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receive our injured friend alone; and the inter- / then dead. All the Kanaques die. Then no view must have lasted hard upon an hour, for more.' The smile, and this instancing by the he was loath to tear himself away. “You go girl-mother of her own tiny flesh and blood, 'way. I see you

more—no, sir!” he affected me strangely; they spoke of so tran. lamented; and then looking about him with rue- quil a despair. Meanwhile the husband smilful admiration, “This goodee ship!-no, sir!- ingly made his sack; and the unconscious babe goodee ship!” he would exclaim: the “no, struggled to reach a pot of raspberry jam, sir,'' thrown out sharply through the nose upon friendship's offering, which I had just brought a rising inflection, an echo from New Bedford up the den; and in a perspective of centuries and the fallacious whaler. From these expres- I saw their case as ours, death coming in like sions of grief and praise, he would return con- a tide, and the day already numbered when tinually to the case of the rejected pig. “I there should be no more Beretani,e and no more like give plesent all the same you, "he com- of any race whatever, and (what oddly touched plained; “only got pig: you no take him!” | me) more literary works and he was a poor man; he had no choice of gifts; readers. he had only a pig, he repeated; and I had refused it. I have rarely been more wretched

THE VAGABOND than to see him sitting there, so old, so grey, so poor, so hardly fortuned, of so rueful a Give to me the life I love, countenance, and to appreciate, with growing

Let the lave7 go by me, keenness, the affront which I had so innocently

Give the jolly heaven above dealt him; but it was one of those cases in

And the byway nigh me. which speech is vain.

Bed in the bush with stars to see, Tari's son was smiling and inert; his daugh

Bread I dip in the riverter-in-law, a girl of sixteen, pretty, gentle, and

There's the life for a man like me, grave,

There's the life for ever. more intelligent than most Anaho women, and with a fair share of French; his grandchild, a mite of a creature at the breast.

Let the blow fall soon or late,

Let what will be o'er me; I went up the den one day when Tari was from home, and found the son making a cotton sack,

Give the face of earth around and madame suckling mademoiselle. When ]

And the road before me. had sat down with them on the floor, the girl

Wealth I seek not, hope nor love, began to question me about England; which I

Nor a friend to know me; tried to describe, piling the pan and the cocoa

All I seek the heaven above

And the road below me. shells one upon another to represent the houses, and explaining, as best I was able, and by word and gesture, the over-population, the hunger,

Or let autumn fall on me and the perpetual toil. Pas de cocotiers ?

Where afield I linger, pas de popoi ?''3 she asked. I told her it was Silencing the bird on tree, too cold, and went through an elaborate per

Biting the blue finger: formance, shutting out draughts, and crouch

White as meal the frosty field

Warm the fireside havening over an imaginary fire, to make sure she understood. But she understood right well;

Not to autumn will I yield, remarked it must be bad for the health, and

Not to winter even! sat a while gravely reflecting on that picture of unwonted sorrows. I am sure it roused her Let the blow fall soon or late, pity, for it struck in her another thought al

Let what will be o'er me; ways uppermost in the Marquesan bosom; and Give the face of earth around, she began with a smiling sadness, and looking

And the road before me. on me out of melancholy eyes, to lament the

Wealth I ask not, hope nor love, decease of her own people. Ici pas de

Nor a friend to know me. Kanaques,!4 said she; and taking the baby All I ask the heaven above, from her breast, she held it out to me with both

And the road below me. her hands. Tenez5a little baby like this;

6 1. e., Britanni, Britons. The language of the

Kanakas being so largely vocalic, they find it 3 "No cocoa-palms? no bread-fruit trees?"

difficult to pronounce two consonants in suc4 "Here no more Kanakas!"

cession without interposing a vowel, 5 "See here!"

7 The leave, the rest; a familiar word in Burns.



So far I have followed, Lord, and wondered



The morning drum-call on my eager ear

The breeze from the embalmed land Thrills unforgotten yet; the morning dew Blows sudden toward the shore,

Lies yet undried along my field of noon. And claps my cottage door. But now I pause at whiles in what I do,

I hear the signal, Lord—I understand. And count the bell, and tremble lest I hear

The night at Thy command (My work untrimmed) the sunset gun too Comes. I will eat and sleep and will not ques

tion more.


Under the wide and starry sky,
The embers of the day are red

Dig the grave and let me lie. Beyond the murky hill.

