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Edward III. granted a License of Foundation, Dec. 24, 1347.

Mary de S. Paul, daughter of Guy de Chastillon, Count de S. Paul and wife of Aylmer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, procured the Charter of Foundation, June 9, 1348. Pope Clement VI. granted a Bull for the Foundation, May 4, 1349.

Pope Innocent VI. granted a Bull for the founding and building of a Chapel and the appointment of a Chaplain, May 23, 1354.

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Sir Robert de Thorpe, Lord Chancellor of England, First Master, 1347-1364.
Pope Urban VI. granted a Bull for a Bell and Belfry for the Chapel, Aug. 6, 1366.
William Lyndwoode, Bishop of S. David's 1442, author of the Provincials: Fellow and

Henry VI., Benefactor.

Laurence Bothe, Archbishop of York, Lord Chancellor: Master 1450-1480 and Benefactor. Thomas Scot, called Rotherham, Archbishop of York, Lord Chancellor, Founder of Lincoln College, Oxford; Master 1480-1488 and Benefactor.

Thomas Langton, Bishop of Winchester, Archbishop elect of Canterbury: Fellow 1461— 1464, and Benefactor.

Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester, Lord Privy Seal, Founder of Corpus Christi College, Oxford: Master 1507-1519 and Benefactor.

Nicholas Carr, Regius Professor of Greek: Fellow 1540-1568.

John Rogers, Reformer and Martyr: B.A. 1526.

Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, Martyr: Master 1540-1553.
John Bradford, Reformer and Martyr: Fellow 1547-1555.

John Young, Divine: Master 1553-1559.

William Turner, Dean of Wells, Botanist: Fellow 1552.

John Bridges, Bishop of Oxford: Fellow 1556.

Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury: Master 1559-1562 and Benefactor.

John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, Master of Trinity College: Master 1567 and Benefactor.

William Fulke, Divine: Master 1578-1589.

Edmund Spenser, Poet: B.A. 1572.

Gabriel Harvey, Poet: Fellow 1570.

Nicholas Felton, Bishop of Ely: Fellow 1583, Master 1617—8.

Sir John Hayward, Historian: B.A. 1580.

Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester: Master 1589-1605 and Benefactor.

Samuel Harsnett, Archbishop of York: Master 1605-1616.

Thomas Dempster, Scholar and Historian: admitted 1589.

Sir Robert Hitcham, Serjeant-at-Law: Scholar and Benefactor 1635.

Benjamin Lany, Bishop of Ely: Master 1630-1643 and 1660–1662.

Matthew Wren, Master of Peterhouse, Bishop of Ely: Fellow, Benefactor and Builder of the Chapel 1665.

Richard Vines, Divine: Master 1644-50.

Edmund Calamy, Divine: Fellow 1625.

Roger Williams, Divine and Founder of Rhode Island: admitted 1623.

Richard Crashaw, Poet: admitted 1631.

William Holder, Philosopher: Fellow 1641.

Thomas Wharton, Anatomist: admitted 1637.

Thomas Stanley, Scholar and Poet: admitted 1639.

William Moses, Serjeant-at-Law: Master 1654-1660 and Benefactor.

Nehemiah Grew, Botanist: admitted 1658.

Thomas Sydenham, Physician: incorporated 1676.

Gregory King, Rouge Dragon and Economist: admitted 1684.

Sir Benjamin Keene, Minister at Madrid: admitted 1691.

Richard Crossinge: Fellow 1693-1734 and Benefactor.

Charles Parkin, Antiquary: admitted 1708, Benefactor.

Roger Long, First Lowndean Professor of Astronomy: Master 1733-1770 and Benefactor. Richard Attwood, Antiquary: Fellow 1703-1734 and Benefactor.

John Woodward, Founder of the Chair of Geology: M.D. 1695.

Christopher Smart, Poet: Fellow 1745-1753.

Edward Hussey Delaval, Chemist: Fellow 1751-1756.

Thomas Gray, Professor of Modern History, Poet: admitted from Peterhouse 1756.

William Mason, Poet: Fellow 1748-1760 and Benefactor.

Jonathan Toup, Scholar: M.A. 1756.

William Pitt, Prime Minister: admitted 1773 and Benefactor.

Thomas Fanshawe Middleton, First Bishop of Calcutta: admitted 1788.

Mary Barker: Benefactress 1792.

Sarah Lonsdale: Benefactress 1807.

Thomas Mitchell, Editor of Aristophanes etc.: Scholar 1802-1809.

Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham: B.A. 1792.

William Grant Broughton, First Bishop of Australia: B.A. 1818.

Sir George James Turner, Lord Justice of Appeal: Fellow 1821-23.

Sir James Alderson, President of the College of Physicians: Fellow 1823-1828.
Gilbert Ainslie, Historian of the College: Master 1828-1870 and Benefactor.
Benjamin Wrigglesworth Beatson, Scholar: Fellow 1827-1874 and Benefactor.

Sir Henry James Sumner Maine, Jurist: Scholar 1841, and Honorary Fellow 1887-1888,
John Couch Adams, Professor of Astronomy: Fellow 1853-1892.

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