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As the love and veneration of English Christians for the lesser Saints and Holydays of the Kalendar seem to be reviving, it has been thought advisable to offer this history of them in a separate form. Another volume will presently appear, containing the lives of our Blessed Lord, and of those Saints who are commemorated on the more solemn Festivals.

Feast of the Nativity of the

Blessed Virgin Mary,




xxvi 14 from bottom, for “the only festivals” read “the

only immoveable festivals”

16 Last, for “ Maximin” read “ Maximian"

65 11 from bottom, for “ Maximinian” read “ Maximian”

124 10 from bottom, for “ Lord," read “ Lord.”

134 1, for “ souls” read “soul”

161 1, for the people” read" and the people"

184 19, for “ Salisbury” read Oxford"

By a late change, the chapel of S. George at Windsor is

now included in the jurisdiction of Oxford.

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