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To Canaan's fair and hap - py land, Where my pos-ses-sions lie,

my pos - ses-sions lie,

Where my pos-ses-sions lie.

To Canaan's fair and hap-py land, Where my pos-ses-sións lie. 931 The promised land. 113-c.

When shall I see my Father's face,

And in his bosom rest?

Jordan's stormy banks I stand,
And cast a wishful eye

7 Fillid with delight, my raptured soul

Would here no longer stay: To Canaan's fair and happy land,

Though Jordan's waves around me roll, Where my possessions lie.

Fearless I'd launch away. 20 the transporting; rapturous scene, That rises to my sight!

787 Fearless in the furnace of affiction. 78-d. Sweet fields array'd in living green, And rivers of delight.

OD of thine Israel's faithful three,

Who braved the tyrant's ire, 3 There generous fruits that never fail,

Who nobly scorn'd to bow the knee, On trees immortal grow;

And walk’d, unhurt, in fire:There rock, and hill, and brook, and vale,

O breathe their faith into my breast, With milk and honey flow.

In every trying hour; 4 O'er all those wide-extended plains And stand, O Son of man, confess'd Shines one eternal day;

In all thy saving power! There God the Son forever reigns,

2 While thou, almighty Lord, art nigh, And scatters night away.

My soul disdains to fear; 5 No chilling winds, or pois nous breath, Both sin and Satan I defy, Can reach that healthful shore;

Still impotently near; Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, The earth and hell their wars may wage,-Are felt and fear'd no more.

I mark their vain design : 6 When shall I reach that bappy place, And camly smile to see them rage And be forever blest?

Against a child of thine.

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1. There seems a voice in every gale, A tongue in every flower, A tongue in ev-ery flower,

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Which tells, O Lord, the wondrous tale Of thy almiglity power, Oftliy al - mighty power ;

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All Ilis works praise Him. 117-a. THERE seems a voice in every gale,

A tongue in every flower,
Which tells, O Lord, the wondrous tale

Of thy almighty power;
The birds, that rise on quiv'ring wing,

Proclaim their Maker's praise,
And all the mitgling sounds of spring

To thee an anthem raise.
2 Shall I be mute, great God, alone

'Midst nature's loud acclaim ? Shall not my heart, with answ'ring tone,

Breathe forth thy holy name?
All nature's debt is small to mine,

Nature shall cease to be;
Thou gavest-proof of love divine-

Immortal life to me.

The joyful sound.

93-a. SAL ALVATION! ( the joyful sound !

What pleasure to our ears;
A sov'reign balm for every wound,

A cordial for our fears.
2 Salvation ! let the echo fiv

The spacious earth around, While all the armies of the sky

Conspire to raise the sound. 3 Salvation! 0 thou bleeding Lamb!

To thee the praise belongs: Salvation shall inspire our hearts,

And dwell upon our tongues. 898

94FOR a thousand seraph tongues O for a thousand thankful songs

In honour of my Lord ! 2 Come, tune afresh your golden lyres,

Ye angels round the throne ;
Ye saints, in all your sacred choirs,
Adore the eternal Son.

Pruises to the incarnate Son.

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149 Easter Sunday.

116-6. THE Lord of Sabbath let us praise,

Who, joyful in harmonious lays,

Employ an endless rest.
2 Thus, Lord, while we remember thee,

We blest and pious grow;
By hymns of praise we learn to be

Triumphant here below.
3 On this glad day a brighter scene

Of glory was display'd,
By the eternal Word, than when

This universe was made.
4 He rises, who mankind has bought,

With grief and pain extreme: 'Twas great to speak the world from naught;

"T'was greater to redeem.

For ( blessing on the truth,

110-a. O GOD, by whom the seed is given, Whose word, like manna shower'd from heaven,

Is planted in our breast;-2 Preserve it from the passing feet,

And plund'rers of the air; The sultry sun's intenser heat,

And weeds of worldly care. 3 Though buried deep, or thinly strown,

Do thou thy grace supply: The hope in earthly furrows sown

Shall ripen in the sky.

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221 Labourers in the vineyard of the Lord. A

ND let our bodies part,

To diff'rent climes repair; Inseparably join'd in heart

The friends of Jesus are. 2 () let us still proceed

In Jesus' work below; And, foll’wing our triumphant Head,

To further conquests go.
3 The vineyard of the Lord

Before his lab’rers lies;
And lo! we see the vast reward

Which waits us in the skies. 4 O let our heart and mind

Continually ascend,
That haven of repose to find,

Where all our labours end; 5 Where all our toils are o’er,

Our suff'ring and our pain: Who meet on that eternal shore,

Shall never part again.


Our Paschal Lamb. 131–6. LF ET all who truly bear

The bleeding Saviour's name, Their faithful hearts with us prepare,

And eat the Paschal Lamb. 2 This eucharistic feast

Our every want supplies,
And still we by his death are blest,

And share his sacrifice.
3 Who thus our faith employ,

His suff'rings to record,
E’en now we mournfully enjoy

Communion with our Lord. 4 We too with him are dead,

And shall with him arise ;
The cross on which he bows his head

Shall lift us to the skies.

