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| And thro' the Mediator's precious blood

Implore che grace and bleiling of thy God. Addreljed to a Youth' un bis entrance into I Thrice

| Thrice happy they who venture near his the World.

throne, AS when a trav'ller on his way, attains And in the surety claim him for their own ; A height which overlooks tht neigh

Their Father, Portion, Counsellor, aud b'ring plains,

Friend, While Sol declining gilds the imple scene Whose mercy, like his nature, knows no With splendid rays, enliv'ning and serene, His mind revives as he pursues his way, I Dear to the soul be ev'ry sacred page, In hopes t'attain his home by close of day; Youth's noblest monitor--the staff of age. And there to his lor'd family impart Whate'er the scoffing infidel may fay, The joys which cheer'd, and pains which " Retire and read thy Bible to be gay." pierc'd his heart.

To guide thy feet, peruse each facred line, So I, long wand'ring in this vale of tears, To cheer thy heart, its promises divine. Tho' oft alsuld by threat'ning foes and. With holy rev'rence keep God's halfears,

low'd day, With home in view, would thankfully Nor in forbidden paths with finners stray: survey

With willing feet to Zion's gates repair, The toils and comforts of life's chequer'd Where kindred spirits join in praise and way i

pray'r; And whilst with glowing gratitude I raise And prove the Sabbath a delightful reft, An Eben-ezer to my Saviour's praise, Of all our days the brightest and the best; Would point so erring inexperienc'd youth wherein the saints, with ecstacy of heart, The path which leads to happiness and Can“ sing together, tho'they dwell apart." and truth.

ToWisdom's voice a fix'd attention give: Attend my Tberon to a parent's voice: “ Forfake the foolith, and thy foul Thall 'Tis thine to make his trembling heart live." rejoice;

Allur’d by vanity's fantastic show, To Coolbe with tenderness his life's laft They grasp the shade, and let the substance ftage,

go. Or point with double force the pangs of How vain is all their restless search to find age.

A good to satisfy th’immortal mind! Oft hath he mark'd thy way with anxious Man form'd for God at first, can know no fear,

reft And watch'd thy growing progress ev'ry Till grace divine reannimate his breaft. year.

But, while the giddy herd with careless Yet ere thou enter on a world of pain,

feet Where thoughtless mortals leek for bliss | On pleasure's Pow'ry plains destruction in vain ;

meet, Which spreads its (nares, and with delu. Flee the enticing ruin, and attend five joy,

The invitation of the finner's friend: Like the feiga'd Syren, smiles but to de “ Give me thine heart, my son,” the Sastroy.

viour cries, Ere yet we part, perhaps no more to miect 1" And Icarn divine realities to prize : Till we shall stand before the judgment " My ways are pleasantness, my paths are feat ;

" peace : O lend an ear, whilft I in love impart “ The treasures I bestow can ne'er decreases The last beit counfci of a parent's heart. • More choice than fine gold, or rubies Soon as the morning light falutes thine “ bright, cyes,

“ Than heulch more sw'ct, more cheere To Heav'n present thy grateful facrifice; “ing than the light

; “ My

“My powerful arm shall all thy foes con-1" O fay, can all of ye fustasin “ troul,

F " Alinner's punishment and pain ? • And endless glory crown thy heav'a- ! .. « born soul."

I search'd the learned schools in vain, Yield then thy heart to him, no longer rove My case perplex'd the cafuist's pride; From the blest centre of eternal love ; Some raid religion turns the brain, Acknowledge him in all thy future ways, And some would piaus grief deride ; And be thy life devoted to his praise. Some faid, “ You over righteous arc," Seek firit the Saviour's grace if thou And fomc, “ Your guilt has brought de would't know

1. 'spair." True peace with God, or happiness below; That grace enjoy'd, thou wilt be truly bleft I try'd by arduous works anew Howe'er by men dcfpis’d, or forrow preft; To make for past defects amends, United to the Lord by faith divine, ! But as the sun dries up the dew, Pardon, and life, and righteousness are Each vow in fruitless forrow ends; thine.

