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leaning on his staff, for he had a wooden leg. He approached the young shepherd, and seated himself beside himd on the moss: the youthe looked on him with astonishment, and gazede on his wooden leg.

My son,” said the old man, smiling, “ thou thinkest, perhaps, that with such a leg as thisi I ought to have remained in the valley; however, I ascend thej mountain once a yeark, and this wooden leg is more honourable to me than two supple and sound ones often arel to others.”

“More honourable, it may bem,” replied the young man, “yet it is not so useful.—But you are fatigued : shall I bring you some fresh water from the spring that trickles down then rock?”.

The Old Man.—Thou art a good youth : a little water will refresh me; and then I will relate too thee the history of my wooden leg. When the old man had refreshed himself P, he said,

My son, when you see old men covered with scars, or maimed, as I am', praiset Heaven, and look upon them“ with respect, for it is to their valour that you owe the happiness you enjoy; but for thatyour head would be bowed down under the yoke, instead of calling on* the echoes, and causing them to repeat your merry songs2.

“ Mirth and joy dwell now on the hills and in the valleys, and your carols resounda from one mountain to the other. Liberty, sweet liberty, shedsb happiness on this beloved land. Whatever we see around us, belongs to us; we cultivate our fields with pleasure, because the harvest will not be taken from usd by tyrants, and our harvest days are days of festivalse."

ben s'appuyant;— s'approcha du;—d à ses côtés ;~e jeune homme ;- le regarda ;-8 ses yeux se fixèrent ;-h en souriant ;

une jambe comme celle-là ;-j gravis cette ;-k par an ; jambes souples et saines ne le sont;-m cela sé peut ;-- qui coule de ce ;-.0 raconterai ;-D se fut désalteré ;--9 il lui dit; I couverts de ;–8 comme je le suis ;-t bénissez ;—. regardezles ;—W dont vous jouissez ;—* sans cela ;-, de leur faire répéter ;- chants d'allégresse ;—a retentissent;- répand;

The Shepherd.--He is not worthy of being free, who can forget that our liberty was bought at the expenses of the blood of our forefathers.

The Old Man.—No, my son, but who can for

get it?

e autour de nous ;—d ne nous sera pas ôtée ;-e de fétes ;i Celui-là ;-& prix.

Continuation. “Since the bloody day of Naefels, I once


year ascendi this mountain; but I feel that I come hither for the last time. From this place I can still distinguishk the whole order of the battle, in which we conquered our liberty. See, it was from that sidel that the foe advancedm; many thousand" lances glittered yondero, and more than two hundred knights, covered with sparkling arms, were mounted on proud steeds. Their plumes' waveds on their helmets, and the earth trembled under their horses' hoofs. Our little army was repulsed, for we were but from* three to four hundred fighting men'; cries of distress resounded onu all sides; and the smoke of Naefels in flamesw filled the valley, and ascended like a cloud on the mountains. Suddenlys, our chief, rallying his forces, appeared with a small numbery of warriors, at the foot of that hill.

la une fois par ; – gravis ; - je distingue encore; ce fut de ce côté-là ;-m s'avança; milliers de ;—o étincelaient là-bas; P plus de ;-9 couverts de ;-* panaches; s'agitaient ; t combattans ;— retentissaient de ;" devenu la proie des Aammes ;-Tout-à-coup ;- poignée;


Dost thou see those two pines bending over that rockz? He was there. I think I see him stilla, firm, immoveable as the rock itself. He recalled his soldiers nearb him. I see him wave his banner, which rustled throughd the air as the blaste that precedes the hurricanef. His soldiers flew from all sides towards hims. Behold those torrents which rush down the mountainh: stones, rocks, and trees, in vain opposei their course; they overleapk carry them away', but they meetm at last

