The Official Directory of the World's Columbian Exposition, May 1st to October 30th, 1893: A Reference Book of Exhibitors and Exhibits, and of the Officers and Members of the World's Columbian Commission

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W. B. Conkey Company, 1893 - World's Columbian Exposition - 139 pages

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Page 123 - ... for meritorious works in the various departments of the Fine Arts ; for Discoveries, Inventions, and Improvements in Agriculture, Chemistry, Mechanics, Manufactures, and other useful Arts ; for the application of such natural and artificial products, whether of Home, Colonial, or Foreign growth and manu-facture...
Page 171 - And said Commission is authorized and required to appoint a Board of Lady Managers of such number and to perform such duties as may be prescribed by said Commission.
Page 783 - The remainder of the architectural composition falls into a just relation of contrast with the highly wrought entrance, and is duly quiet and modest, though very broad in treatment. It consists of a continuous arcade with subordinated colonnade and entablature. Numerous minor entrances are from time to time pierced in the walls, and with them are grouped terraces, seats, drinking fountains and statues. The interior of the building is treated much after the manner of a Roman basilica, with broad nave...
Page 123 - The Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce of the Country, by bestowing rewards for such productions, inventions, or improvements as tend to the employment of the poor, to the increase of trade, and to the riches and honour of the kingdom...
Page 698 - Surface and underground surveying and plotting. Projection of underground work, location of shafts, tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts and for drainage. Boring and drilling rocks, shafts and tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts, and for ascertaining the nature and extent of mineral deposits. Construction. Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving and timbering tunnels, and the general operations of opening, stopping and breaking down ore, timbering, lagging, and masonry.
Page 209 - ... before the hour of opening. No work of this character will be permitted during the hours the building is open to the public. In case of failure on the part of any exhibitor to observe this rule, the Chief of the Department may adopt such means to enforce the same as circu mstances may suggest.
Page 208 - ... must conform to the general plan adopted by the Director-General. RULE 7. Reasonable precautions will be taken for the preservation of exhibits, but the World's Columbian Exposition will not be responsible for any damage to, or for the loss or destruction of an exhibit resulting from any cause. RULE 8. All packages containing exhibits intended for the several Departments must be addressed to the "Director-General, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, USA...
Page 149 - Galling guns, and six torpedo tubes or torpedo guns. All of these are placed and mounted respectively as in the genuine battleship. On the starboard side of the ship is shown the torpedo protection net, stretching the entire length of the vessel. Steam launches and cutters ride at the booms, and all the outward appearance of a real ship of war is imitated.
Page 208 - Exhibitors will not be charged for space. A limited amount of power will be supplied gratuitously. This amount will be settled definitely at the time space is allotted. Power in excess of that allotted gratuitously will be furnished by the Exposition at a fixed price. Demands for such excess must be made before the allotment of space.
Page 505 - Class 8 Class 9 Class 10 Class 11 Class 12 Class 13 Class 14 Class 15 Class 16 Class 17...

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