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girl, with bashful timidity', required three days to consider her father's proposal : but the third day appeared to her very long. She


her hand to -The old man shed tearss of joy: My blessing resth upon you, my children,” said he to them; now I ain the happiest of men !”

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e une réserve ingénue ;-* demanda ;—8 en versa des larmes ;



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BERQUIN. He has distinguished himself by his . Idyls',' which are full of sensibility and sweetness. This amiable author should be particularly recommended to youth: in his · Ami des Enfans,' he offers the most important lessons under the most attractive formk. His works have been translated into most languages. i Idylles ;_k sous la forme la plus attrayante ;– la plupart des langues.

EULOGY OF MARSHAL SAXEM. Every" man who possesseso great virtues or great talents has a* right to expectp our homage, although he may not have influencedo our happiness. The basis of this sort of homager is the glory which great men shedt upon humanity which they adorno, and our wantw of this superior class of beings, in order to make amends for* our weakness. But, if such a man is born among us, or if by chance he has fixed his residence in our country?, has served the state by his talents, enlightened it witha his m DU MARECHAL DE SAXE ;_n Tout;o a;—p de prétendre à ; - n'ait jamais influé sur ;=r culte ; c'est ;- répandent;u nonorent; le besoin que nous avons ;-* suppléer à ;y demeure ; --2 patrie ;-a il l'a éclairé par ;

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knowledgeb, ornamented it by his virtues, then gratitude compels us tod pay hime a tribute of veneration and love.

Our interest requires this homage. A great man is a rare production of nature, and it is but after a slow and profound consideration that she produces ones. Could we not assist herh in so sublime a production? The respect and admiration of mankind may develope the seedsi of greatness in some mindsk; ingratitude often chills them!; they are stifled for want of encouragement. Glory, says an eminent" writer, is the last passion of the wise таn°. Let us honour great men, and great men will arisep among us.

The Swedish monarch, celebrated for his victories, and still more sor by the singularity of his virtues, braving danger, disdaining pleasures, as lavish of his blood as his treasures, proud of having conquered and given away* kingdoms, equal in prosperity, inflexible in adversity, always magnanimous, and always superior to fate", vanquished, though yet formidablex to four powerful kings—Charles the XIIth, whose name alone was equal toy an army, had sallied forth from2 his retreat ata Bender, and the northern nations, alarmed, were uniting to crush this lion, nearly overwhelmedd, before he could recover his strength. Maurice solicitede the honour of marching against him. He felt himself worthy of so great an adversary. At the approach of



b connaissances ; alors;—d nous fait un devoir ;_e lui rendre;

ouvrage ; qu'elle le produit;—h l'aider ;-i germes ;* dans certaines âmes ; les glace ;-m faute de ;-n célèbre ; -o sage ;—p naîtront;—q célèbre par;—plus encore ; les plaisirs ;-t au-dessus de ;– fortune ;— mais ;-* redoutable;

valait;—2 était sorti de ;—a de ;-b se réunissaient;- pour accabler;—d à demi terrassé ;-e brigua;

Charles, his zeal received a new impulse of activity. The image of this hero, the remembrance of his trophies, the lively impression of his glorious career, haunteds every where the imagination* young Maurice, broke his slumbersh, animated him in battle', sustained him through his fatiguek, guided him in the midst of dangerm. A mind liken his was formed to admire Charles the XIIth. Ato the breach, in the field of battle, he seeks the hero ; the hottest part of the fight points where he is to9 find him; he flies thithert, approaches him, and admires him ! He saw not ins Charles the pomp and majesty of at throne ; but he saw his valour, his intrepidity, his greatness of mind", conquered states, and nine years of victory. This sublime visionw inspired young Maurice with that profound veneration for the Swedish hero which he preserved till his death.-THOMAS.

fnouveau degré d'activité ;— poursuivaient ;-h le réveillaient dans le repos ;- i les combats ;k dans les fatigues ;– au ;m dangers ;-—Une ame telle que ;-0 Sur ;—p l'ardeur de la mêlée lui apprend ;9 il doit ;- il y vole ;– auprès de ;-t du ; -u âme ;-W grand spectacle ;-* inspira au jeune Maurice.

ONY NOBILITY. NOBILITY is a fine institution. When a child of noble descent comes into the world, naked, weak, and helpless”, like the child of a common peasant, I then imagine his country greeting him thusd:Welcome, my child! you will hereafter be devoted to my service, intrepid, generous, magnanimous, like your forefathers. They have transmitted to you their brilliant example, I confer upon youf their

I DE ;— d'origine noble ; ma vient au ;_b indigent ; simple ;

je m'imagine alors que la patrie le reçoit ainsi ;~ Je vous salue ;-je vous confère ;


truth in history, and

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Id not be stainedh. bad qualities of kings,

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pect themselves, and They who wish to be ve but one" resource, ey liveo -DIALOGUES

ait ;-f la démangeaison doivent ;–k de leçons ;peront à ;-n qu'une seule ;

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AMBITION . rius to his friend,) and so sweet a pleasurer ?

n are stretched on the up ourselvest to joy : et danger", to rejoice but, to a prince born e dayz on which such a

such floodsb of tears cing. I have more than battle, and if a Nero

soit un plaisir si doux ;ner;- pardonne à ;-1 cou'en être échappés ;--y sensi

de sang ont été versés ;buru plus d'une fois;

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