Corruptions strong would oft prevail, Say'd from the pow'r of sin's detefted reign,

gn, And prove my best of doings frail.

and Nor longer bound by Satan's cruel chain, The favour'd foul true liberty thall prove, I drank of pleasure's sparkling cup, And gladly urge its way to joys above. But found the dregs of poison theres Thro' devious waites, and dangers yet un- I hoarded wealth insatiate up, known,

And overwheim'd my heart with care. Thy gracious Comforter shall lead thee on

I fought che soothing charm of fame, Tili, che last confli& won, thy spirit rise

And reap'd applause with conscious thama

To join the holy triumphs of the lkies!
There thall be shining hofts unite to ling

Thus relf-condemnd and felf-abhor'd, The reigning grace of Christ, their God,

And shudd'ring o'er the pit beneath, and King;

“ Ah! who (I cry') can aid afford And with increasing joy the theme pro

“To foatch a linking foul from death? lorg,

« To rescue from the fearful doom While ceaseless hallelujahs (well the fong!

« Of endless fiery wrath to come!!" J. A. K.

Love whisper'd to my inmoft soul,

." The promise broken heart believe, HYMN.

“ I can alone thy fins controul,

“I can alone thy fins forgive. Ilaiah xliii. 25. I, even I, am be ebat

“ Lift up thy wieping eyes to me, bluetero nut iby tranfgreffons for my own

“ Thy bleeding victim on the tree. nume's fake, &c.

I saw the agonizing yains,
PPRESS'D with guilt, and torn with

I saw the purple current dow;

The blond tha: wath'd away my stains, And torturd with foreboding fear, · Theftripes that heal'd my sinful woe; 1 eager sought around relief,

The conquest that my foes lubdu'd, But no deliverer was near;

The death thar gave me life renew'd. Some gave advice, come pity gave,

Peace brought my troubled conscience rest, But none had pow'r to cheer or save,

And gratitude inspir'd my praise ;

Love warm'd with holy flame my breast, Upward I turn'diny longing eyes,

And sweet obedience claim'd my days, And blindly chusin anguilh pray'd, And now, my God, I gladly own, Ye purer spirits of the skies,

Thou freely fav'it, and sbou alone. " Say, can ye give a sinner aid ?



ERRATA-In some copies of our last Number the following errata cscaped cora section. Page 45, line 13 from the bottom, dele the ad are. ib. 11

for God read God.
69 read the pame of the Otahcican Deity uniformly Earosan
86, line 19, fos praying, read prøving.

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Evangelical Magazine,

For APRIL, 1798.


walifies theng employee advancemfon he


, OF THE LIFE OF THE Rey. JOSEPH MILNER, A. M. VICAR OF THE PARISH OF THE HOLY TRINITY, HULL. THAT God, who raises up pastors according to his own

I heart, and qualifies them for the important ftations they are designed to fill, having employed them for the accomplishment of his good delign, in the advancement of the empire of Jesus Christ, has a right, at what season he sees beft, to dismiss them from their service on earth, and introduce them to their everlasting reft in Heaven. Sometimes he does this, while his people are looking up to them with high expectations, concluding that a very large sphere of usefulness is yet before them. “God,” says one, “ gives men of the most eminent abilities their dismission, at a time when the Church can least spare them, that the dependence and trust of the Churches may be wholly in himfelf." While, therefore, we remember those who once preached to us the word of life, and while we call to mind their holy conversation and exemplary conduct, may we never forget that it was with Christ's gifts they were enriched, with his grace they were adorned, and that it was in the brightness of his truth they shone! When these Itars are removed, we should be concerned to dwell under the beams of the Sun of Righteousness, who is " the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever.”

The Rev. Joseph Milner, the subject of these memoirs, was born at Leeds, in the West Riding of the county of VOL. VI.


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