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sea with his cousin, Captain Boyce, who had foundered at sea. From that moment owned a small trading vessel.

Mrs. Boyce never ceased her regrets that In an evil moment for herself, Mrs. she had allowed Geoffrey to gratify his Boyce consented, and except one short desire for sea life. In vain Amy, whose grief letter brought to England by a homeward for her brother was deep and lasting, rebound ship no tidings had ever reached minded her that from the time he was a her of her darling son, or of the vessel in baby he had amused himself by rigging which he sailed; it was supposed that she | toy-vessels and sailing them on the ponds

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in the neighbourhood Mrs. Boyce persisted THE STAFF AND THE LANTERN. that she had been a careless mother, and

(Concluded from page 183.) had sent her boy out to his death. And


HUS the three little pilthough she had read her Bible night and

grims walk on their journey, morning, and went regularly to church,

one lame, one blind, and listening to every word of the sermon, it

one crippled in his limbs; never struck her that this fretfulness of

but Humility being their disposition was a sin which she had to

guide, and the Mercies deconquer.

livering them from further It was really hard on poor Amy to come

severe assaults of the evil home in the evening to hear nothing but one, they get gradually nearer and nearer lamentations, and to dread every gust of their blessed home. And oh, how they long wind because it brought down her mother's for the rest of the blessed country after the tears.

toils and dangers of the road! They someFretting at last made Mrs. Boyce seri

times say, It is good for me that I have ously ill: she took to her bed, gave direc- been afflicted. Before I was afflicted I tions to poor, distracted Amy in the event went astray, but now have I kept Thy of her death, and desired her to pray for word.' These sentences were written on her speedy release from this troublesome their staves. world. Poor Amy! she came as she was But one day, as they were nearing their bid to her mother's bedside, and said her journey's end, and were talking of their evening prayers there, with the old hymn trials and dangers and their happy escapes, 'Gentle Jesus,' that she had repeated from Amana told them that he saw Iva, and childhood, hoping that this might calm and described the crowd he was with; when comfort the poor woman; but Mrs. Boyce Bithiah earnestly inquired of her guide if no still said, 'Pray now for me, Amy,' so Amy

mercy was ever sent to the broad-road prayed that her mother might be brought | travellers to try and deliver them ; if any to peace and happiness either in this world

had seen Iva, and given him a chance or the next, and might do God's will living to escape? To which her guide replied, or dying.

Bithiah, daughter of the Lord, your heart is She could not pray for her mother's moved with compassion for those who are death, that would be too much to expect out of the way; be assured, then, that even from a daughter; and yet Mrs. Boyce the broad-road travellers have many mercies was only half satisfied, and thought Amy sent them, but they for the most part spurn unfeeling when she told her that the doctor

them all. Iva has had many an offer of thought she would recover from this illness.

help to deliver him from the snares of the She wanted to go to her boy, she said, evil one, but his perverse spirit scorns all to ask his pardon and bid him not reproach the kindness shown him. His end is near, her for sending him to sea, as she was sure and before this day's sun be set you he must be doing.

shall see his end. Come with me to the Amy did not reason with the sick woman, brink and look down.' but she tried to divert her mind in every Now the narrow road and the broad way possible.

commence upon one level space, but each (Concluded in our next.)

step makes it more difficult for those who



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travel the broad way to get to the narrow. turn their eyes to their staves; each One ascends, but the other descends. read, Come, ye blessell children of My On the first setting out, the barrier is but Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for trifling compared to the latter part. you. A beautiful white robe, the Robe of

"See now,' says one of the guides,“who can righteousness, was thrown over each of climb that perpendicular rock to reach this them, Clauda's limb was restored to its place ? Many think, that when they come to full strength, Bithiah's eyes were opened, the endoftheir journey their lantern and staff and Amana felt power come into his bones, will avail them; but when they have thrown and fearlessly they walked through a bright their lanterns away, and left their staves and clear stream, and amidst a thousand behind, they cannot have them just as they welcomes entered the glorious abode of the want them. Perhaps, now and then, one

blessed. may escape through the help of Mercy; but, I then awoke, and found it was I fear, only very few. The road at this point dream, but as I dozed between sleeping and too is very slippery, and the slope towards waking I said to myself,- These little that black river is so great, that it is next pilgrims have walked to their heavenly to a miracle if one escapes.'

home on the feet of faith and love, but A piercing scream now startled the three mercy alone has sustained them and kept children. A band of travellers had been them from falling away. Lucas, even gradually approaching as they were listen- Jesus Christ, Who has given them the light ing to Mercy's story, and now one had trod- of His Holy Spirit, has sent them all the den on the border of the slope. It is Iva! mercy they ever received. In every diffiA moment before he had been cursing culty the safest way is to bend our knees in Lucas, and spurning a Mercy sent to restrain prayer, and pray that we may be directed him, and his eyes begin to open to his fate. aright. Humility is a most faithful guide He loudly calls for his long-forgotten staff, for leading us safely on our journey; and and in a moment the deceiver who turned lastly, the only cure for all our failings, and him aside at the first is with him. No our only strength in crossing the river of longer he deceives him, but he blows the death, is the righteousness of Jesus Christ dust aside, and the light flashes upon the our Saviour. At the best, all our efforts staff which be sees for a moment before he are but lame attempts to serve Him; the loses it for ever, and he reads these dreadful best of us are but blind to our true interests, words,-' But ye have set at nought all and the most faithful are liable to fall.' my counsel, and woull have none of My I also learnt froin Iva's fate, that when geproof: I also will luugh at your cala- mercies are spurned, the Word of God mity, I will mock when your fear cometh. neglected, and the gift of the IIoly Spirit He saw no more, but with a groan of despair despised, there is nothing to look for but he sank into the black river, and was gone.

death and destruction. Then, as these children were trembling When I was wide awake I did not with horror, and as each thought how change my opinion. What think you, dear ljearly they had suffered the like fate children, am I right or wrong? through yielding to temptation, I per

W. M. ceived that their journey had ended. The bright light from Lucas made them

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