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Blunt, Rer. Henry, on St. Paul 511. Abbot, Jacob, Hoary head noticed 258. Boldness in the preacher 341. Abeel, Rev. Darid, missionary conven- Bush, Prof. George, notes on Gen.511. tion at Jerusalem 503.

Butler, Rev. Daniel, on the writings Adams, Prof. Samuel, Psycho-physi- of John Foster 58. ology 362,

Byron. His life and poetry 207. Aids to preaching and hearing, noticed 506,

C. Algic, the term explained 437. Campbellism. notice of its origin and American Education, by Rev. B. 0. progress 94. Its fundamental prinPeers, noticed 250.

ciples pointed out 98. On faith 99. Ante-Columbian history of America430. On regeneration 101. Immersion

Intiquitates Americanue noticed by essential to salvation 105, The Mr. Schonlcraft, Introductory note foregoing views examined 109. The by the editor 430. Favorable re

argument founded on John 3: 5, reception of the work 435. America futed 11). The argument from Tivisited by the Northmen in the tus 3: 5, refuted 118. Also the ar10th century, remarks on their ac- gument from Acts 22:16, 121. Also counts of voyages, etc. 436. Their from Mark 16: 16, 125. Also Acts accounts of the Esquimaux dis- 2: 38, 126. credited 437. View of the Assonet Campbellism, continued. Direct arinscription rock 440, Note by the guments against it 295. The Uni. editor. F. Magnusen's explanation tarianism of the Campbellites 305. of the inscription 441. Remarks They fraternize Unitarians 307. on the same 442. The inscription Agree with the Christyans 308. Algic and not Runic, description of Their doctrines on this subject 309. the Algic race 445. Importance of Their translation of the New Testhe subject of Indian antiquities 447. tament 312. Extravagant declaraPostscript. Note by Albert Galla- tions of Mr. Campbell concerning tin 445.

it 313 Hundreds of passages omitAssonet inscription rock, view of 440. ted 317. In this he has followed Astronomy, Norton's treatise on, no- the “ Improved Version," of the ticed 507.

Unitarians 318, and that of Gries. B.

bach 320. Strictures on Griesbach Bacon, Rev. Leonard, on causes of 321, Passages omitted, on the

the corruption of pulpit eloquence Trinity, the Godhead of Christ and 22. Historical discourses by, no- of the Holy Spirit 323. Conclu. ticed 508.

sion 326. Bancroft, George, history of the Uni- Catastrophe of the Presbyterian church ted States, noticed 245.

in 1837, noticed 249. Barnes, Rro. Albert, address, notes on China, Medhurst's, noticed 256.

Corinthians 511. Notes on Isaiah Christinnity, a secular view of the so513

cial influences of, 180. Our reliBenedict, Erastus C. Esq. on the Pres. gion, learning, etc. traced to its

byterian controversy 472. The European origin180. Modern Rome law-guit decided 512.

183. The vicissitudes of ChrisBiblical Cabinet, Edinburgh 514. tianity 186. Influence of the clergy

on, 500,

in the middle ages 187,—of the Dighton writing rock 441..
church 188. Present state of civi. Drama of ancient Greece, its history,
lization 193. The influence of structure, representation and moral
Christianity on the character and tendency 449. Three forms of po-
condition of woman 195. The In- etic diction, the epic or the draina
dians of North America 197. The the most ancient 450. Varieties of
ancient Athenians 200. Christian the drama 451. Its moral tendency
Europe and America 201. In Chris- 452. Aristophanes 453. Conces.
tendom alone is woman the coëqual sion of Plautus 454. Historic clas-

of man 202. Conclusion 203. sification of comedy, Menander 455.
Christian perfection 44.

The satyrs and tragedy 456. Soph.
Christian religion, demonstration of ocles 457. Euripides 458. Struco
the truth of, noticed 508,

ture of the drama 460. Its repre-
Christ prečxistent 382. John 1:1-5 sentation 462. General remarks

explained. The Word 383. In on its moral tendency 463.
existence at the birth of creation
387, was the companion of God

388, was God 390, was the creator Ecclesiastes, Knobel's Commentary
393, was life 394, was the light of
men 395. The darkness of men Editor, introductory observations by,
396. Reflections 398,

Chronologia Judicum, etc. noticed 501. Education, American, strictures on,
Church, the Presbyterian, catastrophe noticed 250,
of in 1837, noticed 249.

