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Almighty Father, heavenly King. Unknown 19 Almighty God, thy piercing eye..... Watts 9 Almighty God, to thee I cry......C. Wesley 21 A mourning class, a vacant seat.. Unknown 42 Around the throne of God, in hea. Unknown 22 Assembled in our school once mo. Unknown 36 Blest, beyond all earthly blessing. Unknown 14 Calm on the bosom of thy Go.Mrs Hemans 45 Children, like the early flow. Mrs. Marwell 43 Children of Jerusalem

Unknown 31 Come, join our Sabbath song. Mrs. Marwell 34 Come, let us join the hosts above.C. Wesley 7 Come to the mercy-seat...... Mrs. Maxwell 8 Father from thy throne above.....Phelps 35 Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.....C. Wesley 30 Give to the Father praise.

Watis 46 Glory to the Father give.. Montgomery 46 God has said, Forever bless'd.... Unlenoron 13 Great God, behold, before thy th. Unknown 37 Great God! with heart and tongue. Faucett 17 Guardian of souls ! throughout my.Rusiing 17 Happy child, whom God doth ai..C. Wesley 15 Happy the child, whose tender years. Watts 12 Help me to praise thy name...... Unknown 32

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Page Holy Bible ! book divine ..........J.B. Holy children read and pray ..... Unknown !4 How sweet is the Sabbath...Silver-11. (ed. 28 Humble praises, holy Jesus .....

Unknown 81 I love the Sabbath-school, the ... Unknown S4 I think, when I rend that sweet. Mrs. Luke 31 In life's gay morn, let children le..J. H. 11. 33 Jesus Christ, the Truth, the..Mrs. Maxwell * Jestis, in Christian love we meet.....0. P. 41 Jesus, let a little child. Rusling 19 Jesus, Lord of life and glory ..... Unknowa 23 Jesus, Saviour, Son of Go. Bickerstech' (ul. 98 Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me...Duncan Let children proclaim their Savio.C. Wesley 20 Little children, stop and thin. Mrs. Marvell 11 Litile rain-drops feed the ri. Mrs. Signurney 89 Little travellers, Zionward.......Edmeston 40 Lord, we are young, thy help we.. Rusling 18 May I love thee, and adore theo.. Unknown !! Mighty God, while angels bless... Rubinson 83 O Jesus, delight of my soul....... Unknown 16 O that I like 'Timothy.

..C.Wesley 95 write upon my memory, Lord.. Waterson 3! Once more, before we part....

Unknoten 37 Our Father in heaven.... Our Saviour bids the childre. Mrs. Marvell 1 l'nor and needy though I be...... Unknown !! Praise ye the Lord, who kindly ru. Rusling 46 Saviour, do thou appear............Rusling 29 See that beathen mother stand. Mrs. Broren el See the kind Shepherd, Jesus, st.Unknorte 11 Shepherd of thy little flock ...... Unknown 20

... Mrs. Hall 39

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Page Sister, thou wast mild and love.s. F. Smith 45 Sweet Sabbath-school, place de Kennaday 35 Swift the monents fly away ..... Unknown 12 The Bible, the Bible, more preci .Unknoon 23 The light of Sabbath eve... Ewenton 27 The sun that lights the world sh. Edmeston S The voice 18 hush'd, the gen . Mrs. Marwell 44 This day belongs to God alone ...... Taylor 25 This life is but a summer's day... Unknown 10 This morning, Lord, Attend.. ..Rusling 36 There is a bappy land.

Unknuron 29 There is an hour wben I must die.... W'atte 9 There is beyond the sky

l'atle 10 Thou who didst, with love and bles . Tayler 39 'Tis religion that can give....Mrs. Mastere 13 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ... Watts 46 We are but young, yet we may g. Unknown We now to Christ, the Saviour... Unknown 38 We'll not give up the Bible...... Unknoren 24 Welcome to our festival ..... Mrs. Jarwell 38 Welcome, welcome, day of rest... llastinge 27 Where we oft have met in g.Mrs. Manuell 42 Within these walls be peace..... Unknown 29

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