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12 Abbott, Episcopus Sarisb. (Robt.), Antichristi Demonstratio : accessit JACOBI I. regis de Antichristo commentatio. R. Barker, 1608. Sm. 8vo, calf neat, 75. 6d. ; vellum, 6s. 13

Antilogia adversus Apologiam And. EudæmonisJoannis Jesuitæ pro Henr. Garneto proditore ; de Gratia et Perseverantia Sanctorum ; de Suprema Potestate Regia, Exercitationes in Acad. Oxon. habitæ contra Bellarminum et Suarez. 1613-19. 3 vols. in 1, 4to, calf neat, il. 1os. The Antilogia contains much interesting information relative to the Gunpowder Plot. de Suprema Potestate Regia. 1619.

1619. 4to, vellum, neat, gs.

In 1615, he (Abbott) was nominated to be Bishop of Salisbury, meerly, as 'tis said, for his incomparable lectures read in the divinity schools concerning the king's supream power; against Bellarmine and Suarez, and for his Antilogia, which he a little before had published.

He was a person of unblameable life and conversation, a profound divine, and most admirably well read in the Fathers, councils, and schoolmen.'-Anth. a Wood.

15 Abbotsford Club.-A Penniworth of Witte, Florice & Blaunche-flour, and other pieces of Ancient English Poetry, selected from the Auchinleck Manuscript. [With an account of the ms.] 1857. 4to, cloth, 31. 135. 6d.

The other pieces' are 'The Throstel Cok and Nightingale,',' The Lijf of Adam,'' David the King, The Dedli Sinnes, the

Hestes, the Pater Noster, the Crede, The Ave Marie, * The Passionn, etc., The Pater Noster undo on Englissch, Hou our Levedi Sauter was ferst founde,' and In Praise of Women,' pp. 45 to 120.

This is the scarcest of all the Abbotsford books.

16 Abegg (J. F.) de Joanne Baptista. Heidelb. 1820. 4to, 25.

17 Abela (G. F.), Malta Illustrata, overo Descrittione di Malta, con le sue Antichita, ed altri Notitie. In Malta, 1647. Folio, maps, cuts, and engraved front., calf gilt, gilt leaves, il. 55.

"The first book printed in Malta.'-Cotton. 18

il medesimo, corretta, accresciuta et continovata dal Conte Giov. Ant. Ciantar. Ibid. 1772-80. 2 vols. folio, half bound, neat, 21. 25.

'Ouvrage estimé, et qui est rare de cette édition plus complète que le premier. 40 flor. Merman.'-Brunet.

19 Abelly (Lud.) Medulla Theologica ex Sacris Scripturis, Conciliorum Pontificumque decretis, et S. Patrum ac Doctorum placitis expressa. Paris, 1662. 2 vols. in 1, 4to, old calf gilt, 125.

20 Aberbrothoc (Liber S. Thomæ de). Registrorum Abbacie de Aberbrothoc, Pars altera, Registrum Nigrum necnon libros Cartarum recentiores complectens, A.D. 1329-56. Edinburgi, 1856. 4to (pp. xli et 628), Portrait of Card. Betoun, and map, cloth, 31. 35.

Edited for the Bannatyne Club, by Cosmo Innes and Patrick Chalmers. 21 Abercrombius (Dav.), Fur Academicus. Amst. 1689. 12mo, vellum, 7s. 6d.

A chapter discussing the nationality of Duns Scotus, and claiming it for Scotland, winds up with the following complimentary dismissal of the claims of Ireland : 'hanc ob caussam Scotum sibi nunquam deinceps arrogent, quod tam Coeleste ingenium Hibernico in solo natum nemo crediderit.'



22 Abercrombie (John), on the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth. Edinb. 1832. 8vo, boards, 4s. ; 1846, izmo, cloth, 25. 6d.

23 -Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. Ibid. 1833. 8vo, bds. 35.

24 Aberdonensis (Registrum Episcopatus) et Ecclesiæ Cathedralis regesta quæ extant in unum collecta. [Ediderunt cum Præfatione CosMI INNES.] Edinburgi impressum, 1845. 2 vols. 4to, cloth, il. is.

25 Abernethy, Bishop of Caithness (John), a Christian and Heavenly Treatise, containing Physicke for the Soule. 1622. 4to, fine copy, old calf, 8s.