Education, Board of, Massachusetts,
Colton, Aaron M. on boldness in the noticed 509.
preacher 341.

Election 13.
Concordantiae librorum veteris testa. Eloquence, pulpit 22.

menti sacrorum Hebraicae, etc. no- English poetry, modern, Byron, Shel-
ticed 239.

ley, Wordsworth 206.
Condition, Social, in the United States Everett's address, noticed 510.

advantages and defects of, 130.
Congregational churches, guide to the

principles and practice of, noticed Ferdinand and Isabella, history of the

reign of, noticed 242.
Controversy, the Presbyterian, its oc- Fields, James T. poem noticed 510.

casions and present state 472. The Foster, John, the writings of, 58.
law-suit decided 512.

Furst's Hebrew concordance, noticed
Condention, missionary, noticed 503. 239.
Corruption of pulpit eloquence, causes Future state 15.

of, 22.
Cousin's elements of psychology, no-

ticed 247,

Gallatin, Albert, note by, on the Eski.
Coverdale, Rt. Red, Memorials of, no- ma language 448.
ticed 255.

Genuineness of several texts in the
Critical Notices 239, 500.
Crocker, Rev. Zebulon, catastrophe of God, being and attributes of, 9. De.

the Presbyterian church, noticed crees and providence of, 10.

Good works 14.
Crook in the lot 511.

Gospels, genuineness of several texts
Cushing, Hon. Caleb, on the social in. in the, 62. Matt. 27: 3—10, Mr.

fluences of Christianity 180. On Norton's supposition of its spuri-
the Territory of Oregon, noticed ousness refuted 62. Matt. 27: 52,

53, defended 70. Mark 14: 8-20,

proved not to be an interpolation
Decrees and providence of God 10. 71. Luke 22: 43, 44, Mr. Norton's
De Tocqueville's democracy in Ameri- objections proved inconsistent 76.
ca, noticed 252.

John 5: 4, defended 79. John 21:

gospels 62.

24, 25, suspected by Mr. Norton 83.

Concluding remarks 84.

Landis, Rev. R. W. on Campbellism
Grammatical analysis of selections 94. Continued 295.
from Hebrew, by Dr. Nordheimer The Law and the prophets, fulfilled in

Christ, Matthew 5:17-20. The
Greece, ancient, the drama of, 449. terms defined 328. Agreement of
Greece, Turkey, etc. incidents of tra- Paul and Peter 329. In respect to
vels in, noticed 504.

its form the law is abolished 331.

As to its substance, the law of Mo-

ses is the law of nature 332, and is
Handbuch der Christlichen archaolo-

perpetual 333. Christ came to ful-
gie, noticed 253.

fill the law 334. He will not per-
Handbuch der historisch-kritischen ein. mit one of its precepts to be set
leitung in das alte testament, no-

aside 337. The law obligatory upon
ticed 255.

all believers 339. It is a rule of
Hebrew, grammatical analysis of, no- conduct to the whole intellectual
ticed 251.

universe 341.
Hebrero concordance, by Furst, no- Luy, G. T. voyage of the Himmaleh,
ticed 239.

noticed 506.
Hebrews 12: 25, some remarks on, 88. Lunt, George, poems by, noticed 510.
Herzfeld, Levi. Chronologia Judicum,

etc. noticed 501.
Historical discourses, by Rev. L. Ba-

con, noticed 508.

Magnusen, Finn, explanation of the
Hoary head and the vallies below, no- figures on the Dighton rock, 441.
ticed 258.

Malcolm, Red. Howard, travels by,
Hubbard, F. M. translat. of Schwieg- noticed 510.
E hauser's morals of Socrates 161. Manual of prayer, noticed 251.

Man, original state and fall of, 10.

