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vent of the Savior, it descended to earth as the heavenly Jerusalem, to be the golden city of a golden age and to become the light of the world, the joy of the earth; to follow it in its varied fortunes throughout all the centuries of the Christian era; and at last to behold it a bloodwashed, white-robed throng dwelling in the eternal city of the new earth, that "better” and “heavenly country.

The book is really a Biblical trace of the church. With reference to the church, the Chris tian dispensation is properly divided into four distinct minor ages, the morning-light age, the papal age, the Protestant age of sects, and the evening-light age. We are now living in the fourth epoch— the closing days of this world's history. The fulfilment of some of the most important prophecies of the Bible is upon us. The pen of inspiration has given us data by which to calculate our whereabouts in the stream of time.

By the application of prophecy and revelation, I have endeavored to disclose the path of time and to trace the Christian church throughout the centuries of the Christian era. The subject treated is comprehensive, but I have endeavored to epitomize and present much truth briefly.

The author has a deep sense of gratitude to God, who by his Holy Spirit has guided him, and whose sweet, comforting presence has been much felt in the preparation of this work.

Believing that my humble efforts will not be fruitless, I now leave it in God's hand for the accomplishment of good. In Christian love, I am, Yours in the Master's service,

H. M. Riggle. New Bethlehem, Pa., Jan. 2, 1911.

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