrived at home he glorious garden than that, about the king

, went to Ibrahim, and offered to purchase dom of God. They spoke only about God his slave. But Ibrahim gave him an angry and the Divine Redeemer. A new light refusal.

shone upon Elmine after what Antonius • What are you thinking about ?' he ex- told her. She became a Christian. She claimed. “My gardener is such an excellent confessed the true faith in an arbour in man, and does me such good service, that the garden in the presence of Antonius, I would not part with him at any price. the two boys, and two Christian slaves, I will not sell him.'

and she was was baptized by the venerable But when the rich Turk heard that the teacher. Pacha's wife wanted his slave he felt obliged At her baptism Elmine, at her own desire, to yield.

received the name of Elisabeth. Antonius Selim came to the palace with Antonius, had told her the history of the saintly and the steward led both to Elmine. She Landgravine, Elisabeth of Hungary, and was astonished at his venerable appearance, how celebrated she was for her humility, though he was dressed in the garments of gentleness, and great kindness to the poor a slave.

She paid Selim the sum he de- and suffering, and he had held her up as a manded, ordered the steward to call the model of what a Christian princess should two boys, and said, as soon as Selim had be. So Elmine chose the name Elisabeth gone, to Antonius, Venerable man, your that she might be constantly reminded of two little pupils, Timotheus and Philemon, such a beautiful example, and that she who love you as tenderly as children do might walk as much as possible in the their father, have told me of you. Hence- footsteps of this holy woman. forth you shall be teacher. A Christian

(To be continued.)


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C'AN you guess the story of this picture ? comrades live.

been marketing, you see; and he is on his THE SOLDIER'S THOUGHTS.

way back to the barracks where he and his

? You think it is a soldier come home It is afternoon, and getting dark. As he from the wars, and that he is just opening passes this cottage the fire-light shines the gate of his own cottage-garden, and through the window, and looks warm and that it is his wife whom we see by the cheery. The gate stands open a little way, fire-light in the room ? No; that is not the

as if some one were expected; and there is story: it is this :

a woman sitting in the room, close to the The soldier is a long way from home, window. and that is not his garden-gate. He has • That is just how mother used to sit and

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