667 The Friend who conquers death. 134-C. WHEN death before my sight

Appears in dire array, Unequal to the dreadful fight,

My courage faints away. 2 How shall I meet this foe,

Whose frown my soul alarms ? Dark horror sits upon his brow,

And vict'ry waits his arms. 3 But with the eye of faith,

Piercing beyond the grave, I see thať Friend who conquers death,

Whose arm alone can save.

166 lle ever liveth to make intercession. 130

for us. LORD low shall sinners dare


to Or offer their imperfect prayer,

Before a holy God? 2 Bright terrors guard thy seat,

And glories veil thy face; Yet mercy calls us to thy feet,

And to thy throne of grace. 3 My soul, with cheerful eye

See where thy Saviour stands,The glorious Advocate on high,

With incense in his hands.
4 Teach my weak heart, O Lord,

With faith to call thee mine;
Bid me pronounce the blissful word

Father-with joy divine.

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Welcome to this reviving breast, And these rejoicing eyes! come to this reviving breast, And these re-joi-cing eyes! And these, etc.

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5 We shall our time beneath

Live out in cheerful hope, And fearless pass the vale of death,

And gain the mountain top. 6 To gather home his own,

God shall his angels send, And bid our bliss, on earth begun.

In deathless triumphs end.

242 Delight in ordinances.
TELCOME, sweet day of rest,

That saw the Lord arise:
Welcome to this reviving breast,

And these rejoicing eyes !
2 The King himself comes near,

And feasts his saints to-day;
Here we may sit, and see him here,

And love, and praise, and pray. 3 One day in such a place,

Where thou, my God, art seen, Is sweeter than ten thousand days

Of pleasurable sin. 4 My willing soul would stay

In such a frame as this, And sit and sing herself away

To everlasting bliss. 222 Labourers reroarded. 127-d. 0 HAPPY, happy place,

Where saints and angels meet! There we shall see each other's face,

And all our brethren greet. 2 The Church of the first-born,

We shall with them be blest, And, crown'd with endless joy, return

To our eternal rest.
3 With joy we shall behold,

In yonder blest abode,
The patriarchs and prophets old,

And all the saints of God. 4 Abrah’m and Isaac, there,

And Jacob, shall receive The foll’wers of their faith and prayer,

Who now in bodies live.

955 God shall wipe away all tears. 131-6. O ,

WHAT a mighty change While o'er the happy plains they range,

Incapable of wo No ill-requited love

Shall there our spirits wound: No base ingratitude above,

No sin in heaven is found. 2 There all our griefs are spent:

There all our sorrows end: We cannot there the fall lament

Of a departed friend;
A brother dead to God,

By sin, alas! undone :
No father there, in passion loud,

Cries,-0, my son! my son! 3 No slightest touch of pain,

Nor sorrow's least alloy, Can violate our rest, or stain

Our purity of joy :
In that eternal day

No clouds or tempests rise ;
There gushing tears are wiped away

Forever from our eyes.


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Evening: Cheerful confidence. IN mercy, Lord, remember me,

Through all the hours of night, And grant to me most graciously

The safeguard of thy might. 2 With cheerful heart I close mine eyes,

Since thou wilt not remove: 0, in the morning let me rise

Rejoicing in thy love. 3 Or, if this night should prove my last,

And end my transient days;
Lord, take me to thy promised rest,

Where I may sing thy praise.

719 Crosses are blessings. 111-a. SINCE all the varying scenes of time O, who so wise to choose our lot,

Or to appoint our ways? 2 Good, when he gives-supremely good,

Nor less when he denies;
E'en crosses, from his sov'reign hand,

Are blessings in disguise. 3 Why should we doubt a Father's love,

So constant and so kind ? To his unerring, gracious will

Be every wish resign'd.

The great and effectual door,

90-0. JESUS, thou all-redeeming Lord,

Thy blessing we implore;
Open the door to preach thy word,

The great, effectual door.
2 Gather the outcasts in, and save

From sin and Satan's power;
And let them now acceptance have,

And know their gracious hour. 3 Lover of souls! thou know'st to prize

What thou hast bought so dear: Come, then, and in thy people's eyes

With all thy wounds appear. 4 Appear, as when of old confess'd,

The suff'ring Son of God; And let us see thee in thy vest,

But newly dipp'd in blood. 5 The hardness of our hearts remove,

Thou who for all hast died : Show us the tokens of thy love,

Thy feet, thy hands, thy side.
6 Ready thou art the blood to apply,

And prove the record true:
And all thy wounds to sinners cry,

I sufler'd this for you.

763 Sanctified affliction.

89-C. NLORY to thee, thou righteous God,

Righteous, yet kind to me; For under thy paternal rod,

Paternal love I see. 2 Though humbled in the lowest deep,

Thy gracious hand I bless ;
And, thinking of thy love, I weep,

For my unfaithfulness.


TWFather, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Who sweetly all agree
To save a world of sinners lost,

Eternal glory be.

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