Glad did I live and gladly die, The kitchen smokes: the bed

And I laid me down with a will. In the darkling house is spread: The great sky darkens overhead,

This be the verse you grave for me: Ai the great ods are shrill.

Here he lies where he longed to be; So far have I been led,

Home is the sailor, home from sea, Lord, by Thy will:

And the hunter home from the hill.


The page number is given first ; a superior numeral or character indicates the note. When it
is necessary to distinguish columns, the letters a and b are used. Occasionally the references are
to numbered lines on a page.

Not all notes are indexed. Notes upon authors and titles may be found through the indexes to
authors and titles. In general this index bas been restricted to such notes as are likely to be
wanted for purposes of cross-reference and comparison (see Introduction); but a few others, that
seemed of especial intrinsic importance, have been added.

The glossary is inserted here in one alphabetical order with the index, but the words begin
with small letters. It has likewise been restricted to the items of most importance. Since practically
every strange or archaic usage is explained as it occurs, it seemed useless to repeat them all here,
especially those that occur only once, or have only a contextual significance. Thus, the vocabulary
of Chaucer has been largely omitted from the glossary, and so also have the Scotticisms. But
all such archaisms as are to be found widely scattered through our literature are given, with
nearly always one or more references to illustrate their use.

Abora, Mt. Perhaps for Amara, the seat of a , Angelico, Fra, 61916, 6831.

terrestrial paradise (Dr. Lane Cooper). 428 Angels, Hierarchy of, 13913.
line 41.

Antwerp bridge, 1521, 66611.
Academe, or Academy, The, 391*, 5489.

Aphrodite. See Venus.
Acheron, 1547.

Apis, 22638, 3202.
aches (pronunciation of), 1707.

Apollo, 614, 23119, 4669, 5697, 7111.
Act of Relief, 387*.

Apple of Discord, 571o.
Admiral = flagship, 23824.

Aquinas, 264o.
admire, wonder at, 212.

Arabian Nights, 5534, 5541, 67
Adonis, 22636, 23953,

Arcadia, 206*7, 4896 line 7.
Adriatic, Espousal of the, 4277.

Archangels, 12913.
Aegean, The, 5494.

Archery, 1197, 21213.
Aeneas, 28128, 3171.

Archimago, 13034.
Aeolus, 23134. Cp. 316 line 82.

Areopagus, 2621.
Aesculapius, 486*.

Arethusa, 23120, 23239.
Aesop, 560%.

Argo, Argonauts, 305*, 482a line 13.
affray, frighten, 4876 line 4.

argument= theme, 23510.
again, in return, 100%.

Ariadne, Titian's, 488*.
Aglaia, 2276.

Ariel, 164*.
Albion England, 3500 line 8, 670%.

Aries, 3431, See Ram.
Alcais, 596*.

Arimaspians, 25401.
Alchemy, 325%. See Elixir vitae; Philosopher's Arion, 23253, 280s.

Aristotle, 308, 30912.
Alcibiades's dog, 3667.

Armada, 2081, 662*.
Ale-stake, 511.

Artemis. The goddess of the moon, hunt, etc.
Alexander the Great, 2333, 28301, 3217.

The Latin name is Diana. 7107.
Aloes, 6710.

Arthur, King, 31 ff., 96 ff., 2417%.
Alphabet, 215*, 46713,

Arthur, Prince, 127*, 1376.
Alpheus, 23239.

artist = artisan, 2371, 376'.
Amadis de Gaul, 20133.

as = that (in clauses of result), 2148.
Amaranth, 23248.

as redundant, 10111.
Ammon, 22635, 321?.

Ascanius, 2812,
among, all the time, everywhere, 8001, 891. Ashtaroth, Ashtoreth, Astarte, 22631, 23950, 6231.
Amphion, 1572, 17310, 530%.

Astraea, 34514.
an, an', and, if, 7035, 20134.

Astrology, 48*, 2913, 693*.
Anacreon, 466', 46714.

atheling, prince, 261.
Anagrams, 154, 15410.

Athens, 548 ff.
Anapestic metres, 450*, 609*.

Atlas, 24717.
Andromeda, 6631.

Attic salt, 4508.
Angel gold, 2752.

Atropos, 23118

Ср. .

Augustus, 2804.

