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Wo-worth, an interjection of dislike, often used in

Wol, (v.) will.
Wolk, (v. n.) walked. Sc.
Wone, (n.) habitation. (Sax.)
Wonges, (n.) cheeks. (Sax.)
Wonith, (v. n.) dwelleth.
Wood-wale, (n.) a woodlark.
Woon? Vide I. 163, note 3.
Wore, (n.) a wear, pool.
Wortes, (n.) cabbage.
Wost, (v. n.) knewest.
Wow, (n.) care, misery.
Wox, (v. n.) waxed, grew.
Woy, (n.) weight. Vide I. 88. note 1. See also

Hickes's Thesaurus. I. 232. note a.
Wrak, (n.) merchandize, treasure. Sc.
to Wreak, (v. a.) to revenge.
Wypit, (p.) whipped, tied, inwoven, encircled. Sc.

“ Goth. vippia, corona." Sibbald, voce wipp.
Wysure, (n.) wisdom. Sc.
to Wyt, (v.) to know.
to-Wyte, (p.) accused,
Wyter, (a.) wiser.

Y-bet, (p.) beaten, stamped, coined.
Y-crazed, (p.) broken. Chaucer.
Y-dight, (p.) 'dressed.
Y-fere, (adv.) in company together.
Y-heled, (p.) covered.
Y-hent, (P) caught.
Y-greithed, (p.)

prepared, adorned.
Y-meddled, (p.) mixed.
Y-soupit, (p.) soaked. Sc.
Y-tight, Qu. y-dight? Vide I, 162. note 9,

Y-witte, (v.) know.
Y-yearned, (p.) vered, anxious.
Yamer, (n.) a shriek. Sc.“ Vox a sono conficta.”

Rudd. GÍoss.
Yard, (n.) garden. Vide I. 303. note 1. also 399.

note 13. Yare, (a.) ready: Yare, (adv.) suddenly: Yarked, (p.) prepared. to Yearn, (v.) to desire eagerly: Yede, yeid, (v.) went. to Yelp, (v.) to cry, wail, boast, prate. Yern, (adv.) eagerly. Yernid, (p.) desired. Yet, (adv.) still farther. Yewt, (n.) a scream. Sc. Vide Yamer. Ying, (a.) young. Ynglis, English. Yode, (v. n.) went. Yold, (v.) yielded. Yore, (a.) far, long; Ypocras, (n.) medicated wine, the materials of

which are to be found in many old recipe-books.


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