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your two sons. When we old people close they said, 'bis wife and his servants, Turks, our eyes in death, our houses shall be left who have all become Christians! That is, to these two young men and their future indeed, a miracle!! families. They won't find the choice diffi- Elmine remained standing for a few cult between two houses so exactly alike, and moments amazed as she entered the church. they will become the best of neighbours.' Except the room which they had used for

Abdallah's proposal was carried out at prayer, she had never seen a Christian once. After breakfast the whole party church. All Christian churches are like went to visit the clergyman of the place, this,' said Lucius; only the cathedrals of who greeted Abdallah and Elmine respect- great cities are much more magnificent.' fully. After the others had left Antonius The village pastor led Abdallah, Elmine, remained behind.

and Lucius, to a stall prepared for them. 'I have two requests to make of you,' During the service Abdallah, Elmine, and he said. • Lucius has so many guests to all present, were full of fervent devotion receive to-day that he has scarcely room and gratitude to God. At last the pastor for them, and it would be more suit- began that grand hymn of praise—“We able for me to abide in a clergyman's praise Thee, O God,'—and the whole conhouse. I beg you, therefore, to give me a gregation joined in the ancient song. little chamber where I can be alone. My When all was over and they were leaving other request is this,- This noble Turk and the church, Abdallah said, May our whole his wife, and all the Turks, male and future life be such as that song of praise,female, who have come with them, are now “We praise Thee, O God!” Christians. To-morrow they will go to church, and it would be well to arrange to

MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE EAST. have a thanksgiving service in the church.' 'Yes, indeed,' said the pastor ; and it

BEDS. shall be as great a one as it is possible to IN

N the Holy Land, where our Lord lived, have! To-day, indeed, is Saturday, and to- it is much warmer than it is in Engmorrow Sunday; so there it is not much land. In the middle of the day it is often time : but we will do all that is in our so hot that people cannot go out, and even power to hold a solemn service.'

at night it is very warm. So the people, In the evening there was fresh rejoicing who live there, do not use thick bed-clothes at Lucius' house, new friendly greetings. to cover them, or bedsteads with curtains; Abdallah and Elmine's followers, true Christ. but when they wish to go to sleep, they ian friends, arrived. Omar and two other spread a mat or mattrass on the floor, and soldiers were on horseback, and still dressed lie down upon it. Sometimes they spread as Turks. Zerine and other female attend- their mats on the flat roof of the house, so ants, dressed in Hungarian costume, sat in that the cool wind


them as Abdallah's beavy travelling-carriage, which they lie asleep. was followed by two baggage-waggons.

When Jesus had cured a lame man, He Next morning all went to church. The told him to take up his bed and carry it parishioners bad assembled there long be- away.

One man could not carry a large fore the time, for they had heard what bedstead like those we use, but he could noble strangers were expected. “A Pacha,' easily roll up a mat and take it away.

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«« And Who is that something?" I asked.

He said, "I do not know."

'I had now gained the point I aimed at, and saw that his reason taught him (though he could not express it), that what begins to be must have a cause; and that what is formed with regularity must have an intelligent cause. I therefore told him the name of the GREAT BEING Who made him, and all the world; concerning Whose adorable nature I gave him such information as I thought he could, in some measure, comprehend. He never forgot the lesson nor what led to it.'

THE LIGHT OF LOVE. • He that loveth his brother abideth in the light .. but he that hateth his brother is in darkness.'

1 John, ii. 10, 11.

R. BEATTIE of Aber

deen, wishing to impress on the mind of his son, a little boy

about six years of a age, the truth that

God made him, used the following method:

- In the corner of a little garden,' says the Doctor, without informing any one of it, I wrote in the mould, with my finger, the three initial letters of his name; and, sowing gardencresses in the furrows, I covered up the seed, and smoothed the ground. Ten days after this the little boy came running to me, and, with astonishment in his countenance, told me that his name was growing in the garden. I laughed at the story, and seemed inclined to disregard it; but he insisted on my going to see what had happened.

"“ Yes," said I, carelessly, on coming to the place, “I see it is so. But what is there in this worth notice? is it not mere chance?” And I went away.

He followed me, and taking hold of my coat said, “It cannot have happened by chance: somebody must have done it."

"" So you think,” said I, “ that what appears as the letters of your name cannot be by chance ?"

“Yes," said he, “I think so."

"" Look at yourself," I replied, “and observe your hands and fingers, your legs and feet, and other limbs; are they not regular in their appearance, and useful to you ?".

• He said they were.

““Do you think that you came hither by chance ?" said I.

""No," he answered, “that cannot be; something must have made me.”

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-ONE, fifty-two, fiftythree!' How much longer would she keep up the game? The ball flew steadily towards the nursery wall, and then bounded off and was dexterously caught in little Milly's practised hands. Ninety-one, ninety-two, ninety

three! Milly was in high glee: she had tried many a time without success to reach a hundred ; and now she seemed certain to do it. She did not hear the door behind her open and George come slyly in. Ninety-six, ninety-seven, ninetyeight.' At this breathless moment a rude hand sent the ball out of its course, and a mocking voice cried out:

Not quite a hundred yet, Miss Milly! You must try again. . Nothing like patience and perseverance !

• You naughty boy! retorted Milly, turning on George with flaming cheeks and eyes. 'How dare you?'

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