Brabant, 651.
Aurora, dawn, 22719.

brae, bank, hillside, 399o.
Ausonian, 24287.

Brahma, 51911.
Avalon, Avilion, 32a line 18, 1102, 577*. See brand, sword, 277.
Earthly Paradise.

Branstock, The, 708*.
ave (Latin), hail, 5896 line 21, 596*. Cp. 467, st. brave (Scotch braw), fine, 16515, 40212.

brede, embroidery, 3468, 490%.
Avernus Hades, 2056 line 12.

Bridge of Sighs, 4601, 6785.

Broglie, Duc de, 5327, 535*.
Baal (plural, Baalim), 22632, 23950.

Brutus, King, 6201.
Bacchantes, 23114, 2581, 3899, 711°, 7141.

Buckeen, 5618.
Bachelor, 4411

Buckingham, Duke of, 27921.
Bacon, Roger, 1538.

Bull, 4080.
bairn, child (of any age), 742.

burn, brook, 39924.
Baldur (or Balder), 709*.

Busiris, 23837

Ballade, 719a*.

- Tragedy, 1924, 22927, 28118.
Barbers, 20419

buxom, yielding, supple, lively, 227, 25355.
Barmecide, 5534.

byrnie, corslet, 1 line 40.
Barricades, Day of, 6645.

Byron, 529.
Bartholomew-tide, 21922.
Bashan, 3829, 4653.

Cadmus, 2634, 46713.
Basset, 2774.

Caerleon, Carleon, 9932.
Bat-fowling, 17420.

Caesar, Stories of, 46318, 6051.
Bath, Knights of the, 3409.

ça ira, 4664.
Bayard, Blind, 951.

Calendar, Reformation of, 3231, 3640*, 6622.
be = be good for, 4112.

beads, prayers, 221, 35313,

Callban, 164*.
Bear, The Great, 22918.

Caliphs, 38416
Beauvais, Bishop of, 5249.

Calliope, 23113.
Beelzebub, 1547.

Camelot, 1002, 5671, 575%.
Belial, 24060.

Cameron, Donald, 468"; Sir Ewan, 54510.
Bellerophon, 2587.

Cameronians, 5034,
Bellerus, 23250.

Campagna, The Roman, 6855.
Bellman, 22918.

Campaniles, 6771.
Bellona, 25358

Campbells, The, 4451.
Bells rung backward, 4481.

can, gan, did, 12914.
Benedictines, 4518.

Candlemas, 9810.
bent, dry grass, stubble land, 21923, 4741, 625%, card

compass, 323, 4088.

carl, churl, fellow, 4948.
Beowulf, 16, 18*.

carlin, old woman, 39915, 41019, 4487.
Béranger, 5591.

Carmelites, 616*, 61811.
Berenice's Hair, 3197.

Cashmire, 4703.
Bermudas, 164*, 16853.

Cassandra, 5728.
Bickerstaff, Isaac, 2964.

Cassiopea, 2287.
Bilboe, 149

Castle Rock, 44815.
bill prescription, 15114, 308?.

Castor and Pollux, 14111
bill sword, 2516,

Catiline, 3216.
birk, birch, 4134.

Catch (song), 18110, 2651. Cp. 6178.
Black art, 15221,

Cathay, 5103, 582 line 184.
Blank verse, first employed, 125*; dramatic, 1597. Catullus, 5966*.
Blanket, Tossing in, 2807.

Cell, 4517
Blenheim, 4937.

Celtic race, 6597.
Blue-stocking, 498$.

Centre = Earth, 2341, 235*.
Baotian dulness, 4504, 5497.

Cerberus, 227, 25051.
Boëthius, 583.

Ceres, 1846, 22915.
Bolingbroke, Lord, 3191.

Cervantes, 6631.
Bonivard, François de, 4531.

Cestus of Venus, 4597.
bonnet = cap (Scotch), 4443.

chair =

sedan-chair, 311?, 335%, 54113,
bonny, bonie, comely, blithe, 405*.

Champ-de-Mars, 53311.
Borgia, Cesare, 3215.

Champs Elysées, 5325.
Bourne, Vincent, 392t.

chapman, pedlar, 21714, 4073, 4081.
Bow bells, 31711,

Chariots of war, 224o.
bower, inner room (opposed to hall), women's Charon, 5654.
apartment, chamber, 5317. See 402".

Chaucer's Pronunciation, 42, 2891.

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