26 Aboab (Rabbi Is.), Parafrasis [Ebr.] sobre el Pentateuce. Amst. [1681]. Folio, Dutch russia, clasps, neat, il. 55.; fine copy, calf gilt, il. 8s.

'Lodata per ingegnosa, laconica ed elegante.'—De Rossi. 27 Abrabanel (Rabbi Is.), Comment. Hebr. in Pentateuchum, Editio prima.] Venet. 1579. Folio, clean and fine copy, calf, neat, il. 55. Hanoviæ, 1710. Folio, wanting last leaf of Index, neat, 1os.

28 Comment. Hebr. in Prophetas priores, access. Indices Lat. Lipsiæ, 1686. Folio, vellum, 185. 29

in Testamentum Patriarchæ Jacobi, Heb. et Lat. Hafniæ, 1734. Folio, boards, 125.

"Esse monstrano un grande ingegno, una mente profonda, ụna erudizione vasto, un possesso della antichità sacre, della teologia, della polemica, della storia e delle scienzi, un raziocinio acuto; e le due nazioni concorrono a farne i dovuti elogi.'—De Rossi.

30 Abrami, S. J. (N.), Pharus Vet. Test., sive S. questionum libri xv. ; access. ejusd. de Veritate et Mendacio libri iv. Paris. 1648. Folio, calf, neat, 75. 6d. ; vellum, neat, 9s.

Plein d'érudition.'-Feller. 31 Abstract (An) of certain Acts of Parliament ; of certaine of her Majesties Injunctions of certaine Canons, Constitutions, and Synodalles provinciall

, established and in force, for the peaceable government of the Church, within her Majesties Dominions and Countries, for the most part heretofore unknowen and unpractised, viz. (1) A learned Ministerie commanded by the Lawe, (z) Dispensations for many benefices unlawfull, (3) Excommunication, by one alone forbidden, (4) It is unlawfull for a Bishop, or any other Ecclesiasticall person by common right, to bear any civile office in the common weale, (5) Unlawfull to ordaine a Minister without a Title, (6) The manner of Archbishops, Bishops, and Archdeacons Visitations, and what procurations are due for the same, (7) Fees for letters of orders unlawfull. Without place, printer, or date. 4to, pp. 266, tall copy, calf, neat, 21. 125. 6d.

* Another treatise, dispersed privately about this time, against the discipline of the Church, was entitled An Abstract of certaine Acts, etc. The author's design was to show that the bishops, in their ecclesiastical courts, had exceeded their power, and broke through the laws and statutes of the realm ; which was so notorious, that the Answerer, instead of confuting the Abstracter, blames him for exposing their father's nakedness, to the thrusting through of religion by the sides of the bishops.'-Neals Puritans.

A noted book.' --Strype.



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32 Abstract.-An Answer to the two first and principall Treatises (as before). Printed for Tho. Chard, 1584. Pp. 350. 4to, tall copy, calf, neat, 1l. 16s.

The Answer' has been attributed to Abp. Whitgift; but the Bodleian Catalogue, and the Athena Cantabrigienses, both ascribe it to RICHARD Cosin, Dean of the Arches, 'a man of extensive learning, with marvellous powers of memory, and a ready wit. He was esteemed one of the most eminent civilians of his day. His writings in support of the Church establishment, and the tyrannical oath ex officio, drew upon him the hatred of the Puritan party and the cutting satire of Martin Marprelate.'-Athena Cantabr.

33 the first two Treatises (of No. 31), reprinted, without place, printer, or date ; with the 'Answer.' Printed for Thos. Chard, 1584. In i vol. 4to, tall and clean copy, in the original limp vellum wrapper, neat, 21. 25.

34 Abudacnus, sive Barbatus, natus in Cairo (Jos.), Historia Jacobitarum, seu Coptorum. Editio cum Annotationibus Jo. Nicolai. Lugd. Bat. 1740. 8vo, vellum, neat, 55.

35 Abul-Pharagius, A.D. 1264, Patriarcha Maphriæ (Greg.), Hist. compendiosa Dynastiarum, usque ad tempora authoris, res orientalium accuratissime describens; Arab. et Lat., et Supplementum Hist. Dynastiarum, in quo Hist. Orient. ad nostra usque tempora deducitur : opera et studio Ed. Pocockii. Oxon. 1663. 2 vols. in 1, 4to, vellum, neat, il. 1os.

