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the work, will, and command of God, that they should believe on him, in this fense, whom be bad sent. This was what Christ ofa ten called for from them, declaring, that if they believed not that he was the Meffiah, they should die in their fins ; and this was what the Spirit of God reproved the world of the Jews for, by bringing down the wrath of God in temporal ruin and destruction upon their persons, nation, city and temple. Since then this text, with multitudes of others, which speak of believing in Chrift, only regards the people of the Jews, and designs only a bare aflent to him as the Meffiah, which would have preserved that people and nation from temporal ruin; it does not follow, that all men are bound favingly to believe in Christ, and that he died for them, and consequently can be of na service to the doctrine of universal redemption.


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duced as a procf of Cerit', fericis intention to fave fome who are ncr Grede whom he gave fufficient Heazacf or., which they refused; and contey his father had made ac deca, 52T food excluded frca ta'71". ; not die incencoca" actually fire, ETC. fon is ace versa. II ir superable 74. Tv

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be faved. Now it is evident, that they wanted these, since they had not the love of God in them, ver: 42. nor his word abiding in them, ver. 38. nor so much as the knowledge of Christ's divinity, or of his being the true Meffiah, ver. 18.

II. It is taken for granted, that these words regard a spiritual and eternal falvation; whereas they may very well be underfood of a temporal one; and the sense of them be this; these things I say, h. e. these testimonies of my father, and of Yohn, I produce, not so much for my own honour and glory, as for your good ; that ye, through these testimonies of me, may believe that I am the true Messiah, and so be faved from the temporal ruin and deftruation, which will otherwise come upon you and your nation, for your disbelief, neglect, and contempt of me. But,

III. Admitting that Christ spoke these words with a view to the spiritual and eternal falvation of his audience ; it should be observed, that he is here to be considered as a preacher, a minister of the circumcision, fent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, for whose welfare he had a compassionate regard and concern; and therefore published the things concerning his person, office and grace, indefinitely to them all, chat he

might gair imz, ru 11 I 1 though he cit a Gül. This rese. com and who were III : VOI 1:10:1 him is neither arms II A r

IV. It will be at I mut muce to prove, that the perins d wium in {poke these words, were mor erernaily :ayed; though, at the prefent time dey wert kun believers, and destitute of the grue of (ni, yet might hereafter be coaverted and a bled to go to Chrift for life and tulvation; or at least, there might be fome atira them who were the ele&t of God, acd the of Chrift; for whose fake Chrift mighpress himself in this manner, in order 19 bring them to the knowledge of him, and salvation by him; and therefore do not tate either against any decree or act of poen terition pafied by God, respecting any sitt of mankind, or che doctrines of partirishi redemprica and unfrustrahle zruce, 1


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