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85.50 13.20 7.20 4.00 .60



12. By cash Tutwiler Hotel, Luncheon to members

of Association
22. By cash J. T. Stokely, President, Letters and

stamped envelopes
25. By cash Stallings & Brazelton, Stenographers

Reporting proceedings of meeting-----
25. By cash Paragon Press, Letterheads, envelopes

25. By cash Paragon Press, Books of receipts.
July 3. By cash Wilson Printing Co., Envelopes---
Aug. 2. By cash Telephone call
23. By cash Expenses trip to American Bar Associa-

tion meeting tendered by Alabama State

Bar Association
Oct. 5. By cash Wilson Printing Co., Proceedings 43rd

Annual Meeting and postage on copies dis

Feb. 5. By cash Wilson Printing Co., Letterheads and

23. By cash Paragon Press, Notice of Dues Blanks
23. By cash Postage on Notice of Dues----

23. By cash J. K. Dixon, President, for stamps--Mar. 1. By cash Wilson Printing Co., Envelopes for

April 11. By cash Postage Programs, 44th Annual

14. By cash Wilson Printing Co., Envelopes---
18. By cash Paragon Press, Programs 44th Meeting

and Badges
19. By cash J. K. Dixon, President, to reimburse

25. By cash Clerical help
25. By cash Stamps during year-
25. By cash First National Bank, Collecting drafts
25. By cash Secretary's salary from April 30, 1920, to

May 1, 1921


8.30 10.00 3.00



7.50 6.40


20.00 90.00 18.00 12.70


Total disbursements.
The balance on hand is.

-$2.096.87 -$2,240.98


Treasurer. Audited and approved April 27, 1921.


Sub-Committee of Executive Committee.

The Treasurer:

Gentlemen, this is about twice the amount we have ever had on hand, due largely to the increased membership of the Association.

The President:

You have heard the report of the Treasurer. I will entertain a motion in regard to its reception.

On motion report of the Treasurer was received and filed. The President:

The next order of business is the report of the Executive Committee, by the Chairman, Hon. B. P. Crum.

Judge Crum:

Mr. President, I will now read the report of the Committee.

REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE To the President and Members of the State Bar Associa

tion: Gentlemen, your Executive Committee begs leave to submit the following report:

The Committee has met from time to time as occasion required, pursuant to the By-Laws of the Association, and have transacted such business as came before it.

The Committee had the honor to invite a distinguished Alabamian now of Washington, D. C., Hon. L. E. Jeffries, to deliver the Annual Address before the Association, and is pleased to report the acceptance by Mr. Jeffries of the invitation.

An invitation was extended by the Birmngham Bar to hold this meeting of the Association in the City of Birmingham, which invitation was accepted by the Committee, and it desires to express its appreciation thereof to the Birmingham Bar. April 29th and 30th were the dates fixed by the Committee for the meeting.

Various members of the Association have been requested by this Committee to prepare papers to be read before the Association, and they have accepted. A printed program giving in detail the various subjects to be discussed, and also the entertainment proposed, has been mailed each member of the Association, and will also be distributed at the meeting

At the meeting of this Committee in December last, it was unanimously resolved to recommend to the Association at this meeting the adoption of several amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, namely:

1. To allow all graduates of the Law Department of the University of Alabama to become members of the Association without the payment of dues for the first year of their admission to the Bar. (Hon. J. Q. Smith, a member of this Committee, was authorized to announce to the Law Department of the University, that such recommendation would be made).

2. That the President of the Association be ex-officio a member of the Executive Committee.

3. To provide for a permanent committee on membership.

4. That delegates from local Bar Associations be permitted to vote on all matters coming before the meeting

Your Committee is heartly in favor of each of these propositions, and recommends to this Association their adoption.

The Committee has been active in obtaining new members of the Association, and respectfully reports that pursuant to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, they have elected to membership in the Association the following, who have paid their dues, and were duly qualified for membership, namely:

Leo M. Brown, Mobile.
Moses Kohn, Mobile.
John P. Shealy, Enterprise.
T. J. Hollis, Butler.
Thos. C. McClellan, Athens.
J. B. Atkinson, Clanton.
W. E. Dozier, Hurtsboro.
Harwell G. Davis, Gadsden.
H. A. Ferrell, Seale.

C. M. A. Rogers, Mobile.
Geo. C. Douvill, Dadeville.
Eugene W. Carter, La Fayette.
E. O. Baldwin, Andalusia.
W. H. Albritton, Andalusia.
A. R. Powell, Andalusia.
Allen Crenshaw, Andalusia.
Harry H. Smith, Mobile.
A. Leo Oberdorfer, Birmingham.
J. M. Holley, Wetumpka.
J. C. Shepherd, Berry.
R. T. Milner, Wetumpka.
W. J. Bird, Phoenix.
Jno. H. Wilkerson, Troy.
Jno. W. Altman, Birmingham.
Thos. L. Sowell, Jasper.
Hugh Reed, Centre.
Claude B. Sims, Centre.
Frank M. Savage, Centre.
R. F. Conner, Centre.
Benj. F. Elmore, Demopolis.
F. E. St. John, Cullman.
Jno. W. Overton, Wedowee.
Chas. H. Eyster, Albany.
Percy M. Pitts, Clanton.
E. C. Stockton, Moulton.

The Committee has also received applications for membership from the following members of the Bar, and 110w recommends their election :

George Pegram, Faunsdale.
R. B. Carr, Anniston.
Harvey A. Emerson, Anniston.
Chas, D. Kline, Anniston.
Hillary D. Logan, Anniston
Charles S. Leyden, Anniston.
Charles S. Moon, Lafayette.

O. Kyle, Decatur.
C. L. Price, Albany.
Calvin Pool, Greenville.
L. R. Sewell, Birmingham.
J. A. Simpson, Birmingham.
Henry A. Teal, Rockford.
Douglas Booth, Prattville.
Zack I. Drake, Birmingham.
J. M. Kilpatrick, Cullman.
B. M. Allen, Birmingham.
Chappell Cory, Jr., Birmingham.
Miss Bernice Summers, Montgomery.
James Jackson, Tuscumbia.
W. H. Shaw, Tuscumbia.
Griffin Lamkin, Birmingham.
Hugh D. Merrill, Anniston.
S. W. Tate, Anniston.
Hugh Walker, Anniston.
J. P. Whiteside, Anniston.
T. Ben Kerr, Piedmont.
Frank W. Smith, Birmingham.
Paul F. Burnett, Birmingham.
W. H. McCary, Birmingham.
R. C. Redus, Birmingham.
Jesse D. Pope, Birmingham.
R. DuPont Thompson, Birmingham.
W. T. Hill, Birmingham.
J. H. Ward, Birmingham.
R. E. Perkins, Birmingham.
Fred W. Woodward, Birmingham.
Jelks A. Cabaniss, Birmingham.
Atwell J. Brown, Birmingham.
J. N. Mullins, Geneva.
John E. Deloney, Jr., Tuscumbia.
Marion Rushton, Montgomery.
Brewer Dixon, Birmingham.
Von L. Thompson, Birmingham.

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