'Ouvrage estimé et peu commun.'—Brunet.

'His work (Historia Dynastiarum) is deservedly esteemed for the facts which it has preserved respecting the nations of the East, and it is especially valuable to the student of Church history, on account of the information which it affords respecting the various sects of Oriental Christians.'-Dowling, On the Study of Eccles. History.

36 Academiæ Liturgiæ Pontifici (Collectio Institutionum) exhibens, atque Lucubrationes anni 1758 [ad Junii 30, 1763]; in hanc formam redacta per Bern. ab Annunciatione. Collimbriæ, 1760–62, 5 vols. 4to, as usual not uniform in size, and 2 vols. slightly wormed ; Spanish basil, neat, il. 165.

36* Achard (Ant.), Sermons. Berlin, 1774. 2 vols. 8vo, half bound, 6s.

'Non moins distingué par son éloquence que par son savoir et son érudition.'—La France


37 Acherley (Roger), the Britannic Constitution : or the fundamental form of Government in Britain. 1741. Folio, calf, neat, il.

38 Ackermann (F.), Archæologia Biblica breviter exposita. Viennæ, 1826. 8vo, boards, 35. ; calf, neat, 5s.

39 Acoltis (B. de), de Bello a Christianis contra Barbaros gesto libri iv. First edition, Venet. B. de Vitalibus, 1532. 4to, vellum, neat, 5s.

40 Acoluthi (And.) de Aquis amaris maledictionem inferentibus, vulgo dictis Zelotypiæ, et Num. v. ii. usque ad finem cap. descriptis, ex Anatolica Antiquitate. Lipsiæ, 1682. 4to, vellum, neat, 45.

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40* Acontius (Jac.), Stratagematum Satanæ, sive de recte et

prudenter cum in doctrina, tum in disciplina instituenda, adversusque

Diaboli insidias præmunienda Dei ecclesia, libri viii. ; et Epistola de

ratione edendorum librorum. Basileæ, 1610. Sm. 8vo. vellum,

75. 6d. Neomagi, 1661. 16mo, vellum, neat, 4s. 6d.

. J. Acontius vero, uti mathematicarum artium fuit peritissimus, atque ingenio præditus
felicissimo, philosophiam omnem mirifice excoluit, ita inter Reformatos Italos locum sibi jure

vendicat. Sed, ante omnia sibi nominis famam comparavit, editis viii. libris, "Strata-

gematum Satanæ."'-Gerdes, Italia Reformata.

41 Acosta (Em.), Historia rerum a Societate Jesu in Oriente

gestarum, ad annum usque a Deipara. Virgine_1568, recognita et
Latinitate donata. Accessere de Japonicis rebus Epistolæ, et recentes
de rebus Indicis Epistolæ, usque ad annum 1570. Parisiis, 1572.
Sm. 8vo, fine copy, the last two leaves slightly wormed, vellum
gilt, ios."6d.

The original Portuguese never was published.

42 (Janus), in Decretales Gregorii ix. Summaria et Com-

mentarii, nunc primum editi cum variis Indicibus. Ibid. 1676. 4to,
vellum, neat, gs.

‘Titulos Juris Pontificii, quos ornandos sumsit, non vulgari more, sed humanissima et

accuratissima ratione illustrat,' &c.--Struvii Biblioth. Juris selecta.

43 Acronii (C.) Enarrationes Catecheticæ, quibus questiones et

responsiones catechismi Ecclesiarum Belgicarum et Palatinatus ex-

plicantur. Schiedami, 1656. 4to (pp. 488), vellum, 4s. 6d.

44 Acta et Scripta Theologorum Wirtembergensium et Patri-

archæ Constantinopolitani D. Hieremiæ de Augustana Confessione,
Gr. et Lat. Witebergæ, 1584. Folio, old calf gilt, neat, 31. 35.

An exceedingly rare as well as a very important book. Father Simon said, 150 years

ago, “Il y a déja longtemps qu'on ne trouve plus d'exemplaires de cet ouvrage." -MS,

Note on Dowling's copy, the Author of Notitia Scriptorum.

45 Acts (The) of the General Assemblies of the Church of

Scotland, from 1638–1649 inclusive : to which are now added the

INDEX of the UNPRINTED Acts. 1691. Sm. 8vo, sound copy, original

binding, 75. 6d.