Obligations of, 11.
Introductory observationsl. Reasons Mayer, Reo. Levis, D. D. on the Law

for commencing a new series 2. and the Prophets 228.
Objects of the work 3. Purchase Medhurst's China, noticed 256.
of the “Quarterly Christian Spec- Memorials of Coverdale, noticed 255.
tator" 4. Existing controversies Miscellaneous intelligence. U. States
on theological doctrines 6. State- 258, Germany 259.
ments of doctrines as a basis of fel. Missionary convention, at Jerusalem,
lowship and coöperation 9. Vari- noticed 503.
ous forms of association for benev. Mitchell, Reo. John, on the principles
olent objects 15. Voluntary socie- and practice of Congregational
ties 16. Natural history, Geology, churches, noticed 504.
etc.-Mental science 18. Moral Modern English poetry, Byron, Shel-
science 19. Political economy,

crit- ley, Wordsworth 206.
icism, etc, 20.

Morals of Socrates 161.

Japan and Malaysia, claims of, no-

ticed 505.

Nordheimer, Prof.I. grammatical anal-
Justification 14.

ysis of Hebrew selections, noticed

Keith, Alexander, D.D. demonstration Norton, Prof. William A. treatise on

of the truth of the christian reli- Astronomy, noticed 507.

gion, noticed 508.
King, C. W. voyage of the Morrison,

noticed 505,

Observations, introductory, by the edi.
Knobel, Aug. commentary on Eccle- tor 1.
siastes 500.

Original state and fall of man 10.



the editor 472. Presbyterianism and Palestine, report of travels in, and Congregationalism compared 473.

adjacent regions, by Prof. Robinson Influence on the state 474. The and Mr. Sinith 400. From Cairo Presbyterian constitution formed to Mount Sinai and Akabah 401. 475. Its resemblance to our poFroin Akabah to Jerusalem 406. litical institutions 476. Its several Jerusalein described 410. Excur- judicatories 477. Adapted to exsion to the N. E, and N. of Jerusa- tend 478. “The Plan of Union" lem. to Michmash, Bethel, etc. 414, 479. Its provisions 180. lis efto Carmel, Engeddi, the Jordan, fects 481. Occasions of discord etc, 417,-to Gaza, Hebron, and 482. Individuals began to agitate Wady Mousa 420,-to Nazareth, 483. Disunion avowed as desiraTiberias and Beirout 427.

ble 484. Benevolent societies susPeers, Rep. B. 0. on American cdu- pected 485. Defended against the cation, noticed 250,

assumed authority of church courts Perfection, christian 44. Imputed per- 486. Absurd claims of church or.

fection, evangelical perfection 44. ganizations 488. Their effects 459. Those who profess to fulfil per- A party regularly organized 490. fectly the law of God 45. This Party measures adopted 491. Four view sustained by the testimony of synods exscinded 492. The acts of the perfect, the testimony of others exscision examined 493. Two bodies and the command of God 47, by claim to be the General Assembly various passages of Scripture 48. 496. The law suit. General reOn the other side may be urged marks 497. plain declarations of Scripture and Prophets, the Law and, 328. the example of the holiest men 30. Proudfil, Prof. John, on the drama of Christian life a state of warfare and ancient Greece 449. christian attainment imperfect 52. Psychology, Cousin's elements of, noThe nearer Christians approach to- ticed 247. wards perfection, the more are they Psycho-physiology 362. Animal mag. sensible of imperfection 54. Pre- netism 363. Sensation and volun. tences to perfection make men self- tary motion 365. The brain 366. confident, etc. 56.

