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NUMB. XXV. Matt. xxiii. 37: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killeft the

prophets, and Roneft them which are fent :'unto thee, bow often would I have gathered

thy children together, even as a ben gatbereth ber ebickens under ber wings, and ye "Would not !

.) ร.5 Tothing is more common is the mouths

and writings of the Arminians, than this seripture; which they are ready to produce on every occasion against the doctrines of election and reprobation, particular redemption, and the irresistible power of God in conversion, and in favour of fufficient grace, and of the free-will and power of mans, though to very little purpose ; 'as will appear when the following things are ob served.

I. That by Jerusalem we are not to understand the city, nor all the inhabitants ; but the rulers and governors of it, boch civil and ecclefiaftical ; especially the great

Sanbedrim, which was held in it, to whom best belong the descriptive characters of killing

See Whitby, p. 13, 77, 162, 204, 222, 358. Remonftr. in Coll. Hag. Art. iii, iv. p. 215. A&. & script. fynodalia circa Art. iv. p. 64. Curcell. Relig. Christ, Instit. l. 6. c. 6. 9. 7. p. 370. & c. 13. &. 5. p. 402. Limborch. l. 4. C. 13. $7.8 311.


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the projèets, and toning such as were int to
them by God, and who are manifeftly -
ftinguith'd from their children ; it being
usual to call fuch who were the heads of
the people, either in a civil or ecclefiaftical
sense, fatbers, Acts vii

. 2. and xxii. 1. and
such who were subjects and disciples, chil
dren, Luke xix. 44. Matt. xii. 27. Ifa.
viii. 16, 18. Befides, our Lord's discourse
throughout the whole context is directed to
the Scribes and Pbarisees, the ecclefiaftical
guides of the people, and to whom the civil
governors paid a special regard. Hence it is
manifest, that they are not the same perfons
whom Christ would have gather'd, who
would not. It is not said, borw often would I
bave gathered you, and you would not ; * t.
Wbitby., more than once, inadverty
cites the text ; nor be would bone zamil
Jerusalem, and she would ma, sua
author' transcribes it is **, Iran
would bave gathered them, iba cha haber,
and tbey mld mt; a wari kwa mata say
sometimes expreced by it; 14 I work
base getbered ibn cistan, 1945 white UI
which observation árons, s, iulie får 14, 16,-
ftroy the argument iubit stars
in favoar o seu ll,

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Christ internally, by the spirit and grace of God; but a gathering of them to him externally, by and under the ministry of the word, to hear him preach, so as chat they might be brought to a conviction of, and an affent unto him, as the Messiah ; which, though it might have fallen sort of saving faith in him, would have been fufficient to have preserved them from temporal ruin, threaten'd to their city and temple, in the following verse ; Bebold your bouse is left unto you desolate ; which preservation is fignified by the ben gathering ber chickens under her wings, and thews that the text has no concern with the controversy about the manner of the operation of God's grace in converfion; for all chose whom Chrift would gacher in this senie, were gathered, notwithstanding all the oppoficion made by the rulers of the people,

III. That the will of Christ to gather these persons, is not to be understood of his divine will, or of his will as God; for, wha bath refifted bis will ? chis cannot be hindered, nor made void; be bath done wbat soever be pleased; but of his human will, or of his will as man; which, though not contrary to the divine will, but subordinate to it, yet not always the same with is, nor always fulfilled. He speaks here as a man and minister of the circumcifion ; and expreff:


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1.21. Lake six di si. – Oce

this will of gathering ie SEI DE. aving in him, and expectes i am ISLY

veral times, by istrs; M ESSE
, lays

, How often sit i 192 TL
Whereas the divise 1 s TE
variable and saciangkat siste
the same, and never be s seat. :
and to which loci a espeito a mi
inapplicable : Asd seen tut: paade s.
scripture does not consacić tea. .
sovereign will of God in die disimum

acts of it, respecting eleccion ant reprenata 220

, by

IV. That the persons whom Chrif. wow... have gather’d, are not represened as being unwilling to be gathered; but their tuiero were not willing that they shouid. The opposition and refiftance io the will of Christ, were not made by the people, but by their governors. The common people seemed inclined to attend the ministry of Chrift; as appears froin the vast crowds which, at different times and places, folowed him ; but che chief priests and it is did all they could to hinder the collectio:. .: them to him, and their belief in him aspis Messiah, by traducing his character,

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