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Showing an increase of 34 since the last Report. The average attendance, 100.

"The boys make considerable progress, evincing great eagerness to attain the rudiments of educa tion. Many come from the manufactories in which they are engaged straight to the school; and the desire for instruction must indeed be strong to induce them to attend school at eight o'clock at night, after having been engaged in laborious employment from the break of day. Such pursuit of knowledge under difficulties cannot but be gratifying in the extreme.

"The girls also make visible progress, and are equally desirous of self-improvement; on the whole, their demeanour, attention, and progress, is of the most encouraging nature.

"It is greatly to be regretted that the various appeals to pious young persons to aid as teachers in this field of usefulness, have hitherto been so coldly responded to, but the calls of the uneducated class are loud and urgent.

"If, notwithstanding the present deficiency in the number of teachers, most encouraging improvement is discernible, how much greater progress might reasonably be expected were this urgent call responded to by a few active, diligent, pious, young people. May our Saviour incline the hearts of such to give a helping hand to those who are at present so praiseworthily and successfully sowing the seeds of usefulness, industry, and piety, upon that ground that so greatly needs mental


"To Mr. Crompton, the superintendent of the Evening School, and to the teachers, your Committee also are under deep obligations for their unwearied exertions in the work of educating the

poor and ignorant souls who crowd these courts and alleys.

"In connection with the schools it may be satisfactory to mention, that the following books have been distributed amongst the scholars, in exchange for reward tickets given for punctual attendance and good conduct:

Union Spelling & Reading Books, upwards of 400
Magazines (Children's) upwards of
Bibles and Testaments, upwards of
Various Religious Works

Small Reward Books, upwards of
School Hymn Books...






"CLOTHING FUND.-Your Committee have much pleasure in laying before the Subscribers the gratifying progress of the Clothing Fund:

In 1848-49 the Deposits amounted to and Premiums to

In 1849-50 the Deposits amounted to and Premiums to

In 1850-51 the Deposits amounted to and Premiums to

£. s.


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"The above figures show that this Fund is much appreciated by the parents of the children. Money that would doubtless have been spent in the maddening beverages of the public-house has been happily expended in procuring necessary and comfortable habiliments for their offspring.

"The following is a list of the articles issued to the children belonging to this useful and necessary portion of your Committee's operations;-

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"SUNDAY EVENING.-Your Committee, finding from frequent inquiries that very many of the poor residing in the courts and alleys which surround the schools did not attend any place of worship, being very destitute of clothing, resolved to open the school-room (there being no other opportunity offered them) for devotional purposes, in the hope that many who frequent the beer-shop and spend the Sabbath evening in rioting and drunkenness might be led to attend, and, God blessing the effort, they may be 'plucked as brands from the burning,' and be led through his mercy to flee from the wrath to come.'

"It was opened on the 26th February last, and the attendance and attention paid has been equal to the most sanguine expectations.

"Your Committee desire publicly to record their acknowledgments to Mr. VANDERKISTE, the indefatigable City Missionary of the district, for his kind co-operation and exertions to advance the interests of the institution.

"To the Daily Press your Committee are deeply indebted for the very favourable notice taken of the schools on several occasions.

"Having thus briefly stated their circumstances, your Committee would commit this good cause to God, and to the word of his grace, knowing that he who hath promised will perform, and that we shall reap if we faint not.


To be useful in their day and generation-to

diminish crime-to promote peace and happinessabove all, to save souls-such are the objects contemplated by your Committee in their efforts on behalf of their fellow-men; and they pray that God our Saviour may grant, that when their earthly probation ends, it may be given them to meet the present objects of their care in the heavenly mansions of unfading glory.

66 'By order of the Committee,


"Hon. Secretary."

To Mr. Terry, the Treasurer, and to Mr. Christopher White, the late Hon. Secretary, many thanks are due for their fostering care of this institution.

Our good friend, Counsellor Payne, at one Annual Meeting presented the friends, in the course of his speech, with the following effusion of his poetic genius, suggested by the name of the court in which the schools are situated, and from which they derive their name. Various portions

of this parish were connected with the Knights'

Templars :

"The 'LAMB AND FLAG' the Templars brave

Upon their banners bore,

When, loved Jerusalem to save,

They fought in days of yore.

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'They fear'd not death, they reck'd not loss;
Their aim that all might know,
Their flag was fasten'd to a cross——

As ancient pictures show.

"And we, who to the battle go,
To rescue fallen youth,
Upon our Christian banner show
This scene of Gospel truth,

"The Lamb' betokens Christ the Lord,
The Cross,' his sufferings' weight;
The Flag,' the triumphs that record
His condescension great.

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"Yes, in our Ragged School we find
This bright heraldic sign,

To cheer the drooping Teacher's mind,
And prove his work Divine.

"The Lamb' shall teach him patient zeal,
The Cross,' rebuke to bear;
The 'Flag,' the triumph he must feel
When victory crowns his care.

"Then, Teacher of the Ragged School,
Fear not, nor be dismay'd;
By love these rebels seek to rule,
And look to Christ for aid,

"The Lamb, who bore the Cross for thee,
Still lives in Heaven to save,
And stretch the Flag of Victory
O'er Satan and the grave!"

In terminating this general description of my late district, it seems important to notice that it

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