46 (Scottish Laws and) of Parliament made by James I.

and his Royal Successors to Q. Anne. Collected by Sir T. Murray of

Glendook and others. Edinburgh, 1682, 1683, and 1731. 3 vols. 'sm.

8vo, calf, neat, 21. 125. 6d.

47 of Parliament (Index to Scotch), [1424-1707], by Sir

J. Stewart. Ibid. 1707. Sm. 8vo, old red morocco gilt, 155.

48 Collection of the Laws in favour of the Reformation in

Scotland; with the Criterion, or a Comparison of the legal Establish-

ment of Religion in Scotland, from the Revolution to the present

Time, with that betwixt the years 1638 and 1650. Ibid. 1749.

2 vols.

in 1, 8vo, calf, 1os. 6d.

49 Adam de S. Victor, A.D. 1150, Euvres Poétiques (Lat. et

Franc.], précédées d'un Essai sur sa vie et ses Ouvrages (et des Notes]

par L. Gautier. Paris, 1858-9. 2 vols. 12mo, sewed, 185,

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50 Adam (Rob.), The Religious World Displayed ; or a View of the Four grand Systems of Religion,-Christianity, Judaism, Paganism and Mohammedism ; with a View of Materialism, Necessitarianism, Deism, and Atheism. 1823. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, 75. 6d.

51 Adamo (Anthoni de), an Anatomi, that is to say, a parting in pieces of the Mass : with a Sermon on the Sacrament of Thanksgyving in the end, whiche declareth whether Christ be bodyly in the Sacrament or not. A.D. 1556. Sm. 8vo, 264 leaves and 2 of Faults escaped ; calf, neat, 21. 2s.

From the appearance of the type this is evidently printed in Switzerland, perhaps in Zurich.

52 Adam of Wintringham (Thos.), Works, original editions collected, viz. Paraphrase on Chapters i.-xi. of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. 1771.-Evangelical Sermons. 1781.-Posthumous Works, or Private Thoughts and Sermons on different subjects ; with Sketch of his Life. 1786. 3 vols. 8vo, fine copy, morocco, gilt leaves, Il. 16s.

53 Adams (H.), History of the Jews, from the Destruction of Jerusalem. 1818. 8vo, half calf, neat, 3s. 6d.

54 (J.), on Self-murther, with Considerations on the principles of Dr. Donne. 1700. 8vo, calf, neat, 25. 6d.

55 (Tho.), the White Devil, or the Hypocrite uncased, a Sermon at Paul's Crosse. Dedicated to Sir Thomas Cheeke. 1613. 4to, morocco, neat, 75. 6d.

56 Commentary or Exposition upon the Divine 2nd Epistle of St. Peter. 1633. 2 vols. folio, calf, neat, il. 18s. ; vol. 2, or chapters 2. and 3, folio, calf, 125.

Perhaps the most valuable practical commentary on this portion of Scripture extant. modern edition by Sherman has been in some way abridged.

57 (Willm.), on Hume's Essay on Miracles. 1752. 8vo, calf, neat, 35.

58 Adamson (Jo.), Stoicheiosis Eloquiorum Dei, sive Methodus Religionis Christianæ catechetica in usum Academiæ Jacobi Regis et Scholarum Edinburgensium conscripta. Edinburgi, in Academia Jacobi Regis excud. Geo. Anderson, 1637. 18mo, modern calf, very neat, 21. 25.

The author was Principal of the University of Edinburgh. This contains the 'Symbolum Apostolicum, Decalogus et Oratio Dom. in latino carmine vertente PATRICIO ADAMSONĖ, the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds, and ‘Rythmi Hildeberti de Sacro-Sancta Trinitate,' and at the end a series of Prayers.

59 Adamus (M.) Vitæ Germanorum Theologorum. Heidelb. 1620. 8vo, vellum, neat, 6s. ; half bound, neat, 5s.

60 Vitæ Eruditorum. Best edition. 1705 (6 ?). Folio, vellum, 1os. 6d.

61 Addison (Jos.), Evidences of the Christian Religion, with Discourses against Infidelity and in defence of Christian Revelation occasionally published, and Preface containing the sentiments of Boyle, Locke and Newton concerning Gospel Revelation. 1730. 12mo, calf, 35. Clarendon Press, 1827. 12mo, boards, 25. 6d.


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