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July 1-December 31, 1864.




1, 1864.-Skirmish near Fayette, Mo.

1-31, 1864.-Operations in Arkansas.

1-Oct. 1, 1864.-Operations against Indians in the District of Minnesota. 3, 1864.-Skirmish in Platte County, Mo.

3-25, 1864.-Operations in the vicinity of Baton Rouge, La., with skirmish near Benton's Ferry, on the Amite River (25th).

4, 1864.-Skirmish in Clay County, Mo.

Skirmish at Cross Bayou, La.

5-6, 1864.-Scouts from Big Piney, Mo.

5-7, 1864.-Expedition from Morganza to Simsport, La.

5-10, 1864.-Expedition from New Madrid to Caruthersville, Mo., with skir


6-24, 1864.-Scout in Southeastern Arizona.

6-30, 1864.-Operations in Western Missouri.

8, 1864.-Skirmish near Richmond, Mo.

8-12, 1864.-Scout from Patterson to Buffalo Creek, in Ripley County, Mo.
9-13, 1864.-Operations in the vicinity of Wellington, Mo., with skirmishes
at Warder's Church (10th), and at Columbus, Johnson County

Including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Indian Territory, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Texas, and the Department of the Northwest, embracng Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Of some of the minor conflicts noted in this Summary no circumstantial reports

We on file.




13, 1864.-Skirmish near Brownsville, Ark.

Reconnaissance from Pine Bluff, Ark.

13-16, 1864.-Expedition from Helena, Ark., to Buck Island, in the Mississipp


14, 1864.-Skirmish near Bloomfield, Mo.

15, 1864.—Affair at Lindley, Grundy County, Mo.

17-18, 1864.-Expedition from Baton Rouge to Davison's Ford, near Clinton


17-28, 1864.-Scout on the South Platte River, Colo. Ter.

18-21, 1864.-Scout in Shannon County, Mo.

18–23, 1864.—Operations in Southwest Missouri, with skirmishes near May ville, Ark. (20th), and near Carthage, Mo. (21st).

18-Aug. 6, 1864.-Operations in Southeast Missouri and Northeastern Arka
sas, with skirmishes at Scatterville, Ark. (July 28), a
Osceola, Ark. (August 2), and at Elk Chute, Mo. (A
gust 4).

18-Aug. 7, 1864.-Expedition to the Pinal Mountains, Ariz. Ter.
19, 1864.-Skirmish on the Benton road, near Little Rock, Ark.
Attack on Webster, Washington County, Mo.

19-25, 1864.-Operations on the White River, Ark., and attack (24th) on th
steamer Clara Bell.

20-31, 1864.-Operations in La Fayette and Johnson Counties, Mo., with ski mishes.

21, 1864.-Skirmish at Atchafalaya, La.

22, 1864.-Skirmish near Vidalia, La.

Skirmish at Concordia, La.

Skirmish in Wright County, Mo.

22-Aug. 22, 1864.-Attempt to transfer Confederate troops to the east ban of the Mississippi River,

23-24, 1864.-Operations in Randolph County, Mo., with skirmishes at Alle (23d), and at Huntsville (24th).

23-Oct. 10, 1864.-Expedition to Southwestern New Mexico,

25, 1864.-Skirmish at Pleasant Hill, Mo.

25-26, 1864.-Scout from Fulton, Mo.

25-Aug. 11, 1864.-Scout in Yell County, Ark., with skirmishes.

25-Oct. 8, 1864.-Expedition against Sioux Indians in Dakota Territory. 26, 1864.-Attack on Shelbina, Mo.

26-28, 1864.-Scout to Searcy and West Point, Ark.

26-31, 1864.-Scout in Johnson County, Mo.

27-28, 1864.-Skirmishes on the Blackwater River (27th), and on Big Creek

Mo. (28th).

27-30, 1864.-Scout in Chariton County, Mo., with skirmishes (30th) on th
Chariton road, near Keytesville, and at Union Church.
28, 1864.-Skirmish on the Morgan's Ferry road, near Morganza, La.
29, 1864.-Affair at Highland Stockade, near Baton Rouge, La.

Skirmishes near Napoleonville, La.

29-Aug. 2, 1864.-Expedition from Warrensburg to Chapel Hill, Mo., wit skirmish (July 30) near Chapel Hill.

30, 1864.-Skirmish at Bayou Tensas, La.

Skirmish at Hay Station No. 3, near Brownsville, Ark.

Skirmish near Pine Bluff, Ark.

Reoccupation of Brownsville, Tex., by the Confederate Forces.

30-Aug. 1, 1864.-Scout in Phelps and Maries Counties, Mo.

31, 1864.-Affair at Orange Grove, near Donaldsonville, La.

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1, 1864.-Skirmish at Rolla, Mo.

Skirmishes near Independence, Mo.

Scout to Baxter Springs, Kans., with skirmish.

1-3, 1864.-Scout on the Independence road to Gunter's Mills, Mo.

1- 5, 1864.-Scout on the Smoky Hill Fork, Kans.

Operations in Eastern Arkansas, with skirmish (1st) at Lamb's
Plantation, near Helena.

1-28, 1864.-Operations in Southwest Missouri, with skirmishes at Diamond Grove Prairie (1st), at Rutledge (4th), near Enterprise and on Buffalo Creek (7th).

2, 1864.-Reconnaissance from Berwick to Pattersonville, La.

2-8, 1864.-Operations near Holden, Mo., with skirmish (8th) on Norris Creek. 3, 1864.-Skirmish near Fayette, Mo.