Dreaming 368. Insanity 369. Vol. Perseverance of saints 14.

untary mental states 371. ReliPoetry, modern English, 206. Byron gious enthusiasts 372. Singular

207. Shelley 214. Wordsworth 226. phenomena 375. Mesmerism and Pond, Reo. Enoch, D. D. on christian animal magnetism 377. Modern perfection 44.

magnntizers 379. Conclusion 381. Prayer, manual of, noticed 251. Pulpit eloquecne, causes of the corPreacher, boldness in the, 341.

ruption of, 22. Mişunderstanding Preacher, the effective, characteristics of the end at which preaching

and culture 346. A clear and sound ought to aim 25. Misapprebension theologian 347. Speaks truth from of the nature of eloquence 32. the heart 349. Practical talent 351. Danger of cutting off sympathy Selective talent 352,

Power of ap

between the pulpit and the people plication 353. Plainness 354. The 37. The preacher who is smitten effective preacher becomes so by with the love of fashionable life 37.

diligent and prolonged labor 357. The scholastic preacher 38. The Preaching and hearing, aids to, no- conservative preacher 39.

ticed 506. Prescott, William H. bis history of

R, the reign of Ferdinand and Isa- Rumbles in Europe, by F. W. Hall511. bella, noticed 242.

Regeneration 12. Presbyterian church, the catastrophe Religion of the Bible, select discourses of, in 1837, noticed 249.

by T. H. Skinner, noticed 248. Presbyterian, the, controversy, its oc- Remarks on Hebreus 12: 25, 88.

casions and present state, note by Report of Ms. Board of education 509.

Robinson, Rep. Edward, D. D. report 138. The present aspect of the

of travels in Palestine and adjacent world in respect to permanent peace
regions 400.

139. The grounds of war diminished
Rock, Assonet inscription, view of, and securities against it increased

140. Aristocratic influence dimin-

ishing 141. Our defects. Vulgar

and obtrusive vice 142. A vast
Schoolcraft, Henry R. on the Ante- number of children uneducated 145.

Columbian history of America 430. Statistical estimates 145. Educa-
Schweighauser's morals of Socrates, tion in England 148. in Germany
translation of, 161.

149. Self-applause and egoism 150.
Secular view of the social influences of Party spirit 152. Negro slavery
Christianity 180.

155. Our government not sutti.
Shelley. His principles and poetry ciently careful in the fulfilment of

treaties 156. What must be done?
Shepard, Reo. Prof. G. the effective Good men must attend to political
preacher 346.

affairs 157, help the cause of educa-
Sin, what is it? Accurate definitions tion and repent 158. Conclusion

important 261. State of contro- 159.
versy on this question 202. Differ- Social influences of Christianity, a se-
ence about words 267. Vitringa cular view of, 180.
on the riture of sin, translated 269. Socrates, morals of. His reverence
A passage from Poiret 274. Re- towards the gods, piety 161. Ob-
marks on the same 275. Voluntary servance of religious institutions
actions the only proper objects of 163. His zeal to promote the hap-
moral law. Vitringa's definition piness of men 165. His fortitude
of sin stated 276. His use of the and constancy 170. Strength of
word vitium 276. The apostle character 176. endurance of an
Jamnes expresses the same views unjust death 178.
277. Allegations of new divinity Stowe, Red. Calvin E., D. D. on the
will not answer them 279. Argu- Social condition in the U.S.A. 178.
ments in support of them. We Stuart, Prof. M. on the genuineness
are sensible of guilt only so far as of several texts in the gospels 62.
we voluntarily transgress a known What is Sin 261.
law 282. The Scriptures seem to
regard all sin in the same light 286.

The subject to be continued 294. Travels in Palestine, report of, 400.
Skinner, Red, T. H. select discourses
of, noticed 248. On Christ pre-

existent 382. Aids to preaching United States, Bancroft's history of,
and hearing, noticed 506.

noticed 245.
Social condition in the U. S. A. adran- United Stutes, the social condition in,

tages and defects of, 130. Advan- 130,
tages 131. Our origin in a high
point of civilization 131.

Our en- Wales and other poems, noticed 511.
lightened ancestry 132. Equality Windischmanni vindicae Petrinae, no-
and freedom of development 133. ticed 257.
Religion disconnected with politics Women of England, noticed 511.
134. Entire freedom of action 135. Woolsey, Prof. T. D. on Hebrews 12
Abundant means of doing good 136. 25, 88.
Advantage of starting anew 137. Wordsworth. His character and poe-
Our welfare depends on ourselves

try 226.


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