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1864, Haret. 7.

the exchanges of duple in
bo ight with the
Donation Frinds of 1842.

BOUND JAN 2 7 1910

The Books marked with a star have been received by virtue of the Copyright Act; the Articles, to which no note is appended, have been purchased.





A COTEMPORARY COPY of Sir Guillebert de Lannoy's Relation of his Visit to Egypt and Palestine, undertaken by command of Henry VI., and with the permission of the Duke of Burgundy, in 1422; in French. Vellum. Quarto.

Presented by Granville Penn, Esq.

NUMEROUS DRAFTS of Despatches and Letters from William, Lord Pagett, Ambassador to the Emperor and to the Grand Seignor, from 1689 to 1700;-Letters from the Hon. Thomas Pagett, brother of the sixth Lord Pagett;-Several Drafts and Letters from Thomas, son of the first Earl of Uxbridge; Henry, first Earl of Uxbridge; Sir William Morrice, Secretary of State, 1663; Robert Wright, Bishop of Bristol; Dr. Hammond; Brian Duppa, Bishop of Sarum; Peter du Moulin ; James, Duke of Courland; Sir George Carteret; Sir Thomas Clifford; and Sir William Trumbull. Folio. [8880.]

Presented by Sir William Templer Pole, Bart., through the Lord Bishop of Llandaff.

AN ALPHABETICAL INDEX to the Coats of Arms in Holme's "Academie of Armory." Quarto. [8861.]

CHARTER of the Provost, Dean, and Chapter of Arras, concerning money charged on lands in Pumiers and Drawecort. Dat. Apr. 1214. [Add. Ch. 653.]

Presented by S. S. Woollett, Esq.


סדר תקוני שבת סדר זמירות למוצאי שבת סדר ברכת הלבנה סדר פרשיות מכל

Codex Membr. ob characteris elegantiam, et imaginum figurarumque, quæ calamo delineatæ sunt, venustatem, maxime admirandus. Sec. xviij. Quarto. [8881.]

Bequeathed by the late Mrs. Kennicott.

FAC SIMILE Drawings of Ancient Mexican Paintings or Hieroglyphics preserved in the Library of the Institute at Bologna, in the Vatican Library, in the Royal Library of Dresden, in the Borgian Museum at Rome, in the Imperial Library of Vienna, and in the Royal Library of Berlin; copied by M. Augustin Aglio, for the engravings in Viscount Kingsborough's "Mexican Antiquities." In Six Quarto Portfolios. [8882.]

Presented by Edward, l'iscount Kingsborough.

THE PAPERS of the late Archdeacon Coxe, being chiefly materials for his literary works :

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Vols. 1, 2. Private Correspondence of Archdeacon Coxe, alphabetically arranged. In Two Volumes Quarto.

3. Letters from Mr. Ralph Rylance to Archdeacon Coxe.
a Quarto Volume.

4. Catalogues of Despatches and Papers. In a Folio Volume.
5. Keys to Cyphers. In a Folio Volume.

6. Analysis of the Shrewsbury Papers, in the possession of the Buccleuch Family, by the Rev. Dr. Somerville, of Jedburgh. Quarto.

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7-13. Letters to and from the Duke of Shrewsbury, with other Letters and Papers relative to the History of his Political Life. In Seven Volumes Quarto.

14. Diary of Lord Chancellor Cowper. Folio.

15. Letters addressed to the Duke of Marlborough, with other
Political Papers; Originals, or Office Copies. Folio.
16. Correspondence of John, first Duke of Marlborough, with

the Emperors Joseph and Charles, etc.; copied by order
of the Archduke John for Archdeacon Coxe, in 1811.

36. Correspondence of John, first Duke of Marlborough, with Letters and Papers relating to his Public Life. In Twenty Volumes Quarto.

37. Bishop Hare's Journal of the Duke of Marlborough's Campaigns, 1704-5. Quarto.

38-40. Letters and Papers relative to the Campaigns in Spain, 1704-1711. In Three Volumes Quarto.

41-43. The Duchess of Marlborough's Correspondence, 1703– 1744. In Three Volumes Quarto.