3-Nov. 4, 1864.-Scouts from Fort Sumner, N. Mex., with skirmish (August 26) at Sacramento Mountains.

4-6, 1861.-Expedition from Natchez, Miss., to Gillespie's Plantation, La., and skirmish."

4-15, 1864.—Operations in the vicinity of Brazos Santiago, Tex., with skirmish (9th) at Point Isabel.

4-Sept. 15, 1864.-Scout from Fort Union, N. Mex.
5, 1864.-Skirmish near Remount Camp, Ark.
Skirmish at Olive Branch, La.

Affair at Doyal's Plantation, La.
Skirmish at Concordia Bayou, La.

6, 1864.-Skirmish at Plaquemine, La.

Skirmish at Indian Village, La.

6-9, 1864.-Scout in Saline County, Mo., with skirmishes (7th) at Arrow


6-16, 1864.—Expedition from Little Rock to Little Red River, Ark., with

skirmishes at Hickory Plains and Bull Bayon (7th), at Hatch's Ferry (9th), near Augusta (10th), and near Searcy (13th).

7, 1864.-Skirmish at Enterprise, Mo.

Skirmish near Huntsville, Mo.

Affair near Fort Lyon, Colo. Ter.

7-8, 1864.-Scout from Independence into La Fayette County,
8-11, 1864.-Scout from Salina to Mulberry Creek, Kans.
9-15, 1864.-Operations in Central Arkansas, with skirmishes.
10-12, 1864.-Scouts from Morganza, La., with skirmishes.
11, 1864.-Skirmish on White Oak Creek, Ark.

Skirmish in Crawford County, Ark.

Skirmish near Sand Creek, Colo. Ter.

Skirmish at Hartville, Mo.

11-13, 1864.-Expedition from Helena to Kent's Landing, Ark.


11-19, 1864.-Operations in Johnson County, Mo., with skirmish (12th) near


11-Oct. 28, 1864.-Operations against Indians in Nebraska Territory, with skirmish (September 20) near Fort Cottonwood.

12, 1864.-Skirmish at Van Buren, Ark.

Affair in the San Andres Mountains, N. Mex.

12-16, 1864.-Scout on the Fort Union road, near Fort Garland, Colo. Ter.

Operations in Ray and Carroll Counties, Mo., with skirmish (12th) at Fredericksburg.

*For report, see Vol. XXXIX, Part I, p. 459.

Aug. 13-22, 1864.-Operations in La Fayette, Saline, and Howard Counties, Mo., wit


15, 1864.—Skirmish at Dripping Spring, Mo.

15-21, 1864.—Expedition from Paincourtville to Lake Natchez, La., with ski mish on Grand River.

15-24, 1864.-Operations in Southwest Missouri and Northwestern Arkansa with skirmishes at Carrollton, Ark. (15th), on Richland Creel

Ark. (16th), and at Mud Town, Ark. (24th).

16, 1864.-Skirmish at Columbia, Mo.

Skirmish with Indians near Smoky Hill Crossing, Kans.

17, 1864.-Capture of the steamer Miller, on the Arkansas River, near Pin Bluff, Ark.

18, 1864.-Skirmish at Benton, Ark.

Skirmishes near Pine Bluff, Ark.

19-24, 1864.-Scout on the Republican River, Kans.

20, 1864.-Skirmish near Rocheport, Mo.

21, 1864.-Skirmish at Diamond Grove, Mo.

21-27, 1864.-Expedition in Washington and Benton Counties, Ark., with ski mishes.

22, 1864.-Skirmish in Yell County, Ark.

22-25, 1864.-Scout from Helena to Mount Vernon, Ark.

22-30, 1864.-Operations in La Fayette County, Mo.

23, 1864.-Affair at Webster, Mo.

23-26, 1864.-Scout from Ozark, Mo., to Dubuque Crossing and Sugar Loa Prairie.

23-28, 1864.-Expedition from Cassville, Mo., to Fayetteville, Ark., with skirmis (24th) at Gerald Mountain, Ark.

23-29, 1864.-Expedition to Clinton, La., with skirmishes (25th) at Oliv Branch and the Comite River.

24, 1864.-Skirmish on Gunter's Prairie, Ind. Ter.

Action at Ashley's and Jones' Stations, near Devall's Bluff, Ark. 25, 1864.-Skirmishes at Morgan's Ferry and on the Atchafalaya River, La 25-29, 1864.-Scouts in Jackson and Cass Counties, Mo., with skirmish (26th near Pleasant Hill.

25-30, 1864.-Scout in Platte County, Mo.

Scout to Crisp's Mill, on Big Creek, Mo., with skirmish near Ros

Operations on the Texas Prairie, in Jackson County, Mo.

26-31, 1864.-Skirmish near Bayou Tensas (26th), and expedition from Good rich's Landing to Bayou Macon, La. (28th-31st).

27, 1864.-Skirmish at Fayetteville, Ark.

27-28, 1864.-Scout on the Arkansas River, near Pine Bluff, Ark., with skin mishes.

27-Sept. 6, 1864.-Expeditions from Little Rock and Devall's Bluff to Searcy

Fairview, and Augusta, Ark.

28, 1864.-Skirmish at Fayetteville, Ark.

Skirmish near Rocheport, Mo.

Skirmish in Polk County, Mo.

29, 1864.-Attack on steamer White Cloud, on the Mississippi River, nea

Port Hudson, La.

29-Sept. 3, 1864.-Expedition up White River from Helena, Ark., with affai (September 3) at Kendal's Grist-Mill, Ark.

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