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4. The words are fo render'd by:ome, that they express no wish or delire ir: but rather what was to be desired by one'.. raelites themselves ; so the Arabic versin, it should be wished for by tbem, that lach zz beart would continue in them; that is, such an heart as they professed to have in ver. 27. when they said to Mofes, Go thou near, and bear all that the Lord our God shall say; and jfeak thou unto us all that the Lord our God fall speak unto thee; and we will tear it, and do it. The Lord takes norice of 3•1tion in cer.28. I base bear?, 29.12", voice of the words of its , ;. well said all that they tec14;: adds, according to "2 tinuance of iceba Thould be very ea?" over, ibes they are will give me quirt,

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fore they should apply to him for it, and not 'presume, as they seemed to do, to hearken to his commandments, and obey them in their own strength, and without the assistance of his grace. Or,

5. These words may be considered as an upbraiding of these people with the wano of an heart to fear the Lord, and with wanc of ability to keep all his commandments, and that always, notwithstanding the vain boasts and empty resolutions they had just now made. In the same manner are we to confider other pathetic expressions of the like nature ; such as Deut. xxxii. 28, 29. Pfal.

Ixxxi. 11, 12, 13.

NUMB. IV. Deut. viii. 2.

And thou shalt remember all the way

which the Lord thy God led thee, these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldst keep his commandments or no.


T is said ', that it is evident from this

and other passages of scripture, that the Atate of man in this world, is a state of crial or probation. It will be proper therefore to make the following enquiries: f Whitby, p. 305, 314.

I. What

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I. What this state of probation is, or wher: is meant by it?

1. This state of trial is not of mens gri ces, as faith, patience, &c. by afflictive dupensations of providence ; for men in general are not in such a state, fince all men have not graces to be tried ; nor is the state of every man an afflicted one in this life ; this is a state peculiar to the people of God, and to them only when converted; fox before conversion they have so gun ,te tried; and with free É ES, 22, very short, and io fake, bat man whilft ist 75; es ay.. be seen hereafter, e1755'

Unió probarica per a Ca'' of scriptis, enes'rs-the grass at tarios, és

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1. All those scriptures are urged s which fpeak of God's proving the children of Ifrael when in the wilderness, and in their own land, whether they would walk in his statutes, and keep his commandments or no; such as Exod. xvi. 4. and xx. 20. Deut. viii. 2. and xii. 3. Judg. ii. 21, 22, and iii. 1, 4. Ic ought to be observ'd, that these people were under a Theocracy, or the immediate government of God as their king, who gave them laws according to which they ihould act ; to which they readily promised a cheerful and universal obedience; on condition of which obedience they were to enjoy, and continue in their enjoyment of the land of Canaan. Therefore, before they enter'd into the land, and when in it, God was pleased to try them, sometimes in one way, and sometimes in another, whether they would yield that obedience to his commands which he required, and abide by the promises which they themselves had made, or no; all which he did not for his own sake, who knows all things, but that their obedience, or disobedience might be made manifest, and he be justified in all his dealings with them. This trial of their obedience was not in order to their falvation in another world, but to their temporal good in this : For such of them as were saved with an everlasting salvation,

$ Hbitby, p. 305, 14.


were laved sot be their obedience to the commands ef God, but by the grace of the Lord Jeius Christ. Belides, the icriptures produced, ipeak only of the people ci 1;rael

, and of what was their state and cult a politic body, under the immediate poverii ment of God in a certain period of time; and not of all mankind; and io fai abrundantly thort of proving that the itate o: man in this world, is such a frate sotetion as before described.

2. This is attempted to be 5551 all those places in which Gosss. men, their works and graces perfecutions

, temptations, 1 Cor. iii. 13. 2 C11.5 : 2 :::. IV. 12. James i. 3. R-13Psal. Ixvi. 10. Daniel I Zech. xiii. 9. What I tas... n. the first

query, is a luce: is alleged from chefe pauzama. ly speak of the faints, and their grace, who only haza and that not in oriez affair of their laivariar ; mere experiments ct me to y of their graces, tur ru the furthe: exercile ini the issue of which is good ani Goricicra

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