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before us, inadvertently tranfcribes it is though it was read, I wil pour out my pic rit upon you, when it is unto you. By che spirit, we are to understand, the mind of wisdom ; fo the word is used in Prov. XXII. II. and by pouring it out, a large and full revelation of it to the fons of men, as it is explain'd in the next clause; I will make know z my words unto you.

3. This external revelation of the mind of Christ, ought not to be called fufficient grace ; it is indeed the means of conveying and implanting grace, when it comes noc in word only, but with the Holy Ghost and with power ; it is not fufficient means of grace to all men ; for all men have it not, nor is it fo to all that have it ; for to fome, it is the favour of death unto death, whilft it is to others, che lavour of life unto life; nor is i of it felf fufficient means to any, wichour the etricacious grace of God. Hence,

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spiritual obedience in life and conversation.

IV. These words, I have called, and ye refused, I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded, are used * to prove the refistibility of the grace of God, and that an irresistible

power is not necessary to the conversion of a sinner. But,

1. It ought to be observed, that there is a twofold call; the one is internal, which is by the powerful operations of the Spirit of God on the soul, either with or without the word; which cannot be fo relifted, as to bę made to cease, to become void, and of no effect ; the other is external, by the ministry of the word; and may be resisted, rejected and despised, and become useless: Now it is of che latter call, and not of the former, that the text speaks, and therefore no ways militates against the irresistible, unfrustrable grace of God in conversion ; and in this sense are we to understand some other places of scripture, as Prov. ii. 3, 4. and ix. 3, 4. Ifa. lxv, 2. Matt. xx. 16,

2. It is said ', that “ were such an irresisible power, necessary to the conversion of a finner, no man could be converted fooner than he is ; because before this irrelistible action came upon him, he could not be con

k Remonfir. in Coll. Hag. Art. iii, iv. p. 215. i luid. p. 221. and Whitby, p. 260.



verted, and the

*.* could not chut : which I sen, consequence , ib. the hands Tったと time to dis; I fion, which is xvi. 8. Etih. or later cial. 3. than he fooner :* :

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of conversion, but of external obedience and reformation ; which might be sooner done, though conversion cannot.

5. It is said ', that if it is fo, " it would not be praise-worthy in persons that they were then converted, it being not in their power then to be otherwise ; fince an unfrustrable operation is that which no man can frustrate”. 'Tis very true ; for all the praise of conversion is due to the powerful and efficacious grace of God, and none to the power and will of man,

6. It is ask'd, b“ If there be some phyfical and unfruftrable operation on God's part, necessary to the new birth, Why is the want of this new birth and spiritual renovation imputed to men's voluntary want of consideration, to their rejecting the counsel of God, and not chuping the fear of the Lord, Prov. i. 24, 25, 29, 30.

I reply; That the want of the new birth and spiritual renovation, is not the thing spoken of in the place referred to, but a non-attention to, and a contempt of the ministry of the word, though these indeed are a sign of it ; much less is this imputed to men's rejecting the counsel of God, and not chusing the fear of the Lord; for the tables must be turn'd, and if we speak truth, we must say, that man's rejecting the counsel of God, and not

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