and form the lake which thou perceivest belown. Thus our troops ran towardso their standard, forcing their way throughp the enemies. Ranged around our hero, we swore tor vanquish or to die. God heard the oaths. The enemy approached in battle arrayų, and attacked us with impetuosity. Soon we attacked them* in our turn: we had charged them eleven times, when at last we were obliged toy retire to the shelter? of those heights; there we closeda our ranks, and remained firm and impene trable as the rock that protected us. Atb that critical moment we were reinforced by thirty warriors of Schwytz; we fell then suddenly on the enemy, as a huge rock descends upon ad forest, and overturns the trees that opposee its way. The enemies Aed onf all sides; horse and foots mixedh in the most horrible disorder, endeavouring to escapei our fury. In our rage, we trampled over the deads and z qui penchent leur tête de ce rocher ;-a le voir ;–6 auprès de ; -c agiter;—d hissait dans ;—e vent;orage ;-& accoururent de toutes parts ;-h se précipitent de la ;- s'opposent en vain à;k les franchissent; les entraînent; _m se rassemblent; n là-bas;—o accoururent vers ;—p en se faisant jour à travers ; -9 autour de ; jurâmes de ; ce serment;-t s'approcha; cu ordre de bataille ;_* l'attaquâmes ;—y obligés de nous ; z à l'abri ;-_a serrâmes ;–6 Dans ;-—- roche énorme ;—d se précipite sur une';—e s'opposent à;- s'enfuirent de ;—8 cavaliers et fantassins ;h confondus ;- cherchaient à échapper à ;} foulêmes aux pieds les morts ;

the dying, to spread destruction further. I was in the midst of the fraym, when a horseman overturned me in his fight, and his horse broke my" leg. A warrior who fought by my side", perceiving my situation, took me in his arms, and bore me from the field of battle. He laid me down? beside a holy father', who, prostrated on a rock was imploring Heaven for us.... « Take caret of him, my father,” said my deliverer: “ he has fought like a free man,” he said; and ran backu into the battlew. Victory was ourst! my child;—it was ours !


pour répandre;-m mêlée ;-n me fracassa ;_0 à mes côtés ; p m'emporta loin du ;-9 Il me déposa ;-* à côté d'un religieux ;

en notre faveur ;—Ayez soin ;— revola ;—w au combat;_x La victoire fut à nous.


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“Many of our friendsy lay stretched on heapsa of enemies: thus, weary labourers repose on the sheaves which their hands have mowed! I was taken care ofb, and was curedo; but I never saw againd my deliverer; in vain I have sought him every-where. Alas! all my efforts have been useless; I shall not be able to shew him my gratitude in this world!”

The young shepherd had listened to the old man, with tears in his eyes: “No, my father,” said he to him, “thou wilt not be able to shew him thy gratitude in this worlds.”—The old man exclaimed with surprise, “ What dost thou say? Dost thou knowh my benefactor?"

y frères ;~-2 étaient étendus; a des monceaux ;– fus soigné;

je guéris ;—d n'ai jamais revu ;e je ne pourrai lui montrer; of écouté le ;-&ici bas ;—.h Connaîtrais tu ;


The Shepherd. I believe he wasi my father. Often he has related to me the history of the battle. Often I have heard him sayI should be very glad to heark if the man who fought so valiantly by my side, and whom I carried from the field of battle, is still alive!

The Old Man. O! angels of heaven! was that generous manm really thy father?

The Shepherd. He had a scar here ... (pointing to hisn left cheek); he had been wounded by a spearo: perhaps, she was sop before he bore thee? from the battle.

The Old Man. His cheek was bleeding, when he carried me off. O, my child! O, my son!

The Shepherd. He died two years ago"; he was poor, and I am obliged to feed this flocks to gain a livelihoodt.

The Old Man. God be thankedu! I can, in some degree", requite his benevolence*. Come, my son, leave to another the care of that flock.

They descended together into the valley, and they soon arrived at the dwelling of the old man. He was rich in fields and herds; one lovely daughter was his only heir.

My child,” said he to “ her, he who has saved my life was the father of that young shepherd; if thou couldst love him, I should be happy to see you united.” The youth was handsome, his golden haira fell in ringlets on his rosy cheeksb, candor and modesty beamed in his fine dark eyesd.—The young que ce fut.- Que j'aurais de plaisir d'apprendre ;-1 vit

_m cet homme généreux était-il ;-n en portant la main sur la ;-o d'un coup de lance ;—p l'était il déjà ;-9 qu'il t'emportât ; 1 il y a deux ans ; s de garder ce troupeau ;— pour gagner ma vie ;---"Le Ciel soit béni ;-W quelque façon ;* reconnaître son bienfait ;—y m'a sauvé la vie ;—7 heureux de ; - cheveux d'un blond doré ;–6 joues vermeilles ;ếc brillaient;



encore ;

noirs ;

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