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To be a guide-book of genuine and practical use to the traveler it is of course necessary, as was remarked in the preface to the “New York” volume, to discriminate, and this means not merely to select the good from the bad, but to endeavor to give each proper values. With every effort to make just appraisal, error of judgment and differences of opinion are of course natural. It need hardly be said, however, that no remuneration of any sort, direct or indirect, has secured favorable notice in this guide-book. As in the Baedeker series, which has been frankly taken as a model, the better class, or especially noteworthy, has been indicated by an asterisk (*).

The Editor is still sure “that only one who has attempted to compile a guide-book out of whole cloth, as it were, completely appreciates the complexity of the task and the infinite opportunity for error which it affords. He realizes, therefore, the imperfections and hiatuses of this work more clearly probably than will its severest critics; and he will most cordially welcome corrections and suggestions from any source for its improvement in succeeding editions.” That this volume is not fully worthy of its subject he has no doubt; but it is at least offered as a sincere tribute to the capital city of which he, as an American citizen, is justly proud.

THE EDITOR. Glen Tor-on-Hudson

May, 1922


M. G. S. Loyal Washingtonian With the affection and best wishes

of the Editor



acad.-academy adm.-Admiral Amer.-American apt.-Apartment arch.-architect assn.--association Bap.---Baptist bk.-bank, book bldg.-building blvd.-boulevard bur.-bureau, burial cem. cemetery ch.-church co.—company, county coll.-collection, college com.commodore comm.--commission commr.-commissioner Cong.-Congregational ct.court D. C.-District of Columbia dept.-department descrip.---description dist.-district E.-east engr.-engineer ethnol.-ethnological fed.--federal, federation gall.-gallery H. S.-High School Hgts.-Heights inst.-institute, institution is.-island L.-left Ibn.-librarian

lib.-library loc.-location M. E.—Methodist Episcopal med.-medical mem.-memorial mi.-mile, miles mon.-monument mus. -museum Mt.—Mount N.-north nat.-national P.-page, pages P. E.-Protestant Episcopal P.S.- Public School pk.-park pl.--place pres.- President Presb.-Presbyterian Pi.-Point R.-right R. C.-Roman Catholic R. R.-railroad Ref'd.-Reformed regt.-regiment res.-residence res't.-restaurant S.-south sculp.---sculptor sec.-secretary soc.-society sq.-Square st.-street U. S.-United States univ.-university W.-west

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