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nearly every country on the globe, includ- Mixed marriages,' as those unions are ing Australia, Japan, China, and India. called in which husband and wife are of

The Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna, different religions, are not good, but in to whom the Prince is betrothed, is the the case of princes, who must seek brides only daughter of Alexander II. the Em- in Royal homes, it is often not to be avoided. peror of Russia.

Many prayers will be offered in England The fair Princess is of the religion of her for the Sailor-Prince, that there may be country, which is the Russo-Greek, or, as in his home not only the union of hearts it is called by those who profess it, “the loving each other, but also of hearts loving Orthodox Catholic Faith.' The Greek the same Lord, and worshipping Him in Church differs from the Latin (or, as we

the same way. commonly call it, the Roman Catholic Church) in several important points: for

THE LIGHT OF LOVE. instance, it rejects the Romish doctrine

(Concluded from p. 372.) of Purgatory; it gives the Communion

CHAPTER V. in both kinds, whereas the Roman Church

ERHAPS if Milly had been denies the cup to the lay-people; and

more spirited, of a less reit enjoins the marriage of the parish clergy.

served and sensitive nature, In its worship the Greek Church forbids

she might have got on better the use of images in its sacred buildings,

with George. Some one who although it allows pictures, if they are

would have stood well up not too like life. But it is sad to have

to him,' as the phrase goes, to say that the Russo-Greek Church,

and held her own' dewhich has so many millions belonging to cisively but good-humouredly, would have it, like the Roman Catholic Church with had a fairer chance of keeping him within all its millions, is but an imperfect teacher due bounds, while she would not herself of the people ; and travellers tell us that have sunk into the moping feeling which in Russia the people are both ignorant depressed poor little Milly. and superstitious, while most of the priests It was a happy thing for Milly that Mr. are little in advance of them.

Maudsley had touched her heart and caused Of course, the royal and noble houses in her to lay it bare before him ; otherwise the Russia are very different from the serfs,' mischief might in her case bave gone on and the Grand Duchess Marie will be unchecked. She now knew what a terrible able to understand the purer faith which enemy she had been fostering in her bosom. English peasants, as well as English princes, If we look forward a few months, we love and value. Let us hope and pray shall find her struggling still, now hopethat she may learn to enjoy the worship of fully, now almost in despair; sometimes the Church to which her royal lover be- with feeble hands and failing feet; but longs, and into which her children, should always striving, and, though she scarcely God give them, will be baptized; for it knows it, advancing somewhat in the end, is the Russian rule that the children of just as the tide steadily rises though each Russian princesses, marrying into other wave may fall backward by a little. We see countries, are brought up in the faith her once again gazing out of the nursery of their adopted country.

window after some fresh provocation re

ceived from George; but not, as in that them away when she found herself deearly day of spring, dwelling on the treat- tected. Sending nurse off for something, ment she had undergone, but thinking in- he called his sister to him. stead what there was that she could do to What are you crying for?' he asked, in please or help her brother.

what sounded to her a sharp tone. And the chance for a noble revenge She made timid answer, not sure how he was close at hand. George was brought

would take it :-'I am so sorry for you, home that evening by one of his masters, George; I don't like to see you unhappy.' having received a hurt to his knee by slip- He cast down his eyes for a moment, and ping down in the play-ground. The chief then a softened look came into his face. thing ordered by the surgeon, when he 'I say, Milly,' he jerked out with an came, was perfect rest to the injured part. effort, and still without looking at her, you To secure this, George was to stay in bed are a regular brick. You've not a bit of for a few days, at any rate—perhaps it spite about you, like some girls. Here I've might be for much longer.

knocked you about many a time, and teased Days passed into weeks, and still the you, and called you names, and now a poor boy, though allowed to be lifted from fellow's down you might have trampled on his bed to a sofa, was obliged to keep his him, and you haven't.' room. He did not take the imprisonment Milly's heart throbbed with a new joy. patiently at first, but now Milly found no I have often and often been cross,' she difficulty in bearing with his ill-humour; aid, “and spiteful when you have vexed she was sincerely sorry for him, and she me; but I couldn't ever be so while you strained all her powers to devise plans for


like this.' his amusement, throwing entirely aside her “No, he returned warmly, with a quick, ball and dolls and tale-books, and devoting grateful glance, and a little penitent every spare moment to his service. She tremor in his voice; you've been better never tired of running about and waiting to me than mother; better even than nurse. on him, and she was never more pleased You've made me feel what a brute I've than when he wished her to be with him. been to you. Here,'— and he stretched out

But it was weary work for a strong, his hand and pulled her towards him, give active lad like George; and though, as the me a kiss, and forgive me for everything.' time passed on, he began to resign himself Tears of tliankfulness rained over Milly's somewhat to his fate, it was easy to see that cheeks now. The reward had come at he fretted silently.

last, the crown of her endeavours. She It is so hard for a fellow,' he said one loved George from the depths of her heart.

He 50 long; and the worst of it is I shall lose might be often angry; but after what had all chance of the Latin prize.'

just passed she could never bate him again. Milly was sitting quietly in the room, All shadow of anger and malice had waiting to be of use; and George, who had cleared away, and there streamed full forgotten that she was there, turned his npon her soul in that hour the radiant head at some slight movement she made, Light of Love. EMMA RHODES. and he saw the tears trickling down her cheeks and her hasty motion to brush

are laid

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A beautiful Coloured Picture, 'SUNDAY AFTERNOON,' will be issued with

Number 1 of SUNDAY, for 1874.

Pablished for the Proprietors by W. WELLS GARDNER, 2 Paternoster Buildings, Lcn non.

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