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Trod the



track-less sand.

WHEN from Egypt's house of bondage,

Little children numbered with them,
Journeyed to the promised land ;

Little children
Trod the desert's trackless sand.
Little children crossed the Jordan,

Landed on fair Canaan's shore,
'Neath the sheltering vine they rested,
Homeless wanderers now no more,-

Little children
Sang sweet praise for perils o'er.
Saviour! like those Hebrew children,

Youthful pilgriins we would be:
From the chains of sin and Satan,
Thou hast died to set us free;

We would traverse
All the wilderness to Thee.

Guide our feeble, erring footsteps,

Shade us from the heat by day; Be our light from shadowy nightfall, Till the darkness pass away.

Jesu! guard us From the dangers of the way. When we reach the cold dark river

Bid us tremble not, nor fear;
Be Thou with us in the waters,
We are safe if Thou art near.

Through the billows
Let the emerald bow appear.
Then, our pilgrim journey ended,

All Thy glory we shall see, Dwell with saints and holy angels, Rest beneath life's healing tree:

Happy children,
Praising, blessing, loving Thee.


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trifling, or vulgar words. It will backbite

if it is left open too long. I would advise DWARD, don't look so you to keep it shut most of the time, till cross when I call


back you have laid up a store of knowledge, or to shut the door : you until you have something valuable to say. know grandmother feels The inner door of your heart must be the cold wintry wind: and well shut against temptation, for Conscience, besides, you will have to the door-keeper, grows indifferent if you spend all your life shut- disregard his call, and sometimes he drops ting doors, and might as asleep at his post; and when you may think well begin now.'

you are doing very well, you are fast going Do forgive me, grand- down to ruin. mother; I ought to be ashamed to vex you. “If you carefully guard the outside doors But what do you mean? I am going to of your eyes, ears, and lips, you will keep college; and then I am going to be a out many cold blasts of sin, which will lawyer.'

otherwise get in before you think. This • Well, admitting all that,' said his grand- shutting doors," you see, Edward, will be mother, ‘I imagine you will have a good a serious business on which your many doors to shut, even if you make much well-being in this life and also in the next of a man.'

depends. What kind of doors ?' said Edward.

Sit down a moment, and I will give MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE EAST. you a list,' said the old lady. • In the first place, Edward, the doors of


THEN Jesus was eating in the house guage and evil counsel of the boys and

of one of the Jews, the Pharisees young men you will meet with at college, were angry with His disciples because they

will be undone. Let them once get did not wash their hands before they took possession of that door, and I would not their food. God had told the Israelites to give much for your future prospects. wash often; it made them clean, and was

* The doors of your eyes, too, must be good for their health: but the Pharisees shut against bad books, idle novels, and said that those who did not wash their low, wicked newspapers, or you will grow hands before every meal, and whenever they up a useless and ignorant man. You will came into the house, were wicked, which also close them against the fine things ex- was not true. There was another reason posed for sale in the shop-windows, or you why it was needful for them to wash their will never learn to save your money, or hands both before and after eating: they have any left to give away.

did not eat with knives and forks as we do, * The door of your lips will need especial but put their hands into the dishes, and care, for they guard an unruly member, pulled the meat which they took out to which makes great use of the bad company pieces with their fingers. Rich people had let in at the doors of the eyes and ears. servants to pour water over their hands This door is very apt to blow open, and if before they ate, but Jesus and His disciples not constantly watched will let out angry, were poor, and had no servants.

your ears must be closed against

bad lan- WH


or you

what Moses through them commanded, MANUSCRIPTS.

yet that they were not to do after their T is an old tale, but it cannot doings.

be too often told, that of the When the copyist's anxious work was care which those who copied safely and well done,—when the page had the Holy Scriptures with been read and re-read, when the lines, and the pen, before printing was the words, and the letters, had been counted, invented, were obliged to and all was satisfactory, then what pleasure take. There were so many he had in adding the beautiful decorations rules and regulations that I to his pages, which, bright and fresh almost

have heard even the reading as on the sunny morning when that longof them is a labour. We have them now in passed away hand laid on the colours and old manuscripts, carefully preserved in our gold, delight those who can obtain a sight great libraries, but only a few scholars of them in the British Museum and elsecan make them out; there they are, where! however, and very thankful let us be for A work of pleasure it must have been them, for they are a visible assurance of to design the quaint ornaments and lines, the care that was taken to hand down the

the foliage and flowers, and sometimes the Word of God as accurately as human little bird on her nest by the window-sill weakness could do it. If one rule was copied in; all that his poor hand could do, broken, if one mistake was made, the poor and mind invent. No dotted patterns, no copyer's work all went for nothing; and he ready-made scrolls, were there. It has somehad, I believe, to pay for—that is, to work times struck me that these ornamented for—the price of the piece of parchment he pages did a wonderful and unexpected ser

vice through the providence of God. I In quiet and retired little chambers, mean thus:-There were wild times, when each by himself, sat the copyists. No word, wild, rough, godless men, would have taken no sound to distract his attention. His these precious and few manuscripts to clean shoulders grew bowed, and lines of anxiety their armour or to pad their boots with, if furrowed his face. His was an honour- it had not been for the gay painting round able, a noble, a devout task, to hand on the pages, which, they would think, might the precious Scriptures to future times, as please some young son or daughter; and his age

had received them from the last. so, by what has sometimes been called “idle Holy teaching, and a blessed task it might work of the dark ages,' the precious seed be to himself; or, alas! like the copyists of which these gay painted leaves and fanciful our Lord's time, then called “Scribes,' it flowers enclosed was preserved. Nor are might be to his greater condemnation. The

we behindhand in our days in similar care. Lord said, Woe to those who know the. We take care now in the way that suits the Scriptures and do them not! None knew new state of things. Not Scribes, but them better than the Jewish Scribes, whose printing-presses must be looked after, and duty it was to explain them to the people, held to rules, lest by accident or design the as well as to copy them out; and yet our words of the Bible should be altered. At Blessed Lord tells His followers, that though first this was not attended to, and whole they were to listen to their words, and to do editions were destroyed because wicked

had spoilt.

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people altered the words of the Command

or four presses only, where the greatest ments even, and put. Thou shalt' for Thou precautions are taken against mistakes as shalt not.

strictly as they were in the days of old. Of late years Bibles are wisely allowed Thanks be to God ! to be printed at a few, that is, at three

J. E. C. F.

Published for the Proprietors by W. WELLS GARDNER, 2 Paternoster Buildings, Lon lon.

(Casile Son

cester Square

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