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Christ's authority demanded, and His answer
Parable of the wicked husbandmen
Question about tribute to Caesar, and Christ's

answer ......

27—40. Question about the resurrection, and Christ's

answer ......

Christ's question about David's saying in the

Psalms,—the Scribes exposed .

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The widow's mite .....
The temple's destruction predicted,—danger

of deception

National troubles predicted, — persecution


The destruction of Jerusalem, and tribulation

of Israel

Second advent, and the signs preceding it
Watchfulness in view of the second advent

enjoined ......

Judas Iscariot's dealing with the chief priests,
preparation for the passover

Institution of the Lord's supper .

Love of preeminence reproved,—true great-
ness explained,—rewards promised .
31—38. Peter warned,—the sword and purse recom-
mended ......

Agony in the garden . .

Christ taken prisoner

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