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The present list, the eleventh of the Library's bibliographical publications, is a companion volume to the tenth, the List of Books on the History of Science, issued in 1915. These two lists bring together a large and important class of books the titles of which are scattered through the public catalogues and not readily available there as a class. It was originally planned to issue one list covering the history of both science and industry; but it was soon found that this would be impracticable on account of the large number of titles, and undesirable as well because each of the two parts would interest a different group of readers. In general plan and in manner of selection of the material the two lists are similar, though in the present list biographies and material dealing with individual establishments have been included to a larger extent than in the former. The present list includes economic history of the industries and the first division is a survey of the resources of the Library in general economic and industrial history. History of the science of economics, on the other hand, is not included here, but in the List of Books on the History of Science, while the history of commerce and banking has its proper place with the history of industry.

Though not a bibliography in a strict sense, because concerned with the resources of a single library only, this list may be regarded as a contribution to the bibliography of the subject covered, as it is a first attempt to bring together a considerable number of titles on the history of industry and the industrial arts. Furthermore, the Library has during recent years made a special effort to collect books bearing on this subject.

As many titles among those included in this list have no entry under any division for history in the various sections and divisions of the classed catalogue, because dealing with special topics not provided with such divisions, and as the historical character of a book is not always apparent from its title, it is probable that some books have been overlooked, in spite of the large number that have been personally examined.

The arrangement of the titles is largely that of the classed catalogue, though a certain amount of rearrangement has been necessary, in order to bring together under the class 600 material shelved or classified under the divisions of class 300. In the case of the larger divisions, subdivisions by countries or centuries have been introduced, but never both in the same division, nor has it been found necessary or feasible to follow this plan throughout the list. Copious references in the index both to countries and to centuries will assist the student of a special country or period in finding the desired material.



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