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Vols. 44-45. Letters and Papers relative to the Duchess of Marlborough's Vindication of her conduct. In Two Volumes Quarto.

46. Papers relative to the Building of Blenheim House. Quarto.

47. Proceedings in the Exchequer against the Duke of Marlborough, 1712-13. Folio.

48. Catalogue of the Jewels and Paintings in the possession of the Marlborough Family. Folio.

49. Papers relative to the History of James II. Quarto.

50. Papers relative to the History of the Revolution in 1688. Quarto.

51, 52. Papers relative to the Pretender, 1714-1742. Two Volumes, Folio.

53. Political Papers from 1723 to 1737. Folio.

54, 55. Papers by Horatio, Lord Walpole. In Two Volumes. Folio.

56-70. Letters and Papers relative to the Political History of Great Britain, from 1659 to 1772; Originals, or Office Copies. In Fifteen Volumes Folio.

71-120. Letters and Papers relative to the Political History of Great Britain, from 1714 to 1756. Copied for Archdeacon Coxe from the Walpole, Townshend, Hardwicke, Waldegrave, Harrington, Grantham, Poyntz, Keene, Pelham, Newcastle, and other Collections. In Fifty Volumes Folio.

121. Papers and Parliamentary Journal, by Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. In a Folio Volume.

122-124. Papers and Correspondence of the Rev. Henry Etough, relative to Political Affairs, 1743-1757. In Three Volumes Folio.

125-155. Correspondence relative to the Political Lives of Henry Pelham and the Duke of Newcastle, 1740-1756, with Memoirs by Archdeacon Coxe. In Thirty-one Volumes Folio and Quarto.

156-164. Letters and Papers relative to the Political History of Great Britain, from 1757 to 1793; copied for Archdeacon Coxe from the papers of various families. In Nine Volumes Folio and Quarto.

165. Correspondence of Lord Rochford with Lord Shelburne

and others, from 1766 to 1773. Quarto.

166. Papers and Correspondence relative to Wood's Patent for
an Issue of Copper Coin, and to the Political State of Ire-
land, from 1719 to 1727. Folio.

167-175. Correspondence and Papers relative to the History
In Nine Volumes
of Portugal, from 1749 to 1772.

Vol. 176. Archdeacon Coxe's Notes during his Travels in Italy, 1785. Quarto.

177-180. Papers and Correspondence relative to the History and State of Russia. In One Volume Quarto, and Three Volumes Folio.

181. Papers and Correspondence relative to the History of Denmark and Sweden. Folio.

182. Papers relative to the History of Holland. Folio.

183. Papers relative to the History of Austria and Prussia. Folio.

184. Letters and Papers relative to the History of Poland. Folio.

185. Papers relative to the History of Spain. Folio.
186. Papers relative to the History of Venice. Quarto.
187. Papers relative to the History of Rome. Quarto.
188. Papers relative to China and the East. Folio.
189-192. Account of the State of Europe, by Archdeacon
Coxe. (Printed, but never published.) In Four Volumes

193. Treaties of Peace, 1660-1780. Quarto.

194. Treaties between Prussia and the Ottoman Porte, 1790. Octavo.

195. Genealogical Tables of the principal Royal Families of Europe. Folio.

196, 197. Collections for a Life of Petrarch, by Archdeacon Coxe. In Two Volumes Quarto.

198–201. Lives of eminent Natives of Great Britain; written by Archdeacon Coxe for a proposed new Biographia Britannica. In Four Quarto Cases.

202. Miscellaneous Papers. Folio.

203. Memoirs of the French Court, 1771-1773. Quarto.
204. Treatise on Roman, Gallic, and Belgic Antiquities, by an
Anonymous Writer. Quarto.

205. "Racconto di tutte le Radici, di tutte l'Herbe, e di tutti i

Frutti, che in Italia si mangiano." Quarto.

206. "Memoirs of Monmouthshire, anciently called Gwent, by N. Rogers. Lond. 1708." Duodecimo. (With MS. additions.)

The Two Hundred and Six Volumes, above described, were presented

by the Rev. George Coxe, brother of the Archdeacon.

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