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GREENFIELD. 2d P. M. (354)


1. I'll praise my Mak-er while I've breath, And when my voice is lost in


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My days of praise shall ne'er be past, While life, days of praise shall ne'er be past, While, &c.

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en - dures. 923 Eoerlasting praises.

156-C. I'LL praise my Maker while I've breath, 3 The Lord pours eyesight on the blind;

And when my voice is lost in death, The Lord supports the fainting mind;

Praise shall employ my nobler powers ; He sends the lab’ring conscience peace ; My days of praise shall ne'er be past, He helps the stranger in distress, While life, and thought, and being last, The widow and the fatherless, Or immortality endures.

And grants the pris'ner sweet release. 2 Happy the man whose hopes rely

4 I'll praise him while he lends me breath, On Israel's God; he made the sky,

And when my voice is lost in death, And earth, and seas, with all their train ; Praise shall employ my nobler powers; His truth forever stands secure;

My days of praise shall ne'er be past, He saves the oppress’d, he feeds the poor, Wbile life, and thought, and being last,

And none shall find his promise vain. Or immortality endures.




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The image of the heavenly.

2 Thou shin'st with everlasting rays; 2 The world, sin, death, oppose in vain;

Before the insufferable blaze Thou, by thy dying, death hast slain,

Angels with both wings veil their eyes; My great Deliv'rer, and my God!

Yet free as air thy bounty streams; In vain does the old dragon rage;

On all thy works thy mercy's beams,
In vain all hell its powers engage;

Diffusive as thy sun's, arise.
None can withstand thy conq’ring blood. 3 Astonish'd at thy frowning brow,
3 Renew thine image, Lord, in me; Earth, hell, and beaven's strong pillars bow:
Lowly and gentle may I be;

Terrible majesty is thine!
No charms but these to thee are dear;

Who then can that vast love express, No anger may'st thou ever find,

Which bows thee down to me,-who less No pride in my unruffled mind,

Than nothing am, till thou art mine! But faith and heaven-born peace be there.

4 High throned on heaven's eternal hill, 4 A patient, a victorious mind,

In number, weight, and measure, still, That life and all things casts behind,

Thou sweetly ord'rest all that is; Springs forth obedient to thy call;

And yet thou deign’st to come to me, A heart that no desire can move,

And guide my steps, that I, with thee But still to adore, believe, and love,

Enthroned, may reign in endless bliss.
Give me, my Lord, my life, my all!


Infinite condescension.
O ,
Who would not give his heart to thee! Now to the great and sacred Three,

The Father, Son, and Spirit, be
Who would not love thee with his might ! Eternal praise and glory given,
O Jesus, lover of mankind,

Through all the worlds where God is known,
Who would not his whole soul and mind, By all the angels near the throne,
With all his strength, to thee unite!

And all the saints in earth and heaven.

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And thaw, with beams of love di - vine, This heart, this frozen heart of mine.

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The stubborn heart. 0 FOR a glance of heavenly day,

To take this stubborn heart away ; And thaw, with beams of love divine, This heart, this frozen heart of mine. 2 The rocks can rend; the earth can quake; The seas can roar; the mountains shake : Of feeling, all things show some sign, But this unfeeling heart of mine. 3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt, () Lord, an adamant would melt: But I can read each moving line, And nothing moves this heart of mine. 4 Thy judgments too, which devils fearAmazing thought !-unmoved I hear; Goodness and wrath in vain combine To stir this stupid heart of mine. 5 But power divine can do the deed; And, Lord, that power I greatly need : Thy Spirit can from dross refine, And melt and change this heart of mine.

1093 Day darons on the night of the grave. 73-c. SHALL man, O God of light and life,

Forever moulder in the grave ? Canst thou forget thy glorious work, Thy promise, and thy power, to save ? 2 In those dark, silent realms of night

Shall peace and hope no more arise ? No future morning light the tomb,

Nor day-star gild the darksome skies? 3 Cease-cease, ye vain, desponding fears:

When Christ, our Lord, from darkness sprang, Death, the last foe, was captive led,

And heaven with praise and wonder rang. 4 Faith sees the bright, eternal doors

Unfold, to make his children way; They shall be clothed with endless life,

And shine in everlasting day. 5 The trump shall sound—the dead shall wake;

From the cold tomb the slumb’rers spring; Through heaven, with joy, their myriads rise,

And hail their Saviour and their King. 1075 Disembodied saints.

39-a. THE THE saints who die of Christ possess’d,

Enter into immediate rest; For them no further test remains, Of purging fires and torturing pains. 2 Who trusting in their Lord depart, Cleansed from all sin, and pure in heart, The bliss unmix'd, the glorious prize, They find with Christ in Paradise. 3 Yet, glorified by grace alone, They cast their crowns before the throne, And fill the echoing courts above With praises of redeeming love.


Inconstancy lamented. WHEN, O my Saviour, shall it be,

That I no more shall break with thee? When will this war of passion cease, And I enjoy a lasting peace ? 2 Now I repent; now sin again : Now I revive ; and now am slain : Slain with the same malignant dart, Which, O! too often wounds thy heart. 3 When, gracious Lord, when shall it be, That I shall find my all in thee,The fulness of thy promise prove, And feast on thinc eternal love ?

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619 Sabbath evening: Thy kingdom come. 68-6.804 The oor sealed at the cro88. 58-6.

, Millions this day before thee bow'd;

L ;

ORD, I am thine, entirely thine, Their faces Zionward were set,

With full consent thine I would be, Vows with their lips to thee they vow'd. And own thy sov'reign right in me. ? But thou, soul-searching God! hast known 2 Grant one poor sinner more a place

The hearts of all that bent the knee; Among the children of thy grace; And ast accepted those alone,

wretched sinner, lost to God, Who in the spirit worshipp'd thee.

But ransom'd by Immanuel's blood. 3 People of many a tribe and tongue, 3 Thine would I live--thine would I die ; Of various languages and lands,

Be thine through all eternity; Have heard thy truth, thy glory sung, The vow is past beyond repeal,

And offer'd prayer with holy hands. And now I set the solemn seal. 4 And not a prayer, a tear, a sigh,

4 Here, at that cross where flows the blood Hath fail'd this day some suit to gain ; That bought my guilty soul for God, To those in trouble thou wert nigh; Thee, my new Master, now I call,

Not one hath sought thy face in vain. And consecrate to thee my all. 5 Thy poor were bountifully fed,

5 Do thou assist a feeble worm Thy chasten'd sons have kiss’d the rod; The great engagement to perform; Thy mourners have been comforted, - Thy grace can full assistance lend,

The pure in heart have seen their God. And on that grace I dare depend. 6 Yet one prayer more ;--and be it one,


33-C. In which both heaven and earth accord ;

The aged disciple's prayer. Fulfil thy promise to thy Son:

FOREWARN’D by my Redeemer's love, Let all that breathe call Jesus Lord !

But ere my soul from earth remove, 586 For the Saviour's protection.



put thine image on.

2 Saviour! thy meek and lowly mind JESUS I fain, would walk in theeFrom nature's every path retreat;

Be to thine aged servant given; Thou art my Way,—my Leader be,

And glad I'll drop this tent, to find And set upon the rock my feet.

My everlasting home in heaven. 2 Uphold me, Saviour, or I fall;


Comfort in the promises.
O reach me out thy gracious hand:
Only on thee for help I call,-
Only by faith in thee I stand.

Calm resignation we implore;
O let no murm’ring thought arise,

But humbly let us still adore.
The Minister's prayer : Christ's con 39-a.

2 With meek submission may we hear straining love.

Each needful cross thou shalt ordain ;

Nor think our trials too severe, Doth all mine inmoșt thoughts descry; Nor dare thy justice to arraign. Doth aught on earth my wishes raise,

3 For though mysterious now thy ways Or the world's pleasures, or its praise ?

To erring mortals may appear,
2 The love of Christ doth me constrain Hereafter we thy Name shall praise,
To seek the wand'ring souls of men ;

For all our keenest suff'rings here.
With cries, entreaties, tears, to save,
To snatch them from the gaping grave.

4 Thy needful help, O God, afford,

Nor let us sink in deep despair; 3 For this let men revile my name;

Aid us to trust thy sacred word, No cross I shun, I fear no shame:

And find our sweetest comfort there. All hail, reproach; and welcome, pain; Only thy terrors, Lord, restrain.


Smarting under the rod. 4 My life, my blood, I here present,

YHASTISED by an indulgent God, If for thy truth they may be spent;

I would the kind chastisement feel ; Fulfil thy sov'reign counsel, Lord;

But never faint beneath the rod, Thy will be done, thy Name adored.

Nor desp’rate, nor insensible :5 Give me thy strength, O God of power: 2 From each extreme divinely kept, Then let winds blow, or thunders roar,

The trouble coming from above Thy faithful witness will I be:

I would with thankful awe accept, 'Tis fix’d; I can do all through thee.

And bless with tears my Father's love.

48 -a

O ! we yes ;


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Source of all blessing8. 98-a. JEHOVAH, God, thy gracious power

On every hand we see;
O may the blessings of each hour

Lead all our thoughts to thee.
2 If on the wings of morn we speed,

To earth's remotest bound,
Thy hand will there our journey lead,

Thine arm our path surround.
3 Thy power is in the ocean deeps,

And reaches to the skies; Thine eye of mercy never sleeps,

Thy goodness never dies. 4 From morn till noon-till latest eve,

Thy hand, O God, we see; And all the blessings we receive,

Proceed alone from thee.

266 The Lord: Supper: The invitation. 97-C. THE HE King of heaven his table spreads,

And blessings crown the board ; Not Paradise, with all its joys,

Could such delight afford.
2 Pardon and peace to dying men,

And endless life are given,
Through the rich blood that Jesus shed,

To raise our souls heaven.
3 Millions of souls, in glory now,

Were fed and feasted here ;
And millions more, still on the way,

Around the board appear.
4 All things are ready, como away,

Nor weak excuses frame; Crowd to your places at the feast,

And bless